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My Audible Review – New Perks? (2023 Updates!)

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audible review - the best book app

My Audible Review – New Perks? (2023 Updates!)

Home / Learning / My Audible Review – New Perks? (2023 Updates!)
audible review - the best book app
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I’ve always been a bookworm. Not a full-on nerd, but I was always into books way more than other kids.

Actually, I credit a lot of the success I’ve had in marketing and SEO to reading (or well, listening) and that's one of the reasons this Audible review exists.

I’ll never forget being 13 and stumbling on Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, and just being totally fascinated by everything the authors talked about. It was seriously life-changing.

School just teaches you BS that you never use in life. This book talked about starting a business, investing in assets, putting money to work for you, and thriving on entrepreneurship. I was enthralled.

That lit a fire under me. I wanted to devour every bit of knowledge I could about entrepreneurship, investing, negotiating, and anything else about life and business that I could.

  • The Art of the Deal
  • The 4-Hour Workweek
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Start With Why…

Flash forward a few years and I was building online assets, starting an agency, making deals no teenager has any business making and building sincere relationships with key people.

Reading helped get me where I am today.

Then, I just kind of stopped….

I just had WAY TOO MUCH going on.

8 AM meetings, dozens of free SEO audits, writing staff who never listened to my feedback then complained when they didn’t raises…

And that was all on top of normal work, 90+ minutes in the gym, and maintaining a good relationship with my girlfriend.

I went from reading 3 books a month to basically never reading.

“No way am I doing audiobooks. THEY AREN’T REAL BOOKS!”

The first time I heard about Audible, this is exactly what I blurted out. But then, I noticed that pretty much everyone I knew had switched over Audible and that their free trial came with a free book. So I thought, “I like free. What the hell do I have to lose?”

MAN, it’s like I’ve stumbled on Rich Dad Poor Dad again. I listen to books on the cheap all the time now.

Cleaning my apartment, running on the treadmill (it’s the worst), in the taxi on the way to work—it takes all the “hard work” out of reading.

Sure, audiobooks aren’t the real thing. They never will be. But I’m not 13 anymore with infinite time on my hands to do nothing. Audible audiobooks are the next best thing.

It’s probably the most valuable investment I have (besides morning coffee). In the last 18 months alone I’ve “read” 35 audiobooks. That’s crazy.

Quick Verdict: Is Audible Worth it?

NOTE: I have Audible Premium Plus, so that’s what this Audible review is going to focus on.

The Audible app is 100% worth the money IF you read more than 1 audiobook per month.

Emphasis on the word audiobook here – most of us struggle to keep up with books due to a lack of time and how much effort it requires – those limitations are out the window with an Audible audiobook

It’s like a gym membership at a nice fitness center. Yeah, $50 is a rip-off if you go twice and do 20-minutes on the elliptical. But if you go 4 times a week, use the pool, hit the sauna, and stare at the personal trainers while trying not to get caught, you get a ton of value.

For $14.95/month you get any audiobook you could possibly want no matter what the price is. Plus if you hate the audiobook you chose, you just exchange it for FREE straight in the Audible app.

And the more you read, the more money you save.

If you want 2 audiobooks per month from Audible, it’s $23. So you pay $12.50 per book no matter if that book is $40 or $50 or whatever. There's a free 30 day trial you can start with, that comes with a free book, and you can cancel any time.

What do you have to lose? Just spend 10 minutes, get your free audiobook, and ditch it if you don't like it.

We could probably conclude the Audible review with that since it really is a no-brainer… But let's continue.

How Does an Audible Subscription Work And What Does it Come With?

Audible subscribers gain access to the entire Audible ecosystem including:

  • Audiobooks
  • Audible Originals
  • Audible podcasts
  • Other Audible streaming content
  • Discounts for buying books directly from the platform
  • Exclusive daily deals
  • Audible kids stories

Each month, Audible gives a certain amount of credits (depending on your plan – more on this in pricing plans) that you can redeem for audiobooks.

Pretty simple: 1 credit = 1 audiobook.

Say you’ve got Premium Plus with 1 credit per month. Your subscription gets you:

  • 1 audiobook per month (any title no matter the price)
  • 2 Audible originals
  • 30% discount on titles from the store
  • Random sales up to 80% on selected titles
  • Streaming content like podcasts or exclusive books
  • Kids stories (never listened but good for parents obviously)
  • Guided meditation and fitness classes
  • News from selected publications

That’s a ton of value for less than a decent Sunday brunch.

Once you sign up and complete a free trial, Audible automatically bills your card every month. You’re free to cancel at any time.

Did I mention that once you choose a book, it’s yours forever? Even if you cancel, you can keep the book. Hell, if you see a book for $40, just sign up for Audible and get it for $15.

Here’s some more info on each of the perks:

  • Audible Originals: Interesting books published by Audible that aren’t available anywhere. Some are fan fiction and others are on politics, history, music, or general culture. Members can choose 2 free Audible Originals every month.
  • Unlimited Streaming/Listening Content: Audible has a ton of Netflix-type content you can stream directly from desktop or the app. I’m not a fan of most of it, but many people are. I mostly just like the discounts and monthly book part of the sub.
  • Discounts: You can buy books directly from Audible at a huge discount. It’s kind of like the Costco of audiobooks. You’ll find titles here at 30% off.
  • Random sales: Oh, Matthew McConaughey’s autobiography is on sale today? Guess I’ll snag that and listen to it on a rainy day. There are tons of cool daily deals.

It's by far the best audiobook service I've encountered so far and the 30 day free trial really does make it a no brainer.

Lifehack alert for bookworms!

This is about to be some Audible MacGyver-level stuff.

If I were you, here’s what I’d do.

Sign up for Audible’s free trial and get your first book free. The next month, use your credit on an expensive title that you now get for $14.95. Then, shop the special deals for members and get ANOTHER discounted title that you couldn’t get anywhere else.

That’s 3 audiobooks you get to keep your library for basically no cost.

Now, cancel your membership or pause the monthly subscription, and spend the next month reading your 3 audiobooks.

Most times, Audible will reach back out to you with a special deal to sign up again. I once got 3 months at 40% off.

So you just got 1 free book, one expensive audiobook for $14.95, and a sick deal on a popular title PLUS another awesome discount on an Audible subscription. That’s a TON of value just by hacking the system.


Audible is super cheap and full of value

I Highly Recommend Audible… 

1. If You Want to Level Up

Audible has empowered me to grow by learning a ton of cool information, tips, lifestyle practices, secrets—or whatever you want to call them. In the last year alone I’ve read:

  • Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School (Personal finance)
  • Broke Millennial (21st-Century finance)
  • The 4-Hour Work Week – again – (Lifestyle)
  • The Lean Startup (Business)
  • Sapiens (Humanity)
  • Bigger, Leaner, Stronger (Fitness)
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** (Lifestyle/Mindset)
  • Atomic Habits (Self-Improvement)
  • Leaders Eat Last (Leadership)

They’ve all helped me improve my life, business, relationships, fitness, etc. Atomic Habits helped me beat chronic procrastination… kind of. Leaders Eat Last has made me way more empathetic towards people I work with and better at giving feedback. Bigger, Leaner, Stronger was a lightbulb moment for my diet. It helped me discover the power of real nutrition instead of “dude, just count your macros, broooo.” 

I never could have done that without an Audible account.

2. If You Want to Improve Your Mental Health

Did you know that reading is just as powerful for mental health as yoga? I had no idea. 30 minutes of reading has shown to lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and feelings of stress just as well as yoga or even humor.

Personally, it helps me mellow out when I’m having a tough day at work. Instead of just stressing hardcore over something, I dive into an audiobook and chill out on the balcony for 20 minutes.

Plus, I don’t feel like binging Netflix before bed anymore or wasting too much time on my phone.

I’m in a way better place mentally than I was before. I think partly because I enjoy reading and I’m getting back into it. And also because I’m learning a ton of helpful stuff. Reading’s cognitive benefits are definitely kicking in, too.

3. If You Love Reading but Don’t Have the Time

Having audiobooks on demand makes reading way more accessible every day. You don’t have to lug a book around or focus on the page while on the treadmill (how do people do that? Seriously). 

Now you’ll be able to listen at the gym, in the car on your commute, at work, walking, or pretty much anywhere else within reason.

Audible makes reading books just as easy as streaming music or listening to a podcast. If you can't read regularly, then books probably aren’t for you.

I Do NOT Recommend the Audible App…

If You Read Less Than 1 Audiobook Per Month

This is really the only time I wouldn’t recommend Audible. If you don’t read much and won’t take advantage of the other content, then don’t bother.

Just buy the book that you really want to read elsewhere and save yourself the time, effort, or money. Audible is for people who read a lot, listen to news, like new stories, and like being exposed to new titles every month.

And, it’s for those who will actually take advantage of the flash sales and member discounts. If you’re just going to use it once a month or less, it’s not worth it.

It’s like a Costco membership. $60/year is a steal if you shop there every week and buy in bulk. If you just go once in a while for the hot dogs and occasional roast chicken, you’re wasting money.

Is Audible worth it? Not if you don't use it – in any other case this Audible review will say yes.

Audible Pros and Cons

The never ending question – is Audible worth it?

I really don’t want to sound like I’m overselling it, but there is a lot to like about Audible and not much to dislike.

I want to get one thing out of the way first: THESE ARE AUDIOBOOKS!

The anti-Audible stuff around the web that says audiobooks aren’t the same as paperdrives me INSANE.

That’s not a knock on the audible service. That’s a knock on audiobooks as a whole. If you aren’t into audiobooks, then why are you even considering a subscription to an audiobook platform? I don’t get it.

Saying audiobooks aren’t as good as real books has nothing to do with Audible as a service. That’s like someone asking, “Hey, is Coinbase a good crypto wallet?” and someone saying, “Crypto isn’t nearly as stable as fiat, man.”


But what about Coinbase?

OK, rant over. Thanks.

Back to pros and cons and our question – is Audible worth it or not?!

Audible Membership Pros

1. Discovering new titles you didn’t know existed 

The Audible app recommends new titles based on your past choices, which exposes you to tons of cool books you wouldn’t find otherwise. I never would have found Atomic Habits or Leaders Eat Last without Audible. Those are two of my favorite audiobooks now. If you like discovering a new world and diving head-on for days at a time, you’ll love it.

There's also a myriad of new releases you'll get access to and get to keep for the measly 14.95 per month.

2. You keep the audiobook forever

Unlike Netflix or other content subscription services, Audible lets you keep your titles even if you cancel. You’ll have the audiobook forever so long as the universe exists.

I like that because if I have like 6 audiobooks ready and zero time to read, I can just cancel and clear out my library, then resubscribe when I’m done.

3. Expensive books on the cheap

I said this before, but one credit on the Audible app equals one Audible audiobook no matter what the price of the damn thing is.

I’ve seen audiobooks for $35 or $45 on other platforms that I got for my credit. So that’s like saving $20-$30 on a book – already making the monthly subscription worth it.

To be fair, some books are on sale elsewhere for cheaper than Audible’s store. In that case, you can just buy that audiobook on that platform and save your Audible credit for something more expensive.

4. Listen anywhere at any time

I listen to Audible on the treadmill, in taxis, when I’m driving, when I’m cleaning, while I’m sleeping—I feel like I’m reading hours and hours a day. It’s pretty nice to have the world’s largest library of audiobooks on hand at any time – and it is the largest by far.

Now instead of reading while driving and risking everyone’s lives, you can just take the safe option and listen to an audiobook. Everyone lives. Everyone’s happy.

5. Audible helps me sleep

Reading before bed has proven to help you fall asleep, especially if you read somewhere besides your bed. I’ll chill on the couch with an audiobook on history on and before I know it my eyelids feel like 50 kg dumbbells.

It probably helps that I stopped drinking cold brew before my evening gym sesh, but I swear Audible helps me sleep better.

6. Audible’s pricing is super scalable

The more you read, the more you save. Plain and simple. If you’re normally reading like 2-3 audiobooks a month anyway, then Audible is going to save you upwards of $100/month.

If you buy 3 audiobooks from your Amazon account or another platform for $30/book, then Audible is a steal. You’ll get one audiobook for $14.95 plus 30% off in their store. And, you never know when a book you want will go on flash sale for like 50% off.

7. Audible connects with pretty much everything

I have Alexa read me a audiobook while I’m cooking breakfast, then I listen on my iPhone through the app on my way to work. When I have downtime at work, I'm listening via my desktop. It even works on my tablet.

It’s pretty sweet to be able to read at any time no matter which device I’m using. Hell, they even have their own technology to sync your audiobooks with your kindle.

Audible Membership Cons

1. Some Narrators Ruin Books

I’m not going to name names, but there were a few titles I was hyped for. Then, when I started listening, it felt like nails on a chalkboard.

Of course, it goes the other way too. I never thought I’d like Go Set a Watchman, but Reese Witherspoon’s southern accent made it more fun than To Kill a Mockingbird.

I can’t say the same for The Wizard of Oz. What happened there, Anne Hathaway?


I better include this so the paperback justice warriors don’t tweet this article and crucify me.

The fact that audiobooks aren’t real books has nothing to with Audible. But yes, if you aren’t a fan of audiobooks, then maybe an audiobook platform isn’t the best idea.

2. You’ll Probably Spend Money on Books You Don’t Read

I impulse buy a lot of books on sale. That’s cool if you actually read them.

As far as whether I read all of the books I spaz buy, I’ll plead the 5th Amendment on that one.

Seriously, though. Being able to buy books in a single click does make it easy to impulse spend like $50 when cool books go on sale. So, be vigilant. If your library starts getting crowded, consider canceling for a month or two until you’ve cleared some space.

Sounds Cool. Which Audiobooks Should I Listen to? 11 Audible Book Recommendations

I’ve read a ton of books in the past 18 months. I’ve also talked with a lot of people about their favorites.

This top 10 list is a mix of my favorites plus Audible’s bestsellers as well as recommendations from friends about their picks.

Keep in mind that pretty much every one of these titles is cheaper with a subscription than it would be to buy directly.

Note: These aren’t necessarily in order. Just 10 you should read.

1. Greenlights – Matthew Mcconaughey’s Autobiography

Greenlights - Matthew Mcconaughey

Alright, alright, alright, alright.

Matt takes you on a 50-year adventure through his badass life—all the ups, downs, upside downs, and sideways moments. Including filming Interstellar, wild parties, flings, life lessons, and big-time disappointments you’d never expect from a superstar like him.

This is an absolute must for anyone that loves Dazed and Confused, the Wolf of Wall Street (best New York movie?), Interstellar, or my number 1 guilty pleasure of his, Reign of Fire (come on, it wasn’t that bad).

2. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Plus the Hobbit)

The Lord of the Rings

JRR Tolkien’s tale of 4 very small people, 1 kind of small person, and 3 very large people, plus one immortal pipe-smoking wizard trying to destroy a ring before it destroys them is one of Audible’s most popular titles.

Horse lords, broken lineages, massive battles between good and evil, small people sneaking into volcanos, immortal elves, talking trees, a hermit that’s also somehow the most powerful person in all of creation—The Lord of the Rings is a TRIP.

You could also just watch the movies. By the way, the movies are the greatest movies of all time. Fight me (please don’t).

The book is almost as well written as this Audible review but the audiobook takes things to the next level.

3. Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits - James Clear

The world’s foremost expert on habit-forming teaching you how to break bad habits and build good ones.

This audiobook was seriously life-changing and has paid for the monthly fee a thousand times over already.

It helped me replace chronic procrastination with consistent, focused work at manageable intervals. I get way more done these days than I did even just a year ago.

This isn’t the only reason, but it helped a ton. If you’re struggling with a bad diet, work, lifestyle, or fitness habits, you need to give this a read now.

You know how Audible gives you access to a free audiobook when you sign up? This was my first Audible audiobook and probably what I've listened to the most on the Audible app.

4. Stealing Home

Stealing Home - Eric Nusbaum

I’m not a baseball guy and I didn’t read this book, but it’s one of the best sellers and comes highly recommended.

All I know is that the government cleared out immigrant communities to build a huge stadium and it caused an uproar, including one family that made headlines for refusing to leave.

Sounds really interesting, especially if you’re into baseball.

5. A Promised Land

A Promised Land - Barack Obama

Some guy named Barack Obama takes you on a journey that goes from finding somewhere to fit in between two communities that didn’t want him all the way to being the leader of the free world.

I’d never heard of him before this book, but it was a great read. His struggles of not knowing his father, his inability to fit in, his ascent into politics, and milestone moments of his historic first term as president—I was riveted from start to finish.

Definitely a must-read for anyone no matter your political affiliation.

6. Revelation

Revelation - Russell Brand

Easily the best Audible Original. Revelation is Russell Brand’s attempt to get you to connect to the spiritual and sacred in everything around you.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of spiritual stuff, but it definitely made me see the world in a different way. Plus, I love Get Him to the Greek and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so this was a treat.

7. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert T.Kiyosaki

The book that started it all for me and in a weird way led to you reading this Audible review today.

Robert’s tour de force in blasting our education systems and explaining things that really matter in life (financial literacy, entrepreneurship, investing) was a life-changing moment for me.

Looking back, he doesn’t actually provide a ton of actionable advice. It’s mostly an introduction to how to live life the right way moneywise.

You absolutely have to read this if you’re interested in business, finance, or investing.

8. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

Life sucks. You aren’t as important as your parents told you you were. Happiness is total BS. social media is toxic.

The only true happiness comes from accepting that life is hard and you must overcome these things to become a complete person.

Mark Manson’s insanely funny destruction of modern life’s toxic happiness is a riot from start to finish. He totally nails just how ridiculous society’s expectations have become, and drills home what really matters in life: honesty, resourcefulness, and overcoming struggle.

I think this is the best “self-help” book I’ve ever read. Stop trying to positive and instead start getting things done. That’s how you become happy.

9.  12 Rules for Life

12 Rules For Life - Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson’s 12 rules are like the 10 Commandments, but for the modern world. Basically, he tells you to pet cats when you see them and not bother kids when they’re skateboarding.

Plus he gives a ton of great life advice based on his time as a psychologist and psychology professor.

If you’re looking to improve your way of thinking every day and trying to get your life in order kind of, then I 100% recommend getting this now. Probably my favorite Audible audiobook, if you've got any unused credits, spend em' here.

10. Get S*** Done: The Ultimate Guide to Productivity

12 Rules For Life - Jordan Peterson

Do you want to get more done and make more money?

Of course.

So why haven’t you read this book?

First, Jeff breaks down why we’re so stymied by procrastination. Then, he tells you how to destroy it and actually get S*** done. This, combined with Atomic Habits, really helped improve my productivity and profitability.

BONUS: Think Again

Think Again - Adam Grant

I tried to keep it to 10, but I loved reading this one so much that I had to include it.

These days, we see anyone who disagrees with us as a threat to our ego. In fact, most people just avoid anything that doesn’t fit their worldview. We build a bubble and we live inside that bubble, comfortably believing we know what’s right and that everyone who disagrees is wrong.

This is obviously utter garbage. That’s not how success works. You’ve got to be challenged and to challenge yourself to rethink. This is why I loved this book so much. Think Again is all about learning to UNlearn and to open your mind to the challenge of seeing other opinions.

This is how you grow. In business: you have to be able to unlearn. If you don’t, you’ll go down in sinking ships. I love this book and highly recommend it to anyone interested in entrepreneurship.

Audible Pricing Plans

NOTE: Audible no longer uses Gold or Platinum monthly in its pricing plans (as far as I can tell from their pricing page)

Audible’s pricing plans are flexible and scalable. There’s something for pretty much everyone.

Not sure you like it? Go with the $14.95 subscription service for a month or two and see if it's for you.

Addicted to reading? Pay for a year upfront to get two months free and enjoy your 12 books and discounts on popular titles.

With the 30-day free trial, there’s really nothing to dislike about the pricing system.

I’ll just walk you through a few important aspects here. Most of this stuff is self-explanatory.

1. Audible Plus – $7.95/Month

The entry-level plan gives you a nice taste of the platform without spending too much. The only problem is you don’t get the book credit every month or the exclusive discounts.

Actually, that’s a really big problem, since that’s where most of the value is. Audible Plus only gets you access to the Audible Plus Catalog, unlimited listening to certain audiobooks, streaming content like podcasts, and originals.

Imagine going to an all-you-can-eat buffet that costs $15 for everything, but they had a kid’s menu for $7.95 that let you pick only from like french fries, spaghetti, and hot dogs. That’s pretty much Audible Plus.

I really DO NOT recommend it at all – any Audible review that says anything different is a joke.

2. Audible Premium Plus – $14.95/Month

Now we’re feasting on delicious buffet food (whatever that is…).

This gives you that precious book credit and exclusive member discounts.

Keep in mind that your monthly credits are good for up to a year, so you don’t have to rush to spend them if you’re still busy with a book.

3. Additional Upgrades

Audible allows you to add more credits if you want to scale up.

For $22.95, you get 2 credits a month. So basically you’re paying $8 more for any audio. If you read a lot, that’s huge savings every month.

You can also pay an entire year upfront for $149.50 (1 credit) or $229.50 (2 credits). Either way, you’re getting basically 2 months free. For 1 credit, you get 2 extra audiobooks per year for paying upfront. With 2 credits, you get 4. Not bad, aye?

Told you Audible was kinda cool.

Final Verdict: Is Audible Worth the Money?

Hell yes, Audible is worth the money. For $15, you get an audiobook of any price, 30% off any title you could possibly want from their library, flash discounts of 50% or more on popular titles, unlimited access to streaming content, podcasts, etc, and 2 free Audible originals.

If you’re a big reader, there’s no reason not to get Audible. If you don’t like reading, of course, it’s not worth it – unless you're into the other perks of being a member.

It’s like any other membership. If you buy in bulk every week, why wouldn’t you get a Costco card? If you pay for a pool, sauna, trainer, and fitness classes, then why wouldn’t you just get a luxury gym package that includes all of those things?

Let me just put this in perspective for you.

Today, I had a poke bowl with tuna, avocado, eggs, rice, seaweed, salmon, sesame seed, cucumber, and mango. It was so dang good. Like a lifetime of promises in a Hawaiian culinary masterpiece.

Wait, where was I going with that?

Oh, yeah. That cost me like $17 with a tip. So, for less than a heavenly protein-packed poke bowl, you could have a month’s worth of audio content.

Go ahead and pay $60 or whatever for 2 eBooks. I just don’t see why you wouldn’t pay $22.95 to get those audiobooks plus a myriad of other perks.

Audible review complete. OK, time for dinner. Poke?

Click here to start your free trial!

Audible F.A.Q

Q: Is an Audible membership worth it?

A: Yes, an Audible membership is 100% worth it IF you actually use it. Audible makes sense if you want audiobooks at below-market prices and plan to use their 30% discount on their library. It’s worth it if you read more than 1 audiobook every month, which is super easy since it’s listening rather than reading. For example, if you buy 2 Audible credits, that’s 2 audiobooks for $23 plus a 30% discount off everything in their library. That’s huge savings.

Q: Do Audible credits accumulate?

A: Yes, Audible credits accumulate if you don’t use them. The only downside is you can’t have more than 6 credits. That’s why I recommend canceling once your library gets backed up and re-upping when you’ve got time.

Q: Are Audible books cheaper than hard copies or Kindle books?

A: Yes, in general, Audible audiobooks are cheaper than hard copies, paperback copies, or Kindle books. However, it’s hard to say whether or not they’re cheaper than eBooks. Sometimes Audible’s store costs more than other stores, and other times they have flash sales where the audiobooks are super cheap. It all depends. But yes, they are cheaper than hard copies for sure. One is an expensive paper product and the other is digital.

Q: Can I listen to an audioook more than once?

A: Yes, you can listen to an audiobook more than once. They’re yours to keep, and they’re stored in the cloud. You can listen to them an infinite number of times in perpetuity.

Q: Is Audible free with Amazon Prime?

A: No, Audible is not free with Prime. Audible is part of the Amazon ecosystem, but it is not included in a Prime membership.

Q: Which is the best Audiobook service?

A: Audible is definitely the best audiobook service. No other service has their selection, member benefits, flash discounts, and the ability to sync with your Kindle.

Q: How can I get Audible for free?

A: You can get Audible for “free” by signing up for their free trial, entering your card details, and using your first month’s credit for a free audiobook. Then, cancel before your subscription renews. Boom.

Q: Is there an alternative to Audible?

A: Yes, there are plenty of alternatives to Audible, but none of them are nearly as good. Audiobooks Now is the cheapest alternative to Audible while Kobo is the closest facsimile to Audible on the market. Ultimately none of them can compete with the Audible library and the extra perks Audible offers.

Q: Why is Audible so expensive?

A: Audible is not so expensive. It’s $7.95 or $14.95 for the premium membership. That’s like one lunch at a decent restaurant.

Q: How much is Audible per month?

A: Audible is anywhere from $7.95 to $22.95 monthly depending on which plan you want. It costs even less if you pay annually.

Q: Why are audiobooks so expensive?

A: Some audiobooks are so expensive because of their popularity or because of the narrator or a combination of both. For the most part, though, audiobooks are very affordable.

Q: Can you only listen to one audiobook a month on Audible?

A: No, you can listen to more than one book per month on Audible, even with the cheaper plan. If you only get one free book per month, your Audible account allows you to pick 2 originals and also get access to select free streaming content. That’s what makes it such a valuable service.

Q: What is Whispersync and how does it work?

A: Whispersync is Amazon’s cool new immersion technology that allows you to switch back and forth between reading on your Kindle and narration on audiobooks seamlessly.

Recomended Readings