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B2B companies do not enjoy honorable mentions in conversations about growth strategies. Have you heard about a B2B company that had incredible growth story lately? It’s because B2C companies have more opportunities to develop growth strategies. B2B companies do not have years to experiment and master their marketing vision, though. Often, this is the reason why they are left out in the conversations about growth strategies.

Yet, it is possible for B2B companies to achieve the same attention from marketers. Today, visionary CEOs in many organizations have succeeded in creating exceptional content marketing campaigns. It is enough to claim that it was harder for them to get people talking about their products. Well, partly because of the widely popular myth that B2B marketing is either boring or dull. Even so, they succeeded because they used creativity and latest marketing techniques.

Check out the main differences between B2C and B2B content marketing strategies.

Let’s take a look at some great B2B growth strategies for marketing used by successful companies.

content auditMake sure you get the most out of your content
Conduct a content audit on your website. Content audit helps to weed out thin content and duplicate pages that hurt your rankings in Google. We wrote you a step-by-step guide how to conduct the content audit.

1. Create Games and Puzzles

Although it may sound strange, rich media can be effective in engaging customers. They will help to attract people who share the interest in the industry. These can be experts, reviewers, and enthusiasts. Interactive content types such as assessments, calculators, contests, quizzes and interactive infographics, have been strongly outperforming passive content in the recent years.

One of the best examples of a B2B company using a game for marketing is Checkmarx. This company provides app security testing solutions and products. It developed a game called Game of Hacks, which is an educational solution. It helps app security experts and developers to test their skills.

b2b growth strategies game of hacks content

It offers a series of questions related to security testing. Then it provides some options for answers. Thus, it uses a popular format for a specific industry. For example, it shows the player code to analyze for mistakes. Indeed, a simple and engaging game. It can serve as an educational tool and marketing solution.

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2. Provide Free Trials

A free trial is a popular way to engage customers these days. According to Cox Business, one of the most important obstacles to effective growth is a high entry barrier. It prevents the people from trying the product of service. As a result, a company loses a possibility to get new clients. A better marketing strategy is to provide potential customers with trial versions of products. Or, you can provide great discounts.

Take a look at this writing service website. The first thing that a visitor sees is the -20 percent offer banner. The offer lowers the barrier to entry. Plus, it gives some time have the product with a great discount or to test it before buying.

b2b growth strategies free trial

Providing free trials thus is a powerful tool that can help to get first users. The trial is a model of choice for some startups that want to hack their way to growth. Well-established companies use it as well: for example, Hubspot developed free website grader tool. It provides marketers with the ability to improve their websites for free, and millions of marketers use it.

Find out what growth tools to use to get results.

content auditMake sure you get the most out of your content
Conduct a content audit on your website. Content audit helps to weed out thin content and duplicate pages that hurt your rankings in Google. We wrote you a step-by-step guide how to conduct the content audit.

3. Focus on UX and UI

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are hotties of the marketing world. If you haven’t given them much thought before, now is the time, since usability and user experience have an increasing impact on your search engine rankings. As Moz puts it, the engines have a very good idea of the kinds of sites that satisfy their searchers. Some good traits include:

  • Easy to use, navigate, and understand
  • Provide direct, actionable information relevant to the query
  • Professionally designed and accessible to modern browsers
  • Deliver high quality, legitimate, credible content

If your site has a low number of conversions, you can almost always improve it by UX and UI. The designers who use these strategies transform the site into a remarkable tool for building the business. Perhaps, one of the most well-known examples of websites created with UX and UI in mind is Virgin America’s site. It provides a comfortable experience for visitors along with a minimalist design. They have already produced some great results there.

growth strategy virgin america website user experience

4. Take Advantage of LinkedIn

The only well-known professional social network can be a great tool for B2B companies. It has 400 million members: CEOs and other people who are potential leads. It is clear you should properly target them. There are some B2B growth strategies that companies use to connect with other companies. Let’s make sure that you can take advantage of them as well. They include sponsored updates and relationships with influential connections.

First, native ads are the default format of advertising on the platform. They work just like the sponsored content on Facebook. The research showed that around 90 percent of customer’s journey is finished by the time he or she contacts the sales team. Thus, it is imperative that the company’s visibility is as effective as possible.

b2b growth strategies linkedin sponsored content

Second, you can develop a series of emails that you sent to potential leads. They should encourage the connection to start a relationship. It would turn into business collaboration in the future. LinkedIn calls it a “touchpoint” system and recommends it generate leads as well.

5. Include Video Testimonials

Have you ever used the experience of your friends to make a buying decision? ConversionXL suggests that peer reviews are a powerful influence on purchasing decisions. In fact, even negative reviews can increase online sales! To take advantage of these findings, you can use testimonials. They provide proof that a product is effective and reliable, which is a good sign.

More insights on the power of reviews: Why I’m Not Afraid of Online Reviews (And You Shouldn’t Be Either)

Have a look at this testimonial video created by Salesforce. Their client, American Express (that’s a reputable company!) says that Salesforce was effective for them for many years. It is also personal, as various people tell about their experiences.

Seeing this video can be effective from a marketing viewpoint. First, it provides proof that Salesforce is a reliable company. Second, it ensures that Salesforce does business with such giants as American Express.

6. Use Humor

Do you enjoy a fair amount of humor in advertising and marketing? It can be your best friend in getting new customers. Many B2B companies have developed campaigns that emphasized humor in highlighting the business services. One of the best examples is Xerox and its Work Can Work Better campaign.

This promotional video made by the company shows two employees in an office. They struggle to start a meaningful morning chat. They ask one another about how they got to work, and the answer in both cases is “good.” The narrator says that Xerox’s “real-time analytics make transit systems go smoothly and morning chit-chat less interesting.” As a result, they show the product and its performance plus a little bit of humor is there as well.

The company has produced several such videos about different services. Each one is a masterpiece of B2B marketing with humor. Click this playlist to view them all.

7. Personalize

For both B2C and B2B businesses, personalization plays an important role. According to Twoodo, personalization should be performed regardless of the stage of customer cycle. This strategy can be beneficial: it helps to connect with the customers on a personal level. When you notice people, they tend to respond. You should take advantage of that.

Use personalization everywhere. Every piece of correspondence you sent out and every product should be personalized. Moreover, tools like Hubspot and Mailchimp are great for the task as well. Eventually, personalization will help to segment the customers in a more advanced way.

HubSpot growth hacking

Now, Take your B2B Growth Strategies to the Next Level

While it is easy to think of examples of B2C marketing campaigns, it’s not the case with B2B. The B2B growth strategies described above will help you to bust the myth that B2B marketing is dull and boring. As the examples in the article showed, businesses successfully use these strategies. Moreover, well-known companies use them. As a result, their campaigns were engaging, creative, and fun just like B2C. Read 5 Pillars of Your Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy.

It is clear that there are many ways you can take to enhance your B2B business. Remember that you should often revise and improve your strategy regardless of the strategy. This way, you will ensure that it meets your goals and gets the needed results.

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