Basics of Social Media Monitoring

I am writing a short article about the Basics of Social Media Monitoring. Here is a easy to understand framework I use for it.

First start with questions that our monitoring should answer and set measurable goals.

Then do the actual social media monitoring: Players (people and brands) create Content (post, comments, videos, other media) that is published in Channels (socnets, forums, blogs, etc). When starting from scratch: find Channels, see what Content has been published by what Players. Then start analyzing relationships, find influencers, etc. And it all leads to monitoring Results (trends, patterns, insights/knowledge, opportunities).

From monitoring we get patterns and trends that identify business and marketing opportunities.

Why you need to monitor social media?

  • What do you need to know to improve your business
  • Set goals to your social media monitoring

What channels to monitor?

  • Social networking sites
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • News sites
  • Review sites
  • Other media sites

What content to monitor?

  • Original content
  • Shared and curated content

Who to monitor?

  • Your brand
  • Competitors
  • People and influencers
  • Relevant topics


  • Insights and knowledge
  • Business and marketing opportunities
  • Patterns
  • Trends

Please comment and let me know what other questions would you like to be answered by by a introductory article about social media monitoring.

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