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And the Winners of the Best Call to Action Are… [CTA Examples]

Home / Content Marketing / And the Winners of the Best Call to Action Are… [CTA Examples]

And the Winners of the Best Call to Action Are… [CTA Examples]

Home / Content Marketing / And the Winners of the Best Call to Action Are… [CTA Examples]
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Everything comes down to your Call to Action (CTA). Your site can fly or fall based on how well it functions. For that reason, you’ve got to spend some time managing it, testing it and trying out different combinations. You need to figure out what works best for your site.

At the same time, you don’t have to start from scratch. There are a lot of websites out there who have very well-functioning CTAs and, rather than reinventing the wheel. You should certainly try to take a page from their book.

Find websites that work exceptionally well and then study how they do it. Then take the ideas of best performers and apply them to your own.

Got that? Okay, let’s look at some particularly effective CTA examples so that you have a good idea where to start.

Dropbox CTA Example

Dropbox doesn’t try to be flamboyant with their design. Instead, they’ve decided to go for simple and subtle – which suits their product, which in effect is all about support. They’ve used a lot of space and also focused on simple yet elegant designs.

dropbox cta example

What this does for them is that it makes certain their CTA stands out, so that only a blind wombat won’t be able to figure out what it means. Just to drive the point home, they’ve used the same color for their CTA as for their name. It creates an automatic connection in the user’s mind that they’re signing up for Dropbox.


Netflix has decided that the biggest problem is the fear people have. The fear that if they sign up, they can’t get out of it and will end up paying for it for years to come – like most of us and our gym membership.

For that reason, right there by their CTA they’ve ‘cancel anytime.’ This serves to remove one of the biggest hurdles that we face when we sign up for the brand, which in turn makes it far more likely that we actually will.

netflix call to action example

It’s always a good idea to tackle the biggest hurdle that people may face when they sign up for your brand. Don’t know what it is? Ask them. They probably do know.

Spotify Call to Action Example

Spotify’s CTA is simple yet clever. They don’t ask whether you want to sign up. You’re only given two options: “Do you want Spotify for free or do you want to pay for it?”

spotify call to action example

Naturally, the free version is what most people would go for. Especially since they don’t introduce any benefits of the premium option. So, Spotify gets people to sign up just by comparing a free version against premium one.


For something completely different, look at Huemor. They’ve decided to use a bit of reverse psychology. By showcasing a man with a rocket suit, a button with ‘launch’ underneath him, and a ‘do not push’’ instruction.

huemor cta example

How many people can resist that?

Of course, in the case of Huemor, this works quite well as it fits with their overall brand concept. Tricks like this will only work if your audience can appreciate them. Make sure that you’ve got that kind of an audience before you decide to go down this road.


We’re all looking to get better and to find out what we’re doing wrong so that we can correct our mistakes. Quicksprout takes advantage of this basic instinct, by asking you ‘Are you doing your SEO wrong?’ and asking you to input your URL.

That sounds pretty enticing! I want to know if I can improve my SEO so that I can reach more customers. And all I have to do is input my URL? That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

quicksprout call to action example

Of course, you can apply this strategy in many different ways. Offering people insights into what they’re doing right or wrong will work quite well. Alternatively, you can offer insights into something that is important to them. And if you're using content marketing, then there is a good chance that what you’re offering is.

Grey Goose

Another great idea is the Grey Goose brand. Rather than directly trying to sell you something, they instead offer to give you something. A cocktail specifically tailored to your taste. Of course, indirectly they’re still going to try to sell you Grey Goose. After all, it’s going to be part of the recipe list.

Still, it’s far more subtle than a direct ‘buy Grey Goose’ don’t you think?

grey goose call to action example

What is also does is take advantage of our current quest for individualization. We all want to think we have special and unique tastes and Grey Goose cleverly plays into that strategy.

Can you personalize your brand? Can you offer people something that specifically caters to their needs or tastes? Then this is a great strategy to use.


The CTA of Klientboost has a fun twist. Instead of ‘enter your email,' they ask you to enter ‘your favorite email.' It’s a simple detail that makes the general tone a lot warmer and friendlier.

klientboost cta example

And to top it off, the call to action button offers a free guide in a noticeable red color. Sounds like a great deal.


Sometimes your website is quite active and has a lot going on. For example, maybe you showcase a lot of videos or photos. In this case, it’s essential that you find some way to actually make your CTA stand out.

epic privacy call to action example

In that case, take a page from the EPIC website. They’ve made sure that their CTA is always visible in the header. Even when you’re watching videos, you can't help but notice the bright green CTA in the top right corner.

Humbolt Country CTA

This website has decided to go with something different. They’ve decided to use a bunny, and the words ‘follow the magic’. This is an allusion to Alice in Wonderland. The reason that this works so well is that we almost all know Alice in Wonderland and for most of us the associations are entirely positive.

humboldt county cta example

Through the power of association, Humbolt Country has taken this popular childhood memory and made it a part of their brand.

Can you do the same? Because if you can, then you’re in a good position. As instead of having to create your own brand, you can ‘steal’ some from another story, idea or concept that people are familiar with. Of course, it is crucial that the story you decide to use is actually popular and well known. Otherwise, you lose the effect.

Take a look at more call to action examples for web and social media here: 34 Call to Action Examples for Your Social Media Content.

CTA Examples Help You Get Better

As you can see, there are many ways to Rome. A great deal about how you’re going to do your call to action examples for sales depends on what kind of brand you have, what your customers are looking for and how you lay out your website.

Still, there are some clear underlying elements that you always want to stay aware of. For example, it’s vital that the CTA is in a prominent position and that it contrasts well with the background so that people know where to find it. Another element to keep track of is that you want to lower people’s perceived barriers to entry. Either by being friendly, suggesting it’s only temporary, or being playful. Finally, if you can engage the imagination and a sense of wonder, then people are far likelier to sign up, as we all want to find things out and be entertained.

BIO: Benedict Brychta is an MBA student from San Jose, CA. He is a big movie classics fan and he loves to share his opinion on different things happening in the spheres of film industry, digital marketing and self-improvement.

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