The Best Dropshipping Courses in 2021 (1 Clear Winner)

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Welcome to my review of the best dropshipping courses of 2021. 

I’m about to go Simon Cowell on the most popular dropship training courses and set the record straight. You’ll get a REAL opinion from someone who’s been a part of dozens of successful stores across tough niches.

It really irks me that so many courses train students like it’s still 2012. The days of slapping up a Shopify store and making hundreds a day while sipping mai tais in Asia are gone. The game has totally changed. You really have to be sharp if you want to succeed.

Dropshipping can still be a lucrative business model… if you do it right. Get the right course—one walks you step-by-step through niche research, finding suppliers, conversion optimization, ads, and automation—and you’ll succeed. Get the wrong one and you have no chance of competing against Amazon and other dropshippers.

Let’s get to it….

The Best Dropshipping Courses in 2021

1. Dropship Lifestyle (DSL) – The Best Shopify Course (Voted #1 by Shopify)Dropship Lifestyle - The best dropshipping course 2019

Rating: 4.7/5

Coach: Anton Kraly

Price: $2,997/$4,997

Best For: People serious about dropshipping that want the most complete course and highest chances of success, regardless of the price.

The Review

Since this is the best dropshipping course out there by far, we also wrote a detailed Dropship Lifestyle review. Make sure to check that out as well but beware, it’s a long one!

The Dropship Lifestyle Retreat

The course that launched a lifestyle. Really, the whole digital nomad/dropshipping lifestyle owes its popularity to DSL. 

If you want a complete, done-for-you blueprint from 0 to automated money machine in 21 days, this is for you. I’m the Simon Cowell of dropshipping course reviews, but let me go Randy Jackson real quick: “It’s a YES from me, DAWG!” 

If there’s anything I’ve learned over my years in this business, it’s that numbers don’t lie. More than 10,000 students have gone on to #DropShipCrush (sorry, had to) since 2013 using this exact blueprint.

Thousands of people have used this blueprint to leave their jobs behind and turn dropshipping into a full-time lifestyle and career.

Who is Anton Kraly?

Anton is like a cult figure in this business. Million-dollar stores, disciples on every continent (Antarctica included), an entire way of life built around his persona—he’s built something bigger than himself with Dropship Lifestyle: a simple, straightforward method for achieving complete financial and lifestyle independence. He’s far and away the go-to guy for “high ticket” dropshipping, where you focus on low individual sales at higher prices.

Obviously, it’s not perfect (I’ll cover my pet peeves below), but it is the exact blueprint that Anton and thousands of his students have used to build stores that bring in millions in revenue. Can’t argue with that….

What You’ll Get

DSL has 7 modules with action tasks that keep you moving forward.

NOTE: Some of these are only in the “Ultimate” (more comprehensive) package.

  • The updated (7.0) DSL blueprint that Anton used to build 7-figure stores
  • Anton’s personal dropshipping supplier directory
  • Shopify design course (Including how to make more sales)
  • Vital foundational skills that most courses neglect – niche research, market analyzation, how to get approved by suppliers, etc.
  • Google ads training to bring instant traffic to your store
  • Ticket to their retreat in Prague (to meet Anton and other students)
  • Done-for-you Shopify store
  • 1 year of private coaching

Why DSL Might Not be the Dropshipping Course for You

So let’s get to two things that I don’t really like about the course: the price and return policy.

Price – Premium: $2,997/Ultimate: $4,997

This course ain’t cheap. And it shouldn’t be. 

Not only that, but the prices have gone up over 100% recently. The reason for that is because people can’t stop buying it and Anton knows how to make money.

It’s expensive because it works, but I totally understand if it’s out of your price range. I’ve included affordable courses below. They aren’t as comprehensive and they don’t have Anton’s BOSS-LEVEL coaching, but they’ll help big time.

Refund Policy

The course promises a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s true, but ONLY if you actually complete the course. It’s a bit of a twist, but it makes sense. You can’t really say the course doesn’t work unless you complete it. This course is a BEAST (40 video lessons), but you should be able to finish in 30 days if you’re committed. 


  • The most comprehensive course available
  • In-depth training on revenue-generating tactics (Ads, CRO, Research, Automation, Outsource)
  • Personal coaching from the man, the myth, the legend
  • The only done-for-you course available (0-profitable store structure done for you)


  • Expensive(ish)

All in all, considering how many people this course has helped, it’s a no-brainer. I’m a member and a huge advocate and I urge you to give it a shot.

The best way to get your feet wet would be to check out their free webinar. It’s not a sales pitch but a lengthy introduction to the business model and the logic behind it all.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  1. Intro to High-Ticket Drop Shipping
  2. Different Ecommerce Business Models
  3. Why You Need a Great Niche & “Proof of Concept”
  4. How to Build a Brand That Provides Real Value
  5. The Secret Weapon of All 7 Figure Drop Shippers
  6. My Simple 4-Step Funnel for Getting High Ticket Sales
  7. The Math Behind Growing a Million Dollar Business
  8. How to Launch a Highly Profitable, Semi-Automated Store
  9. Live Q&A

If you go through the entire webinar, you also get access to their 21-step launch plan, which is a 37-page PDF file walking you through the key steps.

Click here to watch it for free now!

The Best of the Rest…

If you’re really on a tight budget, here are some alternatives:

2. eCom Elites – The Best Dropshipping Course for the Money

ecom elites review

Rating: 4.1/5

Price: $197-297

Coach: Franklin Hatchett

Best For: This is the best budget course out there and provides a ton of value. If you want a great course at the best price, this is it.

If Dropship Lifestyle is out of your budget, then eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett is your next best option.

In this industry, I’m normally EXTREMELY critical of the majority of courses since they usually overcharge and underdeliver.

But even I’m blown away at what Franklin has created… and just for $297. This is probably the only course that UNDERCHARGES and OVERDELIVERS.

NOTE: There is a basic package available for $197, but the extra $100 gives you so much more. If you’re serious about making money, invest the extra $100.

The supplier directory, personal coaching, and easy-to-follow blueprint in DSL put it over the top, but eCom Elites matches it blow for blow in many other areas and at a fraction of the price. 

Of course, at this price, there’s going to be a catch. The support and coaching aren’t near the level of DSL, and for all the information included in the course, it’s not as structured or actionable as other courses.

Still, it’s awesome overall. Here’s why…

Why I Recommend eCom Elites for Budget Dropshippers

For just $297, you get 170 videos covering everything Hatch’ has learned over his years of growing successful dropshipping stores. I don’t throw the word “word class” around much, but that’s how I’d describe eCom Elites Shopify training.

This is hands-down the second-best Shopify training course around. Even if you have zero experience, Hatchett takes you from the basics of setting up your store all the way through his kick-ass ninja hacks for bringing in organic traffic from Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

What You’ll Get

The $297 fee gets you:

  • Store setup walkthrough
  • Facebook and IG traffic training (My favorite)
  • Email marketing setup and training (Extremely rare)
  • Basic SEO training for beginners
  • The web’s first chatbot academy
  • Hatchett’s “super secret” training modules
  • Private Facebook group access

If you want to level up and get really crazy, you can spend $100 more for the Ultimate package. 

That gets you:

  • Step-by-step sales funnel academy to help you target the perfect customer
  • Elite Google ads training
  • 2 kickass books on selecting a niche and selling 6-figure products (probably worth $297 alone)

What I Don’t Like

Like I mentioned in the beginning, for this price, you can’t expect Franklin to be as hands-on as some of the trainers from competing courses. This is very much a “here’s the info, you figure it out” kind of course.

I’m not saying he’s totally absent—far from it. Just don’t expect the level of coaching or attention you’d get from higher-priced courses. He’s also not as active in his Facebook groups as other coaches.

Also, just to be 100% honest, Franklin is a beast at dropshipping, but he isn’t as proven as Anton or a few other names you’ll read further on down that are literally celebrities in the industry.

Verdict: eCom Elites is worth more than its price tags and is full of tons of amazing info and little known hacks for growing a hugely successful dropshipping store. It’s perfect if you’re on a budget and are self-motivated. Just don’t expect the same level of support, and be prepared to work on your own.

3. Shopify Ninja Masterclass – Great for Ads/Product Selection

shopify ninja masterclass review

Rating: 3.8/5

Coach: Kevin David

Price: $997

Best For: Beginners with a higher budget that learn best from a simple, straightforward, actionable structure.

Kevin David might be a bit over the top for my tastes, but he clearly knows his stuff. This guy is a serial entrepreneur “crushing” in almost every vertical of digital marketing including Facebook and Instagram ads, FBA, print on demand, and dropshipping.

I definitely recommend this course for anyone who suffers from analysis paralysis. It’s simple, straightforward, and highly actionable, so it’s easy to follow and helps you to get S**T DONE.

He’s also a YouTube superstar. You can’t google “how to make money online as a broke beginner” without seeing his face plastered everywhere.

His dropshipping course, Shopify Ninjas Masterclass, is just like his YouTube persona: WAY over the top but full of great info. Be warned though, there are a lot of affiliate links in his stuff, and it comes off a bit too salesy at times. Also, the price point is on the high end without the video content of DSL or eCom Elites to justify it.


It’s a great course.

What You’ll Get

  • Kevin is one of the best product selectors in the world and he walks you through his niche/product selection process
  • Shopify store optimization: He includes 15 videos on how optimizing your store including installing Google Analytics, running countdown timers, and setting up email opt-in forms
  • Kevin includes his “97% rule” that all 6 and 7-figure dropshippers follow
  • Access to his Facebook Mastermind group
  • A scaling and expansion blueprint including:
  • How to interpret Google Analytics to grow your sales
  • Improving customer service
  • Hiring virtual assistants
  • Snapchat hacks
  • Facebook ads master – This stuff is gold. Lookalike audiences, using Facebook pixel to retarget, custom URL audiences. You’ll crush FB after going through these tutorials

My Favorite Thing

What I like most are the Google Ads templates he includes. This saves you from expensive trial and error that most new dropshippers have to go through.

Instead of guessing and wasting your daily budget, Kev shows you exactly which templates he and his students have used to achieve major success.

What I Don’t Like

Kevin’s delivery isn’t my favorite, but that’s just my personality I guess. He clearly knows what he’s doing.

So that aside, a few things I don’t like about this course are:

  • Price: $1,000 dollars is too much for this course in my opinion, but that could be because I just know a lot of this stuff already. For a complete beginner, it’s probably worth the money.
  • Videos: There are “fewer” than 70 videos in this course. Sounds crazy, but compared to competitors I prefer, that’s actually low. Still, each video is super high-quality and full of good info.
  • Bonuses: The bonuses really weren’t all that valuable and they had a lot of affiliates links in them to other services. Felt a bit too “hard selly” to me if that makes any sense.

Verdict: Kevin’s class is a major flex on Facebook mastery, niche/product selection, and Shopify optimization, and provides huge value for scaling your dropshipping store beyond the typical $1,000-month mark. But I don’t think the price matches the value and I wish had a bit more content for how much he charges.

eCom Hacks – A Very Solid Course – Just a Bit Old

Rating: 3.7/5

Coach: Jared Goetz

Price: $1,999

Jared is another big name in the eComm industry. The guy’s been in Entrepreneur Magazine, on news stations, and all around the web talking about being an eComm millionaire before age 26 from dropshipping.

It’s hard to argue with a course created by a guy who’s tech store did $5 million in sales in just one year. In this course, he walks you through the basics of dropshipping and setting up your store all the way to advertising and scaling. There are even hours and hours of bonus videos thrown in from guest contributors.

In this course, Jared teaches you the art of “drop surfing” so you can identify the hottest products and sell them for the biggest profit margins before dropping to another seller. Honestly, drop surfing is just drop shipping except you change suppliers like celebs change spouses.

The only thing that gives me pause about putting him on this list is that the course hasn’t been updated since 2017. That’s a bit of a red flag. Still, I’ve checked the stuff and it is still viable in 2021.

What You’ll Get

With the course, you get:

  • Drop surfing tutorial
  • Access to Jared’s mastermind group (probably the most valuable part of the course)
  • Facebook ads mastery
  • Upsell strategies
  • Bonuses galore

What I Don’t Like

There are a few things I don’t like about this course:

  • Price: It’s expensive. The mastermind group and personal coaching calls make up for the price but the course itself isn’t worth the money.
  • Drop surfing isn’t really a thing: Drop surfing is just a marketing buzzword. It’s the same thing as drop shipping, you just change suppliers more frequently.
  • The content is more basic than others: The other courses on this list provide more in-depth detail in other areas.

Verdict: I might not like his angle or structure, but you can’t argue with results. Jared has stores doing millions in sales and this is a blueprint for success. The content might not be up to par with the price, but the private mastermind group and coaching make up for it.

4. eCom Inner Circle – Great Community and Straightforward Tutorials/Guides

Rating: 3.7/5

Coach: Arie Scherson

Price: $397

Best For: This is just another good budget course, and I really love the “inner circle” community. It’s kind of the opposite of eCom Elites in that regard: great community, less content.

One look at Arie and his sales page tells you everything you need to know: this guy lets his skills do the talking. 

He’s not showy. He’s not a celeb. He doesn’t have a crazy, over the top sales page. This is all business, and that’s what I like about it.

The eCom Inner Circle community has a great reputation around the industry, and Arie gives a LIVE Q&A session every week to members. Can’t beat that. This really is instant access to a private network. 

What You’ll Get

For $397, you get:

  • Access to Arie
  • A community full of 6 and 7-figure dropshippers
  • Arie’s private shipping network so you can ship faster than Aliexpress (Hint: That means better customer reviews)
  • The online learning platform
  • Arie’s copy/paste templates to save you hours of time and help you automate profits

The course itself is straightforward, detailed, and contains a lot of really unique details that I couldn’t find anywhere else like:

  • Logo design and branding advice (Including naming—something that gave me a lot of trouble)
  • Setting up Stripe for payments
  • Product description optimization
  • How to spy on the competition and beat them at their own game
  • Upsell hacks (bulk pricing)
  • Outsourcing so you can stop working so much

Arie also proves his methods work with more than just screenshots. He provides real case studies of people who’ve gone on to huge success using these methods and details exactly how they did it.

At $397, this is a great buy, if only just for access to the “Inner Circle.” 

Here’s what I don’t like about the course and questions you should ask yourself before buying.

What I Don’t Like

  • Facebook Ads Videos: Facebook ads are arguably the most important advertising method for dropshipping stores. Arie’s are fine, but DSL and eCom Elite’s are far superior. There’s more content and more detail in each of those. How important is learning how to run FB ads to you? If it’s very important, I wouldn’t buy this course.
  • Arie Promotes ListGenie, a Company he Part-Owns: I don’t know why this irks me, but he teaches you to do product research with a tool called List Genie that costs almost $100 a month. Arie just so happens to be part owner. Not a big fan of that, but it definitely works.
  • I just prefer other content: The content here is really good, but I just prefer DSL or eCom Elites if you’re on a budget. I threw this one in here because it’s solid and has a great community in case you aren’t a do-it-yourself learner. If you think you’ll need a lot of coaching and don’t have a big budget, it’s worth the buy.

Verdict: Arie’s course covers a lot of important topics you don’t get elsewhere like branding and design, and comes with a world-class community to back you up. He’s not the Shopify guru that the other guys on the list are, and he isn’t a famous celeb or anything, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is this is a solid course at a good price.

There you have it. I went Simon Cowell on every course I could find to bring you the best dropshipping courses of 2021. You know if the contestants make it through my auditions that they’ve got to be good. 

Overall, Dropship Lifestyle is hands-down the best. No other course comes close. It’s really all about the money. If you’ve got it, get DSL. If you’re on a budget, try eCom Elites. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Not ready to take the plunge yet? Read our full Dropship Lifestyle review and see what you’re getting into. If you’re more into selling on Amazon, you can check out our Jungle Scout Review.