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The 8 Best Useproof Alternatives for Social Proof

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Best Useproof Alternatives

The 8 Best Useproof Alternatives for Social Proof

Home / Tools / The 8 Best Useproof Alternatives for Social Proof
Best Useproof Alternatives
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Social proof can take your landing pages to the next level and ensure your ad spend isn’t wasted.


Simply because consumers trust other people more than they trust marketers. (Sorry marketers, don’t take it personally)

With the help of testimonials, reviews, case studies, or data points, you can build trust and humanize your marketing efforts. More importantly, you can boost your conversion rates. Research shows that a single review can increase conversion rates by over 10%, while more than one can boost the conversion rate to 44%.

So naturally, social proof software like Useproof is an excellent investment for your business. It's an essential tool to have with great features like Activity Notifications, Live Visitors Count, and Hot Streaks. 

But like everything else in digital marketing, there are caveats. The pricing is costly and beginners often find it difficult to use.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Useproof that’s competitive on price, is easier to use, offers better support, and is a more comprehensive solution, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll look at some of the best social proof software on the market today. After all, the type of software you use can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

Our Verdict

Before I dive into the review and compare the top 8 social proof software, here’s my pick of the three best Useproof alternatives.

  • ProveSource is the best alternative for Useproof – it’s cheaper and offers better service.
  • Provely is the ideal long-term solution for any business wanting to add social proof to multiple domains. 
  • Notifia is best for marketers looking for the cheapest Useproof alternative.

The Best Useproof Alternative in 2023

You’ll find many tools in the market to add social proof to your site. Begin your search by looking closely at Useproof competitors, their features, pricing, customer support options, etc. This will help you find the product that drives the best results for your business. 

To help you discover useful, reliable Use Proof alternatives, let’s look into the following options:



Notifia is more than just a social proof tool to increase engagement and conversions. It’s an all-in-one software that offers 30+ widgets, plugins, and popups to help you engage, convert, and retain your visitors. So you’ll have access to Email Capture, Content Lockers, Lead Magnets, Exit Intent Surveys, Click to Call Widgets, Welcome Bars, and more.

With this suite of marketing tools, you can increase consumer trust, leverage FOMO, and implement social proof. This helps generate more sales, acquire more leads, optimize onboarding processes for new customers, increase conversions, increase revenue, and gather more referrals.

Plus, Notifia covers various aspects of consumer growth, including acquisition, activation, retention, referrals, and, of course, revenue.

And since it integrates with 1,500+ apps, leveraging your business couldn’t be easier. 

Best for: e-commerce, SaaS, or SMBs looking for ways to increase leads and conversions.

Key Features 

  • Live visitor count
  • Social proof notifications about recent brand-related activities 
  • Shows real-time feed of sales, opt-ins, and conversions
  • Templates 
  • Automatically captures and displays reviews on your website from other review sites like Google, TrustPilot, G2 Crowd, Capterra, eBay, Amazon, etc.
  • Reporting 


Notifia offers three subscription packages. Plans start from $9 per month. See additional pricing details below.

Notifia's Pricing Plans

They don’t have a free version, but Notifia offers a 7-day free trial for all subscriptions. Or receive a 30-day extended trial by signing up for their newsletter.


  • Displays personalized messages to visitors
  • Embed and setup Growth Marketing strategies into your website in minutes
  • Automatically matches the font, colors, and other aspects of website branding
  • Supports 181 languages, so you can automatically display the right language based on a visitor’s browser settings
  • Offers a Conversion Summary of the past 7 days
  • Create custom notifications by customizing widget texts, designs, and images
  • 1,500+ app integrations


  • Poor online customer service – no live chat support

Begin your free Notifia trial today. 



Provely is a great software to boost your conversion rate with the help of real-time social proof. It works by creating a sense of urgency, hence increasing leads, signups, and sales. But besides that, Provely works by increasing consumer trust by displaying live data to visitors on your web pages, such as signups, sales, reviews, live visitor count, etc.

Proverly automates social proof operations so you can focus on more important tasks of running your business. Furthermore, you can localize your marketing efforts and increase conversions by displaying real-time information relevant to one geographical location.

Best for: websites that sell items online or offer subscriptions and want an affordable long-term solution to manage multiple domains. 

Key Features

  • Offers widget customization – design and color  
  • Supports location-based notifications
  • Set notification frequency
  • Supports integration
  • Offers translations to support different languages
  • Import past purchases


Provely monthly plans start at $17 per month. Subscriptions differ in the number of domains they support. See additional pricing details below.

Provely's Pricing Plans

There isn’t a free version or a free trial.


  • Easy setup – takes a couple of minutes to get started
  • No technical experience required
  • Plenty of popup templates to choose from
  • Variety of notification types
  • Can integrate with almost any tool
  • Customize popup and widget design and color to ensure it matches your brand
  • Effortlessly track campaigns 
  • Offers 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Display live, past, or rotational data
  • Affordable solution for dedicated businesses, the yearly plan offers unlimited visitors, domains, and notifications


  • Offers only email support
  • Lack of industry recognition

Learn more about Provely.



ProveSource is another top-performing social proof marketing platform. With its clean dashboard and comprehensive conversion tracking, it’s a great UseProof competitor.

ProveSource displays information about the behavior of recent visitors on your website, whether it’s a purchase or signup. This builds trust and acts as a powerful conversion trigger for others on your site, convincing them to convert.

By customizing popups and notifications on your page, you can enhance the brand image. Moreover, you can use engaging graphics to warm up to cold visitors on the site.

Best for: site owners and marketers looking for the same features as Useproof but at a lower price.

Key Features

  • Wizard helps create notifications in just 6 short steps
  • Custom notifications – select colors, images, and text, set display rules and control timings, localization, etc.
  • Automatically tracks and monitors consumer activity metrics, including clicks, hovers, leads, engaged visitors, engagement rates, impressions, etc.
  • Customer Activities shows authentic conversions and purchases
  • Notifications are mobile and desktop-friendly 
  • Control display rules and times
  • Webhooks


ProveSource monthly plans start at $21 per month. See additional pricing details below.

ProveSource's Pricing Plans

There is no free version. However, it offers a 14-day trial with no credit card required!


  • Easy to set up and install
  • Unlimited customizations for notifications so that they match with your brand and website theme
  • Customize notification timing to ensure visitors aren’t overwhelmed or distracted
  • Helps calculate monthly unique visitors
  • Customer Activities improves credibility, reputation, and trust.
  • Integrate with 100+ tools, including WordPress, Google Analytics, Shopify, Magento store, etc.
  • Won’t automatically upgrade if you reach your plan’s visitor limit
  • Free plan offers access to all features
  • Money-back guarantee 


  • Limited integrations for checkout

Use ProveSource to boost your ROI.



Fomo is a no-code social proof marketing automation solution that allows brands to show off consumer interactions — purchases, email signups, reviews, etc. Displaying recent activities builds credibility and increases conversions.

Fomo offers a range of native integrations with online websites, shopping carts, social media, customer messaging, sales and marketing systems, and other apps.

Users can customize template rules, page rules, or create fully custom themes. Plus, users have access to 30+ controls to refine settings and optimize conversions.

Best for: webmasters and business owners interested in adding social popups to their site. 

Key Features

  • Conversion optimization on autopilot
  • Integrates with 97+ popular apps
  • A/B testing
  • Completely customizable
  • Offers drop-and-drag options
  • Access to 1 billion data points
  • Live chat support and email support


Fomo is a cost-effective, affordable solution for social proof. It offers several packages for businesses of all types to reach their full potential. Fomo monthly plans start from $19 per month. See additional pricing details below.

Fomo's Pricing Plans

There is no free version. All plans offer a free 14-day trial. Get 30% with the annual plan.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy setup
  • Translates into 23 languages
  • Tracks conversions immediately 
  • Geo-location support
  • Hooks to Google Analytics


  • Focuses only on adding social popups
  • Doesn’t offer as many services as other competitors 

Increase trust, credibility, and sales with Fomo.



Morevago is another reliable software that can make a significant difference to the bottom line through social proof. And since it’s designed for simplicity, you can easily add reviews to your website. 

With Morevago, you can fine-tune how they are displayed and which pages they appear on. With its testing capabilities, you can customize and optimize settings to get better results. 

Best for: site owners that rely on reviews more than action-based popups.

Key Features

  • Sticky reviews that pop up and linger
  • Fully customizable review formatting
  • Supports A/B testing
  • Integrates with different platforms
  • Unlimited reviews and visitors


Morevago monthly plans start at $14.99 per month. See additional pricing details below.

Morevago's Pricing Plans

There is no free version. However, it offers a 14-day trial.


  • Add reviews from anywhere you like
  • Simple installation process
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Customize the look and duration of the popups


  • Users must optimize the timing to find what works best for their website visitors. Otherwise, the tool won’t work as well as it should.
  • Other review tools or social proof plugins also display user actions as they occur
  • Could be displaying fake reviews

Tap into the potential of customers’ reviews with Morevago.



Sometimes people just need a little nudge to convert from a visitor into a paying customer. Nudgify can help you do that and more. It helps improve engagement, signups, and sales.

Nudify offers various types of popups such as live visitor count, recent signups, reviews, low stock, selling fast, order soon, free delivery, discounts, and more.

Using the right combination of nudges helps create a sense of urgency and encourages customers to take action immediately. This speeds up their buying journey and, of course, revenue. 

Plus, Nudgify offers great analytics to help you understand how your customers respond to notifications and which ones work the best.

Best for: online commerce platforms or website owners with a tight budget that want to increase sales by creating urgency and fomo.

Key Features

  • Different nudges to help visitors convert 
  • Built-in analytics track conversions from your website
  • Create custom Nudges that display the message you want


Nudgify monthly plans start at $0.99 a month. Yes, it’s almost free! 

See additional details below.

Nudgify's Pricing Plans

It offers a 7-day free trial.


  • Drag and drop workspace to easily create sequences
  • Live data communication allow visitors to see what’s happening on your site
  • Customization allows users to create different nudges
  • Supports 29 different languages
  • Integrates with many popular tools


  • All plans come with a limit on the number of visitors
  • Can't remove branding on basic plans

Nudge your customers to take action with Nudgify.



Happy customers are essential for success. With Trust, a testimonial and rating platform, you can now effortlessly collect and display testimonials, video reviews, and ratings on your websites. 

Gathering feedback is an easy way to improve customer satisfaction. So this tool can substantially impact the click-through rates and ROI.

Best for: online coaches and consultants, course owners, and SaaS companies.

Key Features

  • Organizes and streamlines the process of collecting client feedback
  • Create testimonial/review request forms effortlessly
  • Turn feedback into social proof
  • Send out testimonial and rating requests via emails 


Trust monthly plans start at $9 a month. See additional pricing details below.

Trust's Pricing Plans

It offers a 14-day free trial.


  • All-in-one reputation building platform – testimonials, reviews, ratings, and rich snippets
  • Online Support is active and responds quickly
  • Send personalized emails to customers requesting feedback
  • Schedule date and time to send emails automatically 
  • Monitor, edit, customize, and display client feedback
  • Easy setup


  • Limited integrations
  • Can get expensive for businesses with multiple websites

Gather client feedback using Trust.



Beeketing is a suite of smart marketing apps for online shop owners. Beeketing offers many tools to boost your sales and conversion rate, get more email subscribers, follow up with abandoned carts, build trust, and much more.

Beeketing tracks customer’s behaviors to recommend relevant and personalized products and guides them towards shopping cart conversions. More importantly, it subtly encourages repeat purchases.

Best for: e-commerce brandss of all scales that need webshop optimization 

Key Features

  • E-commerce management
  • Email marketing
  • Social media integration
  • Loyalty program
  • High-paying affiliate program


Beeketing offers powerful apps, including coupon popups, exit-intent technology, email marketing, etc., to grow your business effectively.

See additional app details below.

Beeketings Pricing Plans


  • Easy to install and use, no coding required
  • User-friendly 
  • Great support team
  • Boosts the cart average order value
  • Customizable color, chat box icon, and chat box position


  • Some apps are expensive
  • Beeketing mobile app consumes too much space
  • Limited integrations, doesn’t integrate with Shopify anymore

Learn more about your customers with Beeketing.

Why Choose Useproof


There are thousands of marketers worldwide who are satisfied with Useproof. Users can lower acquisition rates, increase conversion rates, and build consumer trust in one simple solution.

So if you’re getting a good amount of traffic to your website, use Useproof to ramp up conversion.

The following features make it an ideal solution for many:

  • Displays real-time information about signups, opt-ins, and visitors on a particular page
  • Offers notification in many languages
  • Helps personalize the website
  • Users don’t have to know coding to use it
  • Integrates with many popular tools
  • Notifies users when they are about to exceed their visitors limit
  • Targets website visitors based on their behaviors, traits, and events to personalize experiences and provide the most relevant information
  • Offers well-designed analytics 

If you’re thinking about using Useproof, there's a 14-day free trial. However, you must provide your credit card information before starting the free trial. If you decide not to subscribe at the end of the trial, make sure to notify customer support. Otherwise, you could be charged for services you don’t want to use.

Proof Pulse's Pricing Plans

The Best Social Proof Software on the Market Today

It’s time to use social proof notifications to leverage the power of the crowd.

While some marketers may find Useproof the perfect tool, there are several options that offer similar features. 

I recommend using: 

  • ProveSource for anyone looking for a tool the same as Useproof.
  • Provely for anyone looking to incorporate social proof to multiple domains. 
  • Notifia for anyone looking for the cheapest option.

But don’t limit your choices to only the tools mentioned in the blog. Search the market for other Useproof competitors and choose the platform that suits your needs and budget. That way, you’ll have a great lead generation strategy amidst your marketing efforts.

Before you go, share your choice of social proof software in the comments section below. 

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