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Social media has quickly become one of the best platforms to use to market your business, engage your customers and have an active online presence. Both large and small companies have found success on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other social media sites, and some have even found success on multiple networks.
Some big brands have shied away from social media because they feel they already have brand awareness without needing to join social networks. Others have embraced it and have become so successful at it that we simply had to write about it.

Blendtec blows up on YouTube.

Blendtec creates powerful blenders that are known to process just about anything thrown in its direction. As a way to embrace social media and try to gain some interest in their products, George WRite, the Blendtec marketing director, came up with a low cost campaign, and the phenomenon known as the “Will it Blend” series was born.
In these videos, Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson tries to blend different objects using a Blendtec blender. Everything from glow sticks to iPhones have been thrown into a Blendtec product to determine if Blendtec can, in fact, blend it.
This campaign gained an audience because it followed the essential rules for a viral video: it was original, it was entertaining and it was to the point. The demand for the Will it Blend videos prompted Blendtec to the top of the YouTube video charts, and it impressed so many viewers that it also increased the company’s sales. Not bad for a low-budget film.

Zappos dominates Twitter.

Zappos is an online retailer providing shoes, clothes and accessories, and this company has a firm grasp on how to utilize Twitter for success.
First, Zappos has multiple Twitter handles. There is a general Zappos account (@Zappos_Service), the Zappos API team (@Zappos_api), Zappos Insights (@ZapposInsights) and one for Zappos’ CEO (@zappos). Each of these handles focuses on specific customer service responsibilities. Zappos Insights is a membership for users to see behind-the-scenes footage of Zappos. Zappos API is for their developer portal, and Zappos Service focuses solely on providing great customer service.
Along with these corporate accounts, Zappos also encourages its employees to have their own Twitter accounts. Each employee’s account is then streamed to the Zappos website so customers can see what every employee has to say.
Zappos rules Twitter because they bring their company to life. The personality of their tweets is engaging, witty and easy going, and they’re constantly responding to and talking with their customers. The great adaption of giving each department their own handle so customers can easily locate the right department, as well as incorporating the entire Zappos’ team feeds into their website makes them a dominant force when it comes to Twitter.

Caterpillar uses Facebook Timeline to its advantage.

Caterpillar is a large name in the construction and manufacturing industries. As the manufacturer of large construction equipment, this company is recognized across the globe.
The Caterpillar Facebook page doesn’t have any flashy elements or online contests to get people interested. It simply sticks to the basics, but it’s their attention to detail that has garnered over 64,000 likes.
First, they use the timeline feature more effectively than any other company—they’re provided so much detail that their timeline stretches back all the way to the 1800s. They also upload pictures of their machines and tell their fans where these can be seen and what projects they’re currently working on.
Aside from the real jobs, they also add a bit of humor. They show a picture of a cat-powered diesel motorcycle. Along with humor, they’re also truly genuine. They have a post showing how a vintage Cat tractor helped the cleanup efforts after a Joplin, MO tornado.
Their commitment to the basics as well as their efforts to highlight the company in the best way possible and engage with their followers propels Caterpillar as one of the best company uses of Facebook.
If your company is interested in social media, take advice from these three successful companies to ensure that you are using social media effectively.


Charlie Adams is a social media expert and consultant who freelances in his spare time and covers topics of business, marketing, and social media usage. He lives in Las Vegas and works in close relation with the Palms hotel in their promotional campaigns.

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