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Billy Gene is Marketing Review – Is It Worth the Money?

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Billy Gene is marketing review

Billy Gene is Marketing Review – Is It Worth the Money?

Home / Learning / Billy Gene is Marketing Review – Is It Worth the Money?
Billy Gene is marketing review
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You want to be a world-class marketer but you don't know where to start. 

The internet is full of information, but it's hard to find the right info in the sea of noise. You need a way to get started quickly and learn what works for your business.

Billy Gene Is Marketing has created online courses that help marketing professionals create effective strategies for social media, email marketing and more. Their courses and training programs are practical and easy-to-follow so you can put our lessons into action immediately.

Or so they claim…

Let's dig deeper and get to the meat and potatoes of this Billy Gene is Marketing Review.

Who Is Behind Belly Gene is Marketing?

Billy Gene is Marketing was started by Billy Gene. (Shocking, I know?)

Billy Gene Shaw - Billy Gene is Marketing
Billy Gene ain't my lover, he's just an entrepreneur.

He's an experienced marketer with over 25 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. He once worked as a marketing executive at AT&T, where he realized how ineffective their marketing strategies were. He then decided to move on and become a freelance copywriter and consultant for both small and large-scale businesses.

In addition to Billy Gene is Marketing, he also owns an online course called Billy Gene is Sales Training. This one teaches you his proven techniques for using email marketing in different contexts.

His story is pretty cool, and it shows how far hard work can take you.

He has a Masters Degree in Marketing from Indiana University. He is the author of The Sales Museum blog – a place where he frequently offers tips on how to improve your marketing campaigns. He's been featured in numerous publications including Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, where he was named the “Sales Guru” (he's also got a lame catchphrase with a typo in it! sell like a geneius).

Judging by his background, not a bad person to learn from, huh?

Billy Gene is Marketing Review – What Exactly Do They Sell?

Billy Gene is Marketing offers 12+ courses and training programs that take you step by step in the process of creating effective marketing strategies.

Each course teaches you how to do something specific, like create attractive email templates or attract more followers for your social media accounts.

The courses are designed to be short and easy to follow, and each one includes video tutorials of him explaining how it works, as well as printable PDF guides that you can download and study at your leisure.

Here's a quick breakdown of some of the courses he's had up for offer:

The Complete Email Course

This one teaches you how to create attractive email templates, write engaging subject lines and build a list that loves you back.

He says that he wanted to create an email course because he knows how important it can be to learn the art of successful online communication from experts who have been doing it for decades.

He believes there is a right and wrong way to be communicating with your subscribers via email and that success boils down to what you're truly intending with your message.

Billy Gene's Complete Email Course consists of 12 modules:

  1. How To Write Announcement Emails That Get Results
  2. How To Write Autoresponder Emails That Get Results (i.e., triggered emails)
  3. How To Write Link-Building Emails That Get Results
  4. How To Write Welcome Emails That Get Results (i.e., emails to new subscribers)
  5. How To Write Sales-Letters That Get Results
  6. How To Create Attractive Email Templates For Successful Emails
  7. Creating Compelling Subject Lines For Your Messages (Part 1)
  8. Creating Compelling Subject Lines For Your Messages (Part 2)
  9. Email Design Tips That Get Results
  10. Common Mistakes People Make When Writing Emails (And How To Avoid Them)
  11. His Big List Of “Push” Words To Write Copy Like A Pro
  12. His Personal Library of Successful Email Examples

There are also some bonuses that he includes, such as a tutorial on writing great ad headlines. He promises that this course will teach you all the basics so you can get started with email marketing and using emails to grow your business.

He hopes that students will learn how to write compelling emails and use them as another tool in their arsenal to grow their businesses.

These are solid and offer a great entry point to email marketing as a whole.

Social Media: Get Real Followers & Fans

This is a step by step guide to attract, engage and delight customers on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.

His belief is that providing great content is the platform to developing your social media presence – and he's not wrong.

The course teaches you how to create valuable content that will be most likely to get you found, liked, and shared on the internet.

Billy shows you how to:

  • Create quality content that resonates and gets fans
  • Use social media to get your message out there successfully  
  • Deal with negative comments online
  • How to retain fans
  • How to convert them into customers
  • Increase sales with social media

He does this all in a super engaging way but to be honest, most marketers and business owners probably won't benefit all that much from it, in my experience.

The Internet Marketing Course by Billy Gene is Marketing

This course gives you the tools to create effective marketing campaigns that draw visitors to your website by the hundreds, and keep them coming back for more.

He starts by showing you the basics of how to use blogs, videos and social media sites like Twitter to create a buzz about your business that reaches an audience of thousands for pennies on the dollar.

The Billy Gene course teaches beginners and advanced marketers alike how to generate high quality traffic to their site with the power of attraction marketing. It shows you exactly how to use the attraction marketing process to get high quality traffic, convert it into email subscribers and how to go from there.

Another great way to understand the big picture of digital marketing, but if you've been around the block – I'm not sure how much new stuff you'd actually be able to apply.

The Email List Course

This course by Billy Gene is Marketing helps you create a thriving email list of customers who want to hear from you. You'll learn how to build an audience with value so they're eager to give you their email address in exchange for great content.

Building an email list is Gene's bread and butter, his most requested training.

He has built over 100 email lists with tens of thousands of subscribers in industries ranging from blogging to dating to horses.

Billy Gene covers each aspect of creating an effective email list including:

  • A step by step walkthrough for building your own email list
  • How to change your mindset about marketing and make it easy to build your email list
  • His simple formula for launch day success that you can start using today
  • How he makes over $20,000 per month from one of his lists
  • How he made an email list of over 11,000 subscribers in a month by giving away a free book
  • And much more…

This one is a solid starter with lots of great practical tips.

The Blogging Course

This helps you create a thriving blog of customers who want to hear from you. You'll learn how to build an audience with value so they're eager to read your content. killer content for your blog, and then drive traffic to it.

He explains his step-by-step, proven process for growing your blog into a successful business… He has developed and refined a blogging course that produces results.

The course will show you how to:

  • Build an audience of raving fans who read your blog, come back every time they see a new post, comment on what you write, and share it with their friends.
  • How to create killer content that builds your credibility and makes it easy for people to become raving fans.
  • How you can get more traffic by starting simple and creating a marketing plan that goes beyond simply blogging about your products or business.
  • How to use your blog as a way to build relationships and credibility with your market, so they'll eagerly come back for more.

He explains everything in easy-to-understand terms, with lots of examples from his own experience blogging about golf tips and other topics he's passionate about.

The Webinar Course

Here he teaches you how to create a webinar that attracts customers from all over the world. You'll learn how to attract customers, affiliates and make money with advertising and even sell physical products.

He will also be doing webinars with you that walk you through how to create a webinar and what affiliate products he recommends. (Webinarception?)

I've seen a few of his webinars and he's definitely good at it but I'll be honest – I'm not into webinars and haven't really dug deep into this one.

Video Marketing: How Anyone Can Do It

His video marketing course shows you how to use videos to get prospects into your sales pipeline.

The unique process he uses videos to generate leads that you can profit from using either affiliate marketing or your own products.

He walks you step-by-step through the whole process including where to get content for your videos, writing scripts, how to shoot and edit your videos so they have the best chances to go viral.

The course also shows you how easy it is to set up a YouTube Channel and how important this is for your success in Video Marketing.

The course includes templates for the content you should include in your videos, so it's easy for you to follow along and create a video of your own. He also shows you how to set up a YouTube Channel if you don't already have one and walks you through the whole process.

Email Marketing Boost

Email Marketing Boost teaches you proven email marketing techniques that can be used to grow your list and make sales.

It shows you how to set up autoresponders, follow up emails for your subscribers, how to get traffic to your site without spending money on advertising and much more…

“I've used Billy Gene's strategies and now have over 10,000 email subscribers. The best part is that none of these subscribers are from spending money on advertising.” – There's a fair few reviews like this floating around.

Local Business Marketing

In the local business marketing, Billy Gene is Marketing reveals proven but simple ways to get more leads for your local business, including how to find that perfect place in town and get more customers through the door.

He is a local business marketing expert who has conducted over 1.2 million dollars in local business marketing through his Billy Gene Business System and Billy Gene Local Directory.

I'm not an expert when it comes to local marketing but the course talks about how he did it. If you're in the local biz, this may be a good place to start.

Social Media Training: Get More than 1,000 Fans for Your Page… Fast

Gene gives you a simple, step-by-step plan for increasing your Facebook page's fan base rapidly. His easy to use strategies are based on his experience designing and implementing the world's largest Social Media marketing campaigns. He has grown thousands of fans using these same strategies.

The course provides real life examples and a step-by-step plan so that anyone can do this. He has helped many people on a one-on-one basis, and now the course is showing you how to do it too!

The course guarantees that his methods will work or he'll give you your money back within 6 weeks of purchase.

Billy Gene is Marketing Review – The Flagship Products

I started my research for this Billy Gene is Marketing review a long time ago because there's a lot of material to go through.

The issue is that in this time a lot of the courses I'm talking about above aren't even visible on his site anymore – you have to dig around hard to find them and it looks like they probably won't be getting any updates because of this as well.

So let's take a look at some of the products that are still talked about and a little easier to find and see what they're all about.

Billy Gene is Marketing Gene Pool

The Gene Pool is his flagship program and is focused on skill building.

His high energy and in-your-face style is sure to ruffle a few feathers, but it gets the job done. The course teaches his students how to be unfettered by fear, and become the best that they can be.

The pitch is that you'll learn skills that aren't taught in school but should be. He will teach you how to network, write and speak better, tell your story and much more.

Not only that, the Gene Pool features classes from other leading experts such as Daymond John, John Lee Dumas, and many others.

He's a master at collecting great content for his subscribers and this program delivers on his promise of world-class training to anyone who wants it.

On the homepage you'll find a list of 25 skills him and the crew will teach you.

His team has included examples of what skills look like in action to help drive home their point that he knows what he is talking about, and his students do too after taking the classes.

As a quick example, the first skill listed is “the fundamentals of persuasive writing” which provides you examples of his successful email sequences, walks you through some of his best ad campaigns, and gives you access to his best subject lines.

Obviously, you're not just going to look at the examples.

He'll also show you practical takeaways from these and teach you how to write your own converting copy.

Another skill you'll learn from Gene is how to leverage social media to your advantage. He believes “the era of hard sell sales pitches are over and done”.

He teaches you how to create compelling stories, rather than boring logins. He also provides you access to his Facebook Ads Manager account (well, a look into it!) so that you can see what works and doesn't work.

My favorite one is the “fundamentals of making money course”, where he actually breaks down exactly how he makes money with Billy Gene is Marketing.

This provides his students the tools and insight they need to build their own Billy Gene is Marketing empire.

Billy Gene is Marketing also has a plethora of free videos that you can go through and learn from, building your knowledge before you dive into the paid materials.

Clicks Into Customers 2.0

Clicks Into Customers 2.0 is another one of their flagship courses and what you'll see talked about the most in almost all Billy Gene is Marketing reviews, and without complaints.

Him and his team have taken everything they've learned from Billy Gene is Marketing, Billy Gene is Selling, Billy Gene is Speaking and Billy Gene is Writing to bring you this comprehensive collection of courses that will help you learn from himself how to turn social media impressions into customers.

The course includes three modules, and they've said that they're going to constantly be releasing new videos for you – free of charge.

He will provide you a variety of different media types (videos, audio recordings, checklists) so there's something for everyone.

The first module is the Billy Gene is Marketing “Special Forces” package. He calls these his special forces because they are the most powerful strategies that he uses to generate traffic that leads people into customers.

The second module is “Auditorium” and will teach his core philosophies on Billy Gene is Marketing and Billy's very own “Billy Philosophy” of Billy Gene is Selling. (I know, it's a lot of Billy's…)

The third module is “Billyisms”, a collection of thoughts, ideas and insights that Billy has accumulated throughout his career. Think of them as Billy Gene is Writing – but in video format.

I think I've had enough Billy Gene is Marketing for today but we've got one pretty big product to cover still and that is…

The School Of Geneius

Okay, Billy's got a weird thing for constantly misspelling the word Genius and I don't know where that entire thing originated from…

Either way, the man does sell like a geneius so there's got to be some substance.

The School Of Geneius is his current flagship program.

The idea is simple, Billy says you can make money online with the School of Geneius if you follow it religiously.

The school is basically a 5-part series that covers all 5 of Billy's primary areas of expertise: keywords, writing articles/ebooks, building a list (aka email), promoting your offers and finally, optimizing conversions.

In other words, kind of your typical affiliate marketing course, marketed under a different angle.

Honestly, he hasn't provided a ton of information on this one and it didn't really convince to sign up, especially after having read some of the more negative Billy Gene is Marketing Reviews.

So – it might be good, it might not – I wasn't sold on it.

Conclusion – is Billy Gene is Marketing Legit?

Yes, Billy Gene is Marketing is legit.

Would I recommend you sign up for it? Probably not…

Let me walk you through the three reasons why and give you a better alternative.

1. There Are Too Many Products

Billy Gene is a phenomenal marketer and that's the issue with it.

He's good at hyping things up, getting people excited, and doing tons of product launches.

Having done that myself, that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for actual content creation and honing in your craft of teaching people in the most efficient ways.

Another reason this is a bad thing is because digital marketing changes rapidly and the courses require UPDATES.

How are you going to update anything if you have 37 courses, 7 membership areas, a podcast to run, and everything else that comes along with running several businesses?

You're not and this is clear in many of his products.

2. Jack of All Trades?

He's definitely good at marketing himself, doing product launches, entertaining, and getting on stage but you can't be the best at everything.

And that's why a lot of his courses don't really go all that deep into things.

The email marketing stuff is great but the social media side is a little cookie cutter.

The same issue is there with all of the advertising stuff.

You can spend a quarter of the money on a Facebook Ads course created by a world-class expert who lives and breathes that stuff – if that's what you need in your business.

And that's the other part of this problem.

It all sounds amazing and it's packaged as a great deal for you – but you don't need to learn both local marketing and affiliate marketing.

They're the complete opposites!

Decide on your path and focus on that.

3. There Are Better Alternatives Available

There are so many amazing courses out there that don't have any of the aforementioned problems.

One of the best routes you can take as a beginner or intermediate marketer is getting into affiliate marketing.

Not only is it one of the fastest ways to actually start making some money, you're going to learn all of the vital skills in digital marketing as you go along.

The Best Billy Gene is Marketing Alternative – Legendary Marketer

One of the best courses I've ever seen for this is Legendary Marketer.

Instead of a fat 4-figure price for entry-level courses, you can start off with something like their 15-Day Business Builder Challenge for the price of a few Starbucks trips.

Meanwhile learning from some of the best affiliate marketers in the world, setting up your very first website, learning copywriting, and basically everything else you can learn from Billy Gene is Marketing.

Check out my full Legendary Marketer review for a more in-depth look, but it's a no brainer when compared to courses like this.

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