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While many people use Facebook and Twitter for chatter, others are using social media to boost their career. If you want to improve your career then social media might be the answer. Next we look at some of the ways how to use social media to build your career or get help from someone to do it for you.

Social media, Facebook and Twitter marketing are becoming mandatory for career success. This is certainly the case in the United States (it seems sometimes your profile is more important than who you really are), and the rest of the world will be following suit pretty soon. Let’s face it, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a number of other sites are becoming very important for our careers.

Whether they actually benefit us, or it just means we have another hour of work each day to maintain our presence, is another matter. Now the race is on to stand out. Here is a look at how to use social media to help your career.

Time Management

The first thing you must consider when you are going to use social media to develop your career is your time management when using it. If you are spending too much time on social media, you will be spending less time on your career. Cases where people have lost their job because their productivity and attention to their job dropped because of their over-zealous activities on social media are more common than you think. Managing your time is crucial.

Situation Overview

Before you get busy with building your social network and spending that time each day, it will be important to have a good look at where you are in your career, and where you want to go. You will need to understand the possible positions you can move towards, the requirements of them, and what is realistic for you do in a scheduled manner. If you are one of those people who is just obsessed with using Facebook to interact and engage, you might want to consider a career in social media marketing. It might just be the job for you.

Personal Policy

Many years ago, when I was working in Japan, an older manager in the office who rarely spoke to me suddenly asked me this question: “What are your personal policies?” I was rather stunned at the time. I thought it was one of the weirdest questions I had ever been asked. All I could think about was, how could policies (as in government policies) and my person be related? It took me many years to understand what he was talking about, and has had a profound effect on me. Now we call that our personal brand. It is our values and principles in life. Without being overly pretentious or dramatic, it is important to communicate your brand, fill in your profiles appropriately, and be honest with everyone you are dealing with.


Analyzing which sites are most appropriate for your goals and choosing the right networks inside those sites will be even more important. You to concentrate on the people and networks that are related to your career . Build real relationships with people in those groups. Expand your channels, there is nothing wrong with using traditional tools, such as writing a letter, or making a phone call, to really get attention. Social media should be complimented with everything else we have at our disposal.

Need help?

If all of this sounds like too much of an effort to improve your career beyond just doing a great job already, why not pay someone to do it for you. The best SEO companies do the same for small businesses, and so why not consider getting one to do it for you.

Social media presence will be a big part of how others perceive you and this is getting even more important in the future. Think it through and see what you can improve.

Let us know in the comments how has social media has helped you in your career.

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    It is easy to become distracted from productive goals when you get on a social media binge that is intended to help your business. Good article.

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