Can Social Media Help Real Estate Business?

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Social media platforms are a huge focus for web surfers these days and businesses have taken note in their efforts to deliver their brands and products to the masses.

While businesses of all kinds are finding success promoting their offerings on Facebook, Twitter and the like, people working in specialty niches are often left wondering how they can best leverage social media into fresh conversions.

If real estate is your game and you’re interested in getting started with social marketing, learning the tricks of the trade can be as simple as studying the efforts made by your competitors. Whether you’re looking to attract new customers, wanting to showcase the properties you have available or simply want to be able to connect with your colleagues in a useful, meaningful way, a whole new world of business awaits you with Facebook and friends!

Bring New Buyers and Sellers Into Your Reach

Success in real estate begins with buyers and sellers looking to you for expert advice, leadership and results. When attracting new clients is your main goal (and it always should be), social media platforms allow you to connect with hundreds, thousands or even millions of potential leads in an environment that they are already comfortable in.

Facebook in particular offers great value to real estate agents, giving them access to targeted visitors and offering a platform to share expertise, listings and more, all via an easy-to-use interface that ensures simplicity for both you and your visitors via Facebook groups and pages.

Share Listings, Open House Dates and More

With built-in features like event listings, Facebook also provides an unbeatable soapbox from which to share anything and everything related to real estate, including open house dates and new property listings. The focus on social interaction gives visitors multiple methods of contacting you and asking additional questions, often leading to extended conversations and helping you to build new professional relationships with minimal effort.

Connect with Colleagues

While real estate is a fiercely competitive professional landscape, learning from the best and brightest and working together with other agents in order to increase sales for both parties is another area in which social media platforms shine. While standard sites like Facebook and Twitter work here also, the best benefits to be gained can be found on real estate-centric social platforms such as Trulia and the Flipping Pad, two examples of websites competing for the time of real estate agents in an effort to bring them together.

Be the Expert

Once provided with a soapbox with the kind of reach that Facebook, Twitter and related social media platforms can offer, take the time to prove your value to potential customers by providing content that showcases your unique know-how, expertise, positive attitude and effective tactics. While getting visibility for your new listings is necessary to nab already prepared buyers, getting the word out about what sets you apart from your competition ensures that your name and brand are in the minds of thousands of potential future clients.

While sharing ideas and views on general platforms like Facebook and Yahoo! Answers can be highly valuable, be sure not to neglect the online real estate hotspots that draw buyers, sellers and real estate professionals from all over the world such as Zillow and Architizer. Given the obviously targeted focus that you’re sure to find in visitors to these types of sites, you can rest assured that the content you offer and the ideas presented within are reaching the eyes and minds of people genuinely interested in your topic.


The simple answer to the question posed in our article’s title is a resounding “yes” – learning how to effectively leverage social media platforms for your real estate business is not only a worthwhile endeavor today but also appears to be the way of the future. In the interest of keeping abreast of your competitors today and learning tactics that will remain useful and viable tomorrow, social media for real estate professionals is an absolute must!


Kate Summers is the social media strategist for VIP Reality, the established and trusted Dallas real estate company.

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3 Responses

  1. Mark Turcotte says:

    Good information, always researching was to grow my online presence. Thanks for information keep it coming.


  2. Ryan Hoody says:

    This article was great for someone like me who finds social media rather daunting. I agree, however, it is a vital asset for small and large businesses alike. Out of the social media giants, which would you recommend putting the most effort in to? Obviously, incorporating all of them would be ideal, but it’s not always practical, depending on the team size.

    Thanks for the advice!


    • Priit Kallas says:

      Thanks, Ryan. What channel to use depends on what channels your targets use. Can you engage them on Facebook or are they using Twitter. What information would you give them? For B2B LinkedIn works really well.

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