Compelling Reasons to Create a Business Profile on Google Plus

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google plus business pageHave you created a business profile or are you about to create a business profile on Google plus. Before you knock it down and assume it’s just another social network page, let me give you some compelling reasons as to why there are many benefits to building and promoting your brand or business through Google Plus.

What can Google Plus do for your business?

Google plus allows business and brands to setup a business profile. You are probably comparing them to the other social network pages, but it goes beyond just being another business profile. Since Google is also the number one search engine worldwide. “Google plus has 90 million registered users” as stated by Google CEO Larry Page. This would give business owners the upper-hand by allowing them to tap into the search engine traffic.

Creating a Business Profile on Google Plus

In order to create a profile if you haven’t done one yet you have to be legal or authorized representative of the organization and or brand if not the owner. Google has stated that they will disable unauthorized business profiles, so save a much needed headache and only create your own brand. Once this is established you are good to go. Here is a quick link to get you going.

SERP Visibility

Since SERP visibility often depends on customer participation, Google plus invites companies to have employees, clients, industry leaders as part of the profile to add related content, feedback and discussions regularly. This strategy gives your profile a high visibility and increases your search engine rankings. Add the +1 button to have people follow you.

Social Interaction

Anyone of the many Google plus personal profiles can interact with your company by:

  • Add in your company to their circle
  • Suggesting your company to others
  • Chat with your company or brand using Google’s plus “hangouts”
  • Comment or leave feedback through discussions


We all want to be the first company or brand that shows up when we query, well with Google plus you have an advantage in search engine optimization. Google search plus your world is in its primary stages creating linkable and usable search results more relevant to your company and or brand.
So now that you have learned why Google plus business profile is beneficial to any company and or brand here are a few tips to help you optimize your Google plus experience while creating a profile.
How to build a solid Profile:

  • Business Logo, this will be in thumbnail for those searching for you.
  • Create an introduction or tagline. Make it catchy customers will remember this and add you their circle. Here you can add your company link
  • Check the Search visibility box, allows all to openly search for you
  • Use the links to right to optimize keywords and SEO
  • Create your circles of acquaintance, business owner, prospective clients and so forth, this is key since you can cater to them individually if need be.
  • Add company videos or pictures to your business profile to increase search results.
  • Create your Google badge by linking your webpage to Google plus profile, here is the link.

If nothing more than search engine optimization for your brand, then Google plus business profile is the right venue for you. If you are into social networking while running a business you will like the circles, which encourages networking and organization. Here is a business profile link.

So if you haven’t started using Google plus business profiles yet, it’s a good time start. Worst case scenario is having your competitors there already.

Frank writes for a host of businesses who are looking to adopt Google Plus into their digital strategy like AON Hewitts total reward department, specialists in auto-enrolment. Frank in his spare time spends a lot of time on social networks and blogging.

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