Content Marketing Reading List: Trends, Tools, Content Upcycling

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Recycle! Once is not enough! This is the slogan for really effective content marketing professionals. Distribute your content in different formats in all the channels frequented by your audience. It is a waste to let really useful content fade into background as a single (maybe even epic) blog post.

Analyze, use tools to understand what type of content has most potential and what are the results of your activities. All this and more in this weeks Content Marketing Reading List.

content marketing reading list content upcycling

Content Upcycling

Explaining Content Upcycling: What You Need To Know
Content Upcycling 101 as to what it is and how it can help us? Because it takes so much time and energy to effectively create new content, we have been spreading the concept of “Upcycling” as a way to make each piece of content go further. This is done via a mix of content, syndication, reformatting and promotion.

Content Upcycling: How One Blog Post Can Last You Months
If you have big dreams of expanding your content strategy beyond a weekly blog post, but can’t imagine a world in which you would have the time or the human capital to make that happen, allow us to introduce you to the concept of content upcycling. Just as an old sofa can be made to look like new with a slipcover, so too can a blog post be given new life as a slide deck, or an infographic.

Content Atomization: How to Build a Social Media Bomb + Infographic
Creating remarkable content is hard work and takes a lot of time. This means that every time you create something worthwhile you should make sure that the word travels far and wide. When I was thinking about how to get most out of a single piece of content I came up with this model. Several years back when I came up with the concept it didn’t have a name. Now it does: Content Atomization.

Content Atomization: How to Build a Social Media Bomb

Social Media Bomb (click to for larger image)

5 Essential Tips for Upcycling Content
How can B2B marketers create enough content to support their strategies? One solution to this is upcycling content – posting the same content on various platforms in different shapes, rearranging it so it appeals to slightly different audiences. Content upcycling, makes sure that you gain maximum visibility and significantly helps you in building brand awareness. Here are 5 tips to help you with content upcycling right now.

Content Marketing Tools

38 Experts Reveal The Content Tools Every Blogger Needs
In 10 years, we’ve seen major advances in technology: smartphone, social media, WiFi, eCommerce, wearable technology and augmented reality. The way we write and communicate has greatly changed too. There’s a mantra in the startup world that you know you’ve achieved product/market fit, when 40% of users saying they would be “very disappointed” without your product. So I asked the experts: “Which 3 tools in your content planning process would you be horrified to lose if the business went belly-up today?”

Content Tools for Bloggers

44 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools [UPDATE 2015]
If you want to know what’s how your content is spreading in the social networking sites then you need social media monitoring tools. Before you reach for your wallet and start to spend money, try out some of the free social media monitoring services. This way you will get an understanding of what is available and if you need any paid services. This time we have collected 44 free social media monitoring tools.

Content Marketing Trends

The Biggest Content Marketing Trends To Focus on In 2016
Content marketing works! It drives traffic to websites, builds authority, and can drives leads down sales funnels. But as we move towards 2016, we need to find ways to blow past content fatigue so that we’re consistently impressing, educating, and delighting our audiences. Here are 6 content marketing trends you should be prepared to capitalize on in 2016. You’ll find great information and insight from a number of marketers and entrepreneurs in this post.

Content Marketing Tactics

How to Build a B2B Inbound Marketing Machine [Part 1]
According to data from HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing report, “inbound marketing had a 76 percent likelihood of being the marketing approach of choice for B2B companies,” compared to outbound marketing tactics. That’s an overwhelming percentage! However, the same report showed that proving marketing ROI is the single biggest challenge that marketers face today. In this post, we’re going to dive into the key elements that make the B2B inbound marketing machines hum.

inbound marketing

How to Get Serious About Content Marketing Analytics
The thing is, these aren’t advanced metrics. They’re just metrics. Numbers that don’t provide contextual value and immediate insights shouldn’t be referred to as metrics. Those old numbers (page views, unique sessions, acquisition channel numbers) are just noise. Understand which are meaningful metrics.

The Lead Magnet Bible: 29 Killer Bribes To Grow Your Email List
Many people will begin their online marketing journey by writing free blog posts and producing other free content. While not a complete waste of time, it’s practically useless without a lead magnet. So what types of lead magnets can you provide and what should they be about? This article outlines every type of offer you possibly think of.

How to Come Up With Content Ideas That Actually Perform Well
It’s easy to sit at your computer and churn out a blog post. If you’re a decent writer, you can handle that. But too many content marketers come up with ideas that initially seem great, but don’t perform well once they’re out in the world. If a piece of content doesn’t perform well, it means you’ve put time and effort into something that isn’t helping your brand. In this post, I’m going to share my secrets so that you can come up with well-performing content ideas too.

content marketing ideas

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