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If we had to name the single most important marketing strategy, it would have to be content marketing. Many internet businesses are based on information. People devour information. According to eMarketer, 60% of marketers develop at least one piece of content on a daily basis.

Marketing experts are already predicting the content marketing trends for 2017. We will see an increase in native advertising, influencer marketing, purpose-driven marketing, video and visual marketing.

So, it’s important to develop content marketing tactics around those trends. Some of the widely used tactics continue to work, and some of them are just old-school methods that die once the market evolves. But it’s not only the market that plays a huge role into this equation. It’s also the search engines and social networks that make changes every now and then.

If your online business is dependent on the traffic from content marketing efforts, you have to figure out ways to diversify your campaigns.

In this article, we’ve come up with a few working content marketing techniques. The information is backed up by statistics gathered from extensive research. Let’s begin.

Content Marketing Tactics begin with UNIQUE Content

Some individuals believe that content marketing is nothing but regurgitated information. To tell you the truth, many content marketers use all types of robotic tools to produce their content. This is not good at all. Here’s an example: we’re using a popular article spinner to ‘rewrite’ text from Wikipedia.

free article spinner

See what happens? You still get a plagiarized text, with the difference it doesn’t make sense in some parts.

The main purpose of content is to provide potential customers with interesting information. If the produced content isn’t unique, the chances of succeeding in this field are slim. They don’t want to read the same tips, recommendations, and news over and over again. That is why the first important advice is to always focus on creating unique content.

The Content Marketing Institute is a good example. Their site’s popularity is fully based on unique content. When regular visitors land at this website, they expect to see unique information, tips, and insights. That’s what makes CMI the authority in their field.

Now let’s take a look at the most effective content marketing tactics that help you present your unique content in the right way.

Tactic #1 – Infographics

Info + graphics. This term simply defines the transmission of information or data using visual forms. When a great, informative infographic is published, it’s going to be a massive success. It’ll get viewed, shared, and liked more than other types of content. Why? Because it’s much easier to get and then share the information with other people.

I Love Coffee is an online project that has become popular thanks to infographics. This format enables the team to provide a great deal of information through an appealing visual design. These topics would turn into okay articles, but they look awesome as infographics.


Using infographics is a great content marketing tactic because it saves a lot of time. And they can become viral easily, just by being infographics. Studies show infographics are liked and shared three times more often than articles or videos.

But keep in mind that your infographic should be unique and helpful. If you are not a skilled graphic designer, you will have to invest some good bucks to outsource them.

Tactic #2 – Videos

When it comes to videos, there are all sorts of topics and types of them. Of course, no matter what type of video is used, the quality of information is the most essential.

Some poorly designed videos can go viral as long as what’s inside appeals to people.

Here’s an example of an amateur video that got over 9 million views only because the content was useful and engaging.

content marketing tactics

Nowadays, people prefer to watch videos instead of reading a big article. It is easier to sit and watch a visually appealing information rather than focusing on reading it.

Periscope, the new video network company has released its first report regarding the number of views per day. They have reported a crazy statistic: people watch 40 years of video content each day. When you see these numbers, it’s hard not to believe that videos are a big player in today’s content marketing.

If you want to know more about how powerful will video become in a few years, check out this infographic!

Tactic #3 – How-To Guides

‘How to’ phrases are extremely popular amongst Google searches. When you struggle with something, you naturally look for a solution online first. That’s why successful marketers know that extensive how-to guides work wonders.

Coming up with a useful guide is not an easy job. It needs to be thorough and offer interesting and actionable tips. But if you succeed, you will provide a lot of value to your customers. The value can help your business gain brand awareness, get more subscribers and sales. When someone looks for solutions and finds your how-to guide that solves the problem, there’s a big chance that he’ll see you as an expert in the field.

Neil Patel is the master of how-to guides. People recognize him as an expert and they are ready to follow his steps to success.

neil patel how to make social media work

How-to guides are usually way longer than the average piece of content. Therefore, they will bring some quite interesting benefits. According to a content marketing statistics source, content between 3000 and 10.000 words has a better chance of being shared on social networks. Besides that, in terms of SEO rankings, longer content will always rank higher.

Tactic #4 – Podcasts

Podcasts represent a practical and flexible content marketing tactics. They’re great to listen while driving, exercising, or while doing other day-by-day activities. More and more people consume content from their mobiles, so you want to get to your audience on the go.

Podcasts are a great way to learn something new. Since you get a real person is talking to you, you will get a lot more out of it than by reading an article. Besides, an article couldn’t cover that much information about a specific subject. At least not in an engaging way.

TED Radio Hour offers a great collection of interesting podcasts on a various of subjects.


Most portable devices can now support podcasts. A lot of applications have been created for this purpose. This infographic will show you how podcasts evolved. It will also show you why they still are a great content marketing tactics.

Tactic #5 – Writing Services

We can’t be good at everything. And even if you’re a great marketer, writer, and a designer all in one person, you can’t be all of them at once. That’s why it’s a good idea to outsource some of your content marketing efforts. Start by incorporating writing services as a separate content marketing tactics.

Ordering writing services is not an easy process. If you want an effective content marketing strategy, you must strive to find the best writing services, provider. And it’s important that they are experienced in your field. For example, Australian Writings is known to be a very reliable and professional outsourcing option.


To save time, you can also outsource your video and visual content creation. Check out these top 9 sites to help you with your content development.

Tactic #6 – Interactive Content

The interactivity of your content is vital for your marketing strategy. It’s also a and a great way to stand out from the competition.

The success of each marketing campaign is measured by the action it encourages. Interactive content does that well for you.

So, if you wish to improve the conversion rate and increase site engagement, this step is a must.

Interactive content comes in many engaging forms. You can create knowledge quizzes, personality tests, interactive infographics, videos, surveys and polls, contests, and plenty more. For example, Snapapp’s ServiceNow website is highly interactive. Every choice the user makes enables the company to give them an increasingly personalized service and guides them to the next step.


Additionally, interactive content presents a strong foundation for both converting and generating new ideas. With interactive content, you could turn everything more engaging. Which will yield incredible outcome for the business?

Tactic #7 – User-Generated Content

The smart marketers of today have chosen this tactic as the trend in the marketing realm. Why? Because no one person can do what their customers can when it comes to selling their goods. The value of a brand is being co-created with your audience so that you will need their input for success.

Your job as a marketers is to listen and encourage conversations.

If you want to understand this tactic better, think about the Coca Cola campaign. The company produced personalized bottles of the beverage with the names of the customers. After they asked their customers to take a photo with the bottles and share them on the social media. That was a great boost to their revenue.


Your customers are your best selling weapon. In the end, it does not matter how effective your incentive or training is if you do not take advantage of the customers’ power to sell your product. This is why you should choose user-generated content as a tactic for your marketing.

Extra Tip: Develop a Customer-Oriented Content Marketing Strategy

Every marketer who uses content marketing has a bigger goal in mind. When you offer free content, it is perfectly normal to expect something in return. Your content marketing strategies become effective the moment you adopt a business-oriented approach.

But remember to create your business value by developing customer value.

Instead of approaching your potential customers with sales pitches, focus on their experience. Be creative with different tactics that solve your customer’s problems or entertain them. They will reward you with their trust. And their dollars.


Now you know what the most effective content marketing tactics that work now are. Make sure you stay on top of changes in content marketing tactics. They will definitely change. But for now, focus on what’s proven to work, and leave the rest aside.

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