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11 Most Effective Content Promotion Hacks to Skyrocket Your Traffic

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content promotion

11 Most Effective Content Promotion Hacks to Skyrocket Your Traffic

Home / Content Marketing / 11 Most Effective Content Promotion Hacks to Skyrocket Your Traffic
content promotion
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Content marketing is one of the most successful tactics for generating maximum marketing ROI. If done correctly, content can increase and boost traffic from social media and organic search.

In this post we'll show you how to get the best results when promoting your content.

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), nearly 80% of B2B companies aim to generate traffic and leads through content.

content promotion leads
Image Source – CMI

After putting in so much time and effort, you have likely already produced tons of useful and relevant content. But you still have very low traffic and reach. Why? It could be because your content promotion efforts weren’t effective enough.

If you aren’t promoting your content effectively, you could be depriving your business of possible profits. Without content promotion, you limit your reach to a certain set of audiences, and that’s about it.

You’re not reaching any more people, so you’re losing out on a chance to attract more website visitors.

Low reach is a huge problem because it’s already challenging to generate traffic. According to the 2017 State of Inbound report, the biggest challenge in marketing is to generate leads and traffic. More than 60% of companies face the challenge of generating enough leads and traffic.

content promotion inbound
Image Source – State of Inbound

This post will guide you through some of the most effective content promotion hacks to boost your website traffic. Check them out:

1. Leverage the Authority of Influencers

By getting influencers to share your content, you can reach a much wider audience with less effort. The goal is to look for an influencer who has a voice in your niche and who will be able to reach a relevant audience.

Use tools like BuzzSumo or Grin to find a suitable influencer in your industry. BuzzSumo can help you find influencers in different niches and also discover influencers who have shared content similar to yours.

content promotion authority
Image Source – Buzzsumo

Additionally, you can also invite influencers for content collaboration. Content created by an influencer or content that implements an influencer’s creativity tends to be authentic. Use of influencers improves the impact and quality of your content.

80% of marketers in a Linqia study also use influencers’ content on other social media platforms. And 51% of marketers have agreed that it is much more effective than the content created by their brands.

content promotion influencers
Image Source – Linqia

2. Repurpose Your Post into an Infographic or Video

Repurposing your posts into the form of visual content is a successful way of increasing your brand’s reach and traffic.

You can select from video or infographic formats for repurposing your posts. After blogging (38%), nearly 37% of marketers agree that the most important form of content for promoting their business is visual marketing.

Infographics are a perfect combination of data and design. In comparison to other formats of content, infographics are shared and liked 3x more on social media. Infographics are famous among B2B companies. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 65% of B2B companies use infographics in their content strategy.

To increase the number of views and traffic, it is better if you share complicated information and data in the form of infographics. It’ll be easier to get your audience’s attention and help them understand the information better.

While creating an infographic, ensure that you take only the most important points from your post. You can use tools like Piktochart or Infogram to create attractive infographics.

The previously-cited CMI study also found that 72% of B2B marketers use videos in their content marketing strategy. Repurpose your text posts into videos to better engage your audience. But make sure you add a call-to-action at the end of videos.

The goal is to direct them to your site through this CTA.

For example, AT&T, a globally leading company for media, communications, and entertainment, launched an AT&T Cargo View with a flight safe. This solution allows businesses to track their shipped cargo from any corner of the world.

content promotion repurposing
Image Source – YouTube

They communicated the news by repurposing content and making it into a video. Animated infographics, motion, music, and storytelling helped the video to generate more than 60K views.

3. Send Your Posts in an Email Newsletter

Email is still the most popularly used channel for content distribution among B2B marketers. 93% of respondents in the CMI study chose it as the format they use for distributing content.

So you could make the most of email newsletters to share news about your latest content. You could add social media share buttons to ensure that subscribers can easily share them.

Here’s an example of what a good email newsletter should look like:

content promotion email newsletter

4. Use Plain Text in Emails

According to HubSpot, visual-based emails have lower open and click-through rates, in comparison to plain text-based emails. So brands should be using more text-based emails rather than emails with visuals.

For example, Nathan Ellering of CoSchedule searched and analyzed his email data.

To his surprise, adding graphics and images to post emails reduces the open rates by 3.5%, and plain text-based email wins over visual-based emails.

Preference for plain text might come as a shock to many content marketers since the common assumption is that visuals engage an audience.

content promotion plain text emails
Image Source –

6. Get Your Post Re-Published on Other Platforms

In addition to managing your own blog, publish the content on other platforms like Medium and authority niche websites. This will help you reach a new and relevant audience, expanding your reach. In turn, this will improve your chances of getting more traffic to your site.

Medium is a great publishing platform where you can create your account through your Facebook or Google account. Once you sign up, you can select which topics you want to follow. Topics help you reach an audience that will be interested in those topics.

content promotion re-publish
Image Source – Mention

Now all you have to do is post your content. There are two options for doing this.

First, you can easily import the link to the content and publish it. Or you can copy and paste your content into a window that appears after you click on “write a story.”

7. Add Social Buttons to Increase Shareability

Your readers are the best channel for promoting your content. Improve their chances of sharing the content by making it easier to share with the help of social share buttons.

The placing of social buttons should be very strategic, as these strategic places can boost your traffic.

Here are a few tips to give you ideas:

  • Add a Click to Tweet Tool – Take an interesting piece of information or fact and turn it into a small snippet that people can easily share on Twitter. This snippet can be some interesting statistic or some summarized tip that would immediately draw an audience.
  • Add a Pin It Button – For quick and easy sharing of interesting infographics or images on Pinterest, add a Pin It Button. This is ideal for promoting content that contains plenty of visuals.
  • Use Image Sharer Just like a Pin It Button, SumoMe helps you create a social share button which is superimposed on your content’s image. For this add-on, you can select social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Buffer. And you can also control the position of buttons on images when a reader is going through your content.

8. Share the Content Multiple Times on Social Media

You need to share your content on multiple social media platforms to improve its chances of gaining visibility. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ can be used to share your content.

By sharing the content, you are putting your content in front of thousands of potential readers who can further share it with their followers.

Remember not to share the same type of content on all platforms. Make sure you optimize and tailor your content according to the platform on which you are about to post.

For instance, you could post a link to your blog on Facebook along with a relevant image from the blog post or directly share the link with a preview image. And on Instagram, you could post the relevant image and update the link in your bio.

Additionally, have a posting schedule for your content with the help of social media management tools. Scheduling ensures that you can regularly publish posts at hours when your audience is most active.

Scheduling platforms like Buffer and MeetEdgar are among the best available tools.

If you are a beginner, then HootSuite is the best scheduling platform. It’s easy for a beginner to upload text, hyperlinks, and images using this tool.

9. Get Included in Roundups

If you want to increase traffic, you need a lot of backlinks.

In addition to submitting guest posts, you can also look for opportunities to have your content included in roundup posts.

With the help of Google, you can search for relevant roundups that you could get included in. Use one of the keywords from your niche and one from the following – Monthly, Top 10, Weekly, Roundup, Link love, and Best of.

You can reach out to the roundup editor and ask to consider your content for the next entry.

There are three main reasons why roundups are important for content promotion:

  1. Roundups Attract Huge Traffic – Your post can get direct traffic comprised of people who read the roundup post.
  2. Roundups Can Boost Your Authority – By having an association with influential people, your post gets an authority. Your post will have much higher value when it is included with well-known contributions.
  3. Roundups Help Build Relationships with Influencers – An expert roundup is one of the best ways to get noticed by influencers. Contacting influencers for roundup is a great start to establishing a relationship with them.

For example, this roundup post on travel successfully brought together 16 experiences travelers from around the world.

These travelers shared their best travel tips and advice to help other travel enthusiasts. Not only does this make the post more valuable to readers, but also ensures greater traffic from contributor blogs.

content promotion roundups

Image Source –

10. Outreach to People You Mentioned in the Post

It is advisable that you scan through your posts and get a list of the names you have mentioned. The name could be anyone from an influential expert to a brand. The idea is to reach out to them and then get them to share your content with their social media followers.

When you reach out to these people, it’s best if you start off with something like, “Thanks for developing an amazing tool.” Rather than directly asking to share the post, write a positive note about the tool or software in your email.

Don’t forget to keep the outreach email short and simple.

11. Submit the Post to Communities Like Reddit and Quora

If you want to increase traffic, you should never undervalue the power of social media aggregation sites like Reddit and Quora.

There are two unquestionable benefits of sharing your content on these sites. You will build links that not only increase your traffic but improve your authority.

Content promotion is the Key

Even when you’ve created a sensational piece of content, you may not necessarily get the results you expect. While the quality of content is obviously an important aspect of content marketing, it’s not enough that you just produce the content.

Content promotion is equally, or even more important. Without proper promotion, your content will not be able to generate significant traffic.

There’s a lot involved in content promotion, so it may sound intimidating at first. These points will help you get started. And if you have any questions to ask, feel free to leave a comment below.

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