Develop Your Social Media Campaign to Improve Revenue

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Defying distance, I believe, is one of the best features of the technological wonder that is the Internet. You can now instantly send messages to your friends or families abroad, search for long lost classmates in high school, or invite people to your party without wasting your time calling each of them in advance. The Internet, hugely through email and social media, has surely built bridges and made people from all over the world easily within reach.

Today, social media has been an effective means not just for people to connect with each other, but also for businesses to reach out to their target market just as with promoting your business through promotional brochures. Creating an account, be it in YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, is one of the best strategies to increase your profit, advertise, and expand influence.

Designing Your Social Media Campaign

Businesses are increasingly relying on the social media today. Careful research, planning, execution and evaluation in social media marketing campaigns, among others, are essential to increase the probability of success.

1. Plan Your Attack

Develop Your Social Media Campaign to Improve RevenueWhat sets off a good project is a good plan. There are several marketing strategies available for entrepreneurs, and choosing the most appropriate one for your businesses can make or break your campaign. Before starting off in your venture, make sure to go through these steps:

Find your target market and KNOW them

The market is not a homogenous group of people sharing the same interests and preferences. To be able to reach and attract the segment of the consumer population that would be interested in your product or service, it is important to know them, their behavior, their needs and their wants, among other things.

How can we make sure that the product that you’re advertising reaches the right people?

  • Study your target market’s demographics. Know their age, location, gender, education level, job title and ethnicity, among many others. This practice is usually ignored by most of the entrepreneurs, since it’s not really a part of their day-to-day activities in running a business. But practicing such will make a difference especially in your relationship with your consumers.
  • Delve into your market’s psychographics. This is a more personal approach to your clients. You will need to identify their personality, attitude, values, interest/hobbies, lifestyle and behavior. You would be able to attain this information by observing their behavior on your blog, in forums, and in social media sites.
  • Study your competition. Comparative Analysis is the other term for this practice. Check the sites and compare the services offered by your competition. This way, you can change or improve your site or page.

Use your market’s language

Do keyword research to find out the actual words that your target market uses in looking for information related to your product, service or site.

Map their influencers and get their attention

To get the attention of your potential buyers, you can:

  • Create a strategy for your website by rewarding the followers. For example, post an update and let your consumers know that whoever made the best comment can have a prize. This is a good way to make your business trend positively.
  • Mention your previous customers in your post. This is a great practice for making your customers share your product.
  • Send a personal Thank You email. This way, you’re showing your customers care and appreciation.

2. Optimize Website for Share-ability

Develop Your Social Media Campaign to Improve RevenueOnce you’ve planned your attack properly, it is important to optimize your link and product as well.

Install Social Buttons 

They are among the most powerful tools you can maximize without spending too much. The examples below give you access to their site for free.

  • Facebook – This website is the most visited website today. To date, it has more than 900 million users. While it was mainly launched for social networking, it has recently been allowing users to create a separate page for business.
  • Twitter – This social networking site is known basically for micro-blogging. Easy to read as each post is limited to only 140 characters, people won’t think it’s too much of a hassle to read your tweet even when on the go.
  • Pinterest – This site is concentrated on people’s inclination and attraction to graphics. Concentrating on images and videos, its mission is to “connect everybody in the world through the things they found interesting”.
  • Google+ – This is one of the readily available social media that you can use. Accessing your Gmail will direct you to the Google+ option. It is similar to Facebook in that it can allow you to categorize your groups, making it easier to provide service for your niche or target customers.

Take advantage of social sign-ins

Just like other social media networking services, they require members to log in to their website to use their product. Try to do the same thing. Create a website that will have customers insert their name or email address. This way, they can be included in your promotional bonuses or rates.

Use the comments system to increase engagement

Comments can help you save time for endorsements and advertisements. Be sure to provide good quality of products and services and your business talk for itself. This can be achieved by asking feedback from your customers and can help you improve your products

3. Increase and sustain audience participation.

Develop Your Social Media Campaign to Improve RevenueOne of the most effective ways to engage your audience is by launching a contest. Sometimes, it is also an advantage for business owners to leave the flow of trend to the customers. The more “Likes” or “Shares”, the merrier. It is a good strategy to let your buyers know about your product trend on their own. It’s like an investment for some. It is a great strategy for getting links and new prospects at the same time. Take a look at this case study:

Velas Resorts ran a contest in their five Facebook Pages for a dream wedding using their properties. All the users had to do was hit “Like” and “Share”. They made 6,733 new Facebook Likes (203 new Likes on the very first day of the contest); 1,649 posts/feedback to various status posts with contest updates; 697 new Twitter followers (updates made on 4 property Twitter profiles during contest); 2,687 visits and 4,404 page views to the wedding site blog; 3,762 visits and 12,401 page views to the wedding site itself.

Considering the success of the Velas Resorts Facebook contest, it only proves that this kind of strategy could get you more exposure in social media.

4. Measure and evaluate your campaign.

Develop Your Social Media Campaign to Improve RevenueThis is the basic rule in any business and marketing strategy. Monitor the progress of your campaign and its results, take note of the most effective strategies and use them for future campaigns. For the initial phases of implementation, expect that your strategy might not work. However, once you gained momentum in getting a steady stream of traffic, do not stop thinking of new ways of engaging your customers. I hope these simple strategies help you grow your business profit. It is a good idea to use social media to boost your products and services. However, let’s still not forget the traditional way of marketing, where online marketing is anchored to. Good quality products and services have always been the basis of the customers why they always come back to their providers.



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