Do You Get Any Traffic from Facebook?

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world by far, with over 900 million active users. While Facebook is definitely a good place to go when you want to stay in touch with friends and family members, it can also be a good place to get traffic from. Regardless of what niche your site is in, you should be able to drive some free traffic from Facebook. Later on, I’ll give you some tips on how to drive free targeted traffic to your site. If you don’t realize the potential that Facebook brings to the table, you’re missing out on a potentially huge source of traffic for your site.

Getting Started

If you want to start getting traffic from Facebook to your site, the first thing you need to do is create a Facebook fan page. It’s easy to start a Facebook fan page and anyone can do it for free. If you already have a Facebook account, you can start a fan page relatively easily. You don’t yet have a Facebook account, you simply need to sign up for one so that you can start a page. Once you start a page, you’ll be able to upload images, include a link to your site and provide information about your site or business.

After you have a Facebook fan page, start adding some content. This can come in the form of articles or blog posts on your page that your visitors can check out. If you regularly add new content to your page, visitors will start to get interested in what you have to say. At that point, they’ll be more likely to click on the link in your profile and visit your site.

Develop Relationships

In addition to adding content to your Facebook fan page, you can also develop relationships with other people on the network. You can add your friends and contacts and even seek out new people to get to know. Once someone “Likes” your page, he will receive updates every time you add something to it. This is a powerful way to share the content that you create for your page. Once you make a post, it could instantly be shared with hundreds or thousands of people at the same time.

Get Involved

While creating content for your page is important, you should also get involved on Facebook in other ways. For example, you may want to visit other pages that are similar to your page and comment on them. When you subscribe to other pages in your niche, you can see what other people are up to and potentially develop relationships with fans of those pages. You also have the option of joining groups on Facebook that will allow you to interact with others. This can be a great way to develop relationships and get people to your Facebook fan page as well.

Be Persistent

Once you have figured out how to use Facebook, you need to be persistent and continually use it if you want to drive traffic to your blog. Get in the habit of adding new content to your page daily or as often as possible. You can feature a post on your Timeline for up to seven days at a time. If you get in the habit of posting content, commenting on other pages and generally interacting with people, it will start to drive free traffic to your site. This can be a powerful way to increase your traffic numbers without paying for advertising or pay-per-click campaigns. Start taking advantage of the power that Facebook brings to the table today.


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