Do You Make these 4 Landing Page Mistakes?

Do You Make These 4 Landing Page Mistakes?Like many online entrepreneurs to save costs I set up my own website from scratch.  I used a good web host with an advanced sitebuilding package and manage to create a really professional looking website.  However for some reason my conversion rates where just not hitting their targets.

Confused about where I was going wrong I turned to a professional SEO team to help me out.  They pointed out some key mistakes I had made with my landing pages.  Basically the landing page is where the action happens.  This could be a sales page or straightforward content page.  If this page is not doing its job then visitors will click away before you can transform them into readers and customers.

If you are having trouble with your conversion rates then the chances are you could be making one of these 4 common mistakes on landing pages.

1. Weak Headlines

Do you make these 4 Landing Page Mistakes?One of the main problems with my landing pages is that my headlines were very weak.  I hadn’t realised how important these were and had been just using generic, boring headlines. However as I found out from my expert SEO team landing pages can fail miserably if the headlines are poor quality.  In most cases only 2 out of 10 people will bother to read on after the headline.

To beat these odds and get as many people as possible to stick on your landing page you need some powerful, punchy headlines in place.  First impressions really do count and so more than anything else good headlines can boost the effectiveness of your landing pages.

2. Generic Site Design

Landing pages are essential marketing pages.  They are supposed to attract and entice potential readers and customers.  This means you cannot just use generic site design.

  • You need to power up your landing pages and get rid of any clutter that would normally feature on your web pages.
  • On my new improved landing pages I keep my normal header and side bar but keep the rest of the page clean and focused on the main message I want to convey.
  • I always tailor the look and feel of the landing page to the audience I am trying to engage and the action I want them to take.
  • Also you need to get rid of any amateurish aesthetics and make sure your landing pages look clean, sophisticated and professional.
  • Unnecessarily flamboyant fonts, cheap clip art and silly flashing visuals are very dated and will put people off.  Bad aesthetics can crush conversions as surely as anything else.

3. Offering too Many Choices

There is a basic paradox when it comes to selling.  If you offer readers and customers too much choice they can get overwhelmed and can end up choosing nothing at all.  For my landing pages I make sure I focus on one single action.  If you clearly ask your visitors to do one specific thing it will be much more powerful and effective than confusing them by offering too many choices.

4. Long Pages

Do You Make These 4 Landing Page MistakesStudies have shown that the majority of people (up to 80%) will only bother to read web pages above the fold.  This means they will rarely scroll down the screen to find out more.  This means you need to make sure you have conveyed the message you want in a powerful and concise way above the fold.

  • I try and make sure my main message hits the reader right in the face as soon as they arrive without them having to do any scrolling.
  • So for example for a seasonal sale I would clear the landing page and highlight my main message above the fold which might be ‘50% Off All Accessories’. Then I would provide clear links to the relevant parts of my website where visitors could find those items on offer

Apple Copywriting really helped me out with my terrible landing page mistakes.  A good SEO copywriting team could be just what you need to transform your landing pages and boost conversion rates.



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