Drag More Traffic To Your Site By Socializing

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Drag More Traffic To Your Site By SocializingYou know why Internet marketing is important, you blog on a regular basis and create meaningful conversation through your social media sites. But you want to know what else you can do to generate more traffic to your site beyond Internet marketing 101…

Socializing through different online platforms is key to reaching consumers near and far who may take an interest in what your company has to offer. Here are four, lesser-thought-about methods for drawing more traffic to your site by socializing.

Respond to all comments and online reviews about your company.

Responding to comments on your own social media sites gives the consumer a personal tie to your company because someone took the time to write back. It can also generate further conversation, a positive experience for the consumer and the potential that he or she may generate new traffic for your site by sharing the experience. Additionally, commenting on reviews about your company may clear up issues directly with the consumer and improve the company’s reputation by staying active and attentive.

Research and take advantage of guest blogging opportunities.

They’re out there! Complimenting companies will often welcome the opportunity to have other experts contribute to their blog. This gives them material and improves their reputation through involving reputable information sources on their site. By guest blogging, you are able to relay information about your company through a like-minded company’s website and link back to your own sites to create more traffic. This works both ways, so stay open to the idea of other companies and people blogging for you!

Comment on forums that pose questions your services can help to answer.

Drag More Traffic To Your Site By Socializing

By searching the web for questions people are asking on forums relating to what your company does, you may find opportunities to give a professional answer and link back to your website. Many Internet users search Google for all kinds of questions each and everyday. If they stumble upon an informative answer and a link back to your company with relating services, visitors who access your site will do so with purpose.

Create an online discussion board.

Creating an online discussion board as a part of your own website can help direct traffic to your page through the forum. People searching for answers or relating conversations online will be led to your site’s forum for the answers. Additionally, this is an excellent technique for customer retention, as it shows your company is interactive and helpful in answering any questions or complaints about their service.


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