Dreamgrow has turned 2.0!

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Time to open up the bottles! While discussing the date this company was started, we accidentally discovered that the birthday is… today! Which is quite a cool coincidence. Dreamgrow has now officially, but unnoticeably turned 2 years old (or young), going on third. Our third year has started with a really good base for growing – Our Estonian website is getting increasingly more popular, reaching it’s biggest numbers in january 2010.


Our blog has a small celebration aswell – 6 months from the start of our rise in popularity. Today, this blog is doubling it’s visitor count every month! How have we achieved that? Well, basically we walk the talk, using the same methods we talk about in this blog.

  • Give people value – you need to give them a reason to come back
  • Go social – be visible on as many social networks as you can, starting from Facebook. Talk to your readers and take your blog to where they spend their time – one of them being social networks.
  • If your’e an expert on something, put your knowledge together as a package – Turn your knowledge into an ebook, slide-share, or even a video. Then go and share it for free. If it sticks out from the crowd, you will get results.

Have an extraordinary year!

Image credit Claudia Meyer and Priit modified it a bit.

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3 Responses

  1. Villu Arak says:

    Kas tõesti ainult 2 aastat? Nojah, internetiaastad käivad ju teise bioloogilise kella järgi. 🙂 Igatahes, õnnitlused ja võrkkotitäis nelke!

  2. TauriU says:

    If knowledge is not shared it is a waste. You guys deserve some kind of award and recognition for the free education you offer. 🙂


  3. Peep says:

    Tublid poisid!

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