Eight billion minutes spent on Facebook every day

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Facebook executive Mike Schroepfer announced recently during a Web 2.0 summit, that the average amount of time people spend on Facebook is on average 8 billion minutes per day! That’s 15, 220 years spent on Facebook every day. Some 2 billion pieces of content are shared every week, and 2 billion photos are uploaded each month–1.2 million served per second on a “peak day,” he said.

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Facebook’s vice president of engineering was also on the scene, focused on talking about the challenges of scaling a social network to the more than 300 million active users it has today. One of the big challenges is that Facebook’s home page news feeds have to be able to process 50 million operations per second. In order for that to be possible, they went for an open source software called Memcache, customized it and deployed it with five times it’s original performance.

What about the growth statistics of Facebook’s user-base? Well, three months ago in July, they had 250 million users. Three months before that, they had 200 million. That’s 100 million new users in 6 months – Facebook is clearly having an unprecedented growth here. A growth, that even a year ago most people wouldn’t have believed.

What does this mean for companies? The answer is, if your company still isn’t on Facebook, it should. You could have been a sceptic some years ago, but today we are seeing Facebook emerging as one of the most important channels for delivering your brand message to people. If the growth rate will stay the same, we will have half a billion active people on Facebook by the same time next year. If you already are on Facebook, then there’s always more that you can do.

Start an active conversation with people on your fan page, answer to their questions and try to give them value. Go ahead an try out advertising on Facebook. It may not work for all, but the beauty with advertising on Facebook is, that you can segment down your target group to age, sex, education and even their hobbies. If you have done all of that, go and tie your Facebook page tightly together with Twitter and your Youtube channel. Be visible. As we are seeing today, the company websites themselves are getting less and less important. People are getting increasingly more used to with the idea of getting information about brands from other networks, Facebook being one of them.

What about Facebook a few years down the road? Only time can tell – personally, I’m quite sure to see the one-billion-mark some time soon. When by that time you have already established your company on Facebook, you can have a big advantage over your competitors.

“We’re just getting started.”, as Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.

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  1. Priit Kallas says:

    Some countries have more than 50% of online population on Facebook. Current 300M user on Facebook are about 18% of global online population (1,669B). So Facebook with 500 million users seems possible.

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