Engage Your Facebook Fans by Asking Questions

Facebook questions and engagement

Everyone and their dog has an opinion about everything! So, ask questions and use that to engage your fans on Facebook. To get most out of your questions make it easy to answer by typing just a product name or simple yes/no. Don’t make the questions to hard and avoid the possibility of the “wrong” answer. The idea is to engage not to find an answer to the meaning of life.

Specific questions get more responses

Do not ask fans what direction should your company take. Be specific and ask if they like one option or the other, which product they prefer from a short list. Being specific and allowing the answers to be short gets you more comments.

For example we asked restaurant fans what was their favorite dish and then promoted a special offer for that. Then we asked what was missing from the menu and started to offer the most requested dish. It generated a lot of discussions and made customers really happy.

Here’s a list of different kinds of questions you can ask your Facebook fans:


The easiest way to get people engaged is to ask yes or no questions. Everyone has an opinion and if it doesn’t take too much effort to interact with you they will answer. You can create a version of yes/no question by asking about favorite product, color, location or other preference. You can add images to get more attention and guide people to “right” answers. Just so that the answer is a simple short comment.

In a campaign for Nike reseller we uploaded an image of six pairs of running shoes and asked people to tag the pair they liked most. This is how we first discovered that you can only tag 50 people on one image. The rest answered simply by commenting on the picture.

Ask for help

Features of the products and services, price points and other questions will help you engage your fans and deliver a better experience to your clients. Ask if your fans would want more information on any given topic.

For example one of our partners asked their fans what would women consider as a really neat prize and gave them a list of options. People gave their opinions and the campaign was very successful. In a similar vein we asked people to like a status update if they wanted us to cover a specific topic in our upcoming blog post.

Ask for tips and advice. Ask existing customers to describe their experiences with your brand and give advice and share tips on how to get most out of your products and services.


This will help you educate your audience and let’s you stroke the egos of the more knowledgeable fans by letting them shine. When was something invented in your field. First car, computer, most awards, etc. You can use harder brain teasers but that depends on your audience. For example (here’s something for Die Hard fans):

There are a 3 liter and 5 liter jugs. How to get exactly 4 liters in the 5 liter jug.

Using polls

You can create poll using Facebook Question feature on your page. It is really that easy, first add a question then poll options, select if you allow others to add more answers and if you want to target the viewers by location or language. After you have created a question use “Ask Friends” to send it to others.

facebook question


Now and then go off-topic and ask people about their favorite color, what city the would like to visit, what would you like to get for Christmas. Although fun, you may use the answers in future to select prizes for contests or designing products and services.

You Own Focus Group

Combining all of the above you will encourage people to interact with your brand and asking questions will make Facebook fan page your very own focus group. You will learn what people who are interested enough to click the like button think about your brand and what motivates them.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any other ideas how to use questions to engage your audience.

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Priit Kallas

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