Facebook Ads’ Least Known Secret: Occupational Targeting

Businesses are seeing growing value in advertising through Facebook. Just like Google AdWords, there are many areas you will want to pay attention to get the best results. You can create insanely targeted ads using Facebook advertising. And the narrower the target group, the more effective your campaign is.

Because users supply so much information to Facebook through their profiles, you can access more demographic data than in any other advertising platform, even Google AdWords.

Occupational targeting

Occupations make for very good marketing targets, because one can be fairly certain about which products and services a particular occupation is more likely to use.

Facebook Ads: Precise Interests

Did you know that job titles are included in the Precise Interests section in Facebook Ads? This makes it incredibly easy to pick out targeted occupations. Surprisingly, this is one of the least known targeting techniques in the Facebook Ads.

Start by typing in the word, “Marketing Manager” into the UI. Don’t press enter. Various partial words yield different results and can serve as a filter of sorts.

Choose all the segments that apply, limit the targeting to suit your target group and you’re done! You’ve just just located 35,380 Facebook users who publicly disclose that they are a flavor of marketing manager. Sell them tickets to online marketing conferences, PPC, and SEO toolsets.

I hope this information will come in handy when you’re creating your next Facebook ads campaign!

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4 Responses

  1. Miklós Breitner says:

    Do you have any stats about what percentage of people write their current and past position titles? In case the % is above 80 than I would consider to target based on occupation. Otherwise such filter would mitigate the number of reachable people.

    My experience in Hungary is that they rarely give and in many cases they only provide the minimum information.

  2. Alex Hunter says:

    Great tip – thanks!

    Is there somewhere in Facebook or a way in which I could report on which occupations performed the best in terms of CTR on my FB Ads?

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