Facebook getting ahead of Google before 2010?

Technology M&A in 2019

We have seen the emergence of Facebook for a long time now, and with every social media site talking daily about the enormous success of it, it almost starts to get worn out….almost. Looking at the latest graphs, I can’t stop but feel amazed. Facebook will soon have more visits to its homepage than Google itself! The yearly amount of its visits has grown by 342%, compared to Google’s 42%.

On september 2008, Facebook started out with 0.5 Billion pageviews – a year later today, it’s 2.3 Billion pageviews a month! When looking at the growthchart, I can’t stop but feel amazed – will the only thing stepping in Facebook’s way be the actual number of people in the world with internet connection?

In one way, Facebook’s growth is understandable. People want to communicate and with all your neighbours and even the milkman being on Facebook, it’s natural that Facebook is where they’ll go. 500 Million users next year is a fact seems pretty certain. What about a billion? Can Facebook handle that? Is it even possible? Maybe, cause when looking at the graphs, it seems funnily realistic.

Remember when your company’s homepage on the web was important? Although still important, the times are changing nowFacebook is where you’ll want to be. Getting on the bandwagon early in the game (and Facebook themselves think 2009 is just the start), will get you some big advantages over your competitors in the long run.

Will this be the new Google in 2011?

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