How to Make Your Promotional Posts Interesting on Facebook?

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Promotional posts on Facebook don’t usually hit as many likes and comments as regular friendly conversation. Right? I found a simple solution to this problem. Use my technique to make your promotional posts much more interesting and engaging.

Encourage fans to talk about the pain you’re solving before posting the promotion.

Today is Tuesday. If you plan on publishing your promotional message on Wednesday you should start communicating with your fans right now. Your product is solving some kind of a problem. Right? Therefore you can ask ‘What do they see as a solution?’ or something similar that your audience cares about and makes them feel the need for solution.

Don’t try to sell anything and avoid trying to convince them. Just listen, give advice and add some spark to the conversation. It should be just a nice conversation – relaxed and friendly.

Pain becomes more real and when you offer a solution it grabs more attention.

If you get your fans actively participating in the conversation you’ll become a champion. This way you’re not just publishing another promotional message, but a solution to a real problem that’s interesting and fresh in their minds. Thanks to the discussion you had before, your fans are more likely to read, like, comment and click on your promotions.

To sum things up

Start with the conversation about the topic your promotion addresses a few days earlier and this simple technique helps to rise interest and engage your Facebook fans. Of course, you can use this method in other areas as well, including offline world.

What do you think? Will it work for you?

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