What is Facebook Questions and How to Use It Like a Facebook Ninja?

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Some time ago Facebook launched its Question & Answer tool Facebook Questions.

Of course, this is nothing groundbreakingly new – this kind of function has existed in the web from the beginning of times. But what makes Facebook Questions so special? Its almost 700 million active users!

How can brands be Facebook ninjas and benefit from Facebook Questions?

First of all you have to log in as a page. After that the next step is to activate the Facebook Questions function.

Get to know your clients better

Where to open up a new shop? Which ice cream flavor is the best? Which country’s wines to offer? What songs to play on your radio? Which product should be discounted? etc.

Facebook Questions is a simple market research tool to get to know people’s opinions. Based on the results you’re able to make better and more effective decisions. Okay, simple researches were possible before Facebook Questions as well, but now they’re even easier and you should definitely use the opportunity.

Involve your fans

Stronger involvement raises loyalty towards your brand. And loyalty brings up the interaction, which means that more fans will see your posts. 

That’s why involving people is terribly important. Luckily thanks to Facebook Questions it’s now a piece of cake. Don’t forget to involve your fans in the decision-making process.

Create viral effect

Like some videos on Youtube, some kickass questions can go viral as well. It’s mainly due to the fact that when someone answers a question, it appears on his wall and his friends can see it and give their answers as well. In the best case scenario it causes the snowball effect and woo hoo – with only one simple question you’ve reached thousands or even more people. So ask sexy and “oh my god i have to answer this” questions.

NB. Users don’t have to agree to any application permissions to answer a question.

Get more fans

Like I mentioned before, good questions can spread very far. Which means that it is also a great way to get more fans on Facebook. Just ask catchy questions that spread like fire and you’ll be enlarging the number of your fans in no time.

Join the conservation and give advice

If you discover that someone has asked a question that is/may be related to your product or service then join in on the conservation.

I haven’t heard of any kind of questions monitoring tool, but if someone should miraculously find one then everyone here will be very happy.

Thanks for reading, Facebook ninja! If you know about any other ways for using Facebook Questions for marketing purposes then let us know!

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