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facebook users like brandsDDB conducted a survey of Facebook users in six countries. “Facebook and brands” finds that brands are driving consumers from their websites to their social platforms. This is a sensible thing to do, be where the people are don’t try to change their habits and hope that they will use your brands website on a daily basis.

Average user spends more than 55 minutes a day on Facebook. You will never get even a drop of that time if you rely on your of website.

Some of the results from the survey:

  • The average age of brand fans is 31
  • 55% women, 45% men
  • 75% have made more than one online purchase
  • Hardcore FB users, 43% visit several times a day
  • 9 brands are followed on average
  • 84% use the brands they follow
  • Number one way to joina brand is “Received an invitation from a friend to become a fan of a brand on Facebook” (59%)
  • 76% have already pressed the like button to comment a brand post

Another point that DDB mentions is that media budgets will shrink in favor of content creation. The added content will generate media exposure that exceeds paid media in reach and engagement. I have been a long time proponent of converting media budgets into content budgets and it’s good to see that others are thinking similarly.

The two important reasons why people join a brand’s Facebook page are:
to get information about promotions, new product info, exclusive information;
advocacy, to demonstrate your appreciation for the brand and show others what you like.

When I think about my own reasons and emotions when following a commercial page on Facebook I see that my motivators are mostly the same. I want to get good deals and I want to show others that I’m cool by associating myself with certain brands. The first is a great sales opportunity and the second gives brand an opportunity to use ma as a media channel. The two are combined when I share information about a really good deal the brand is offering. The survey shows that by becoming a fan, consumers expect getting a special treatment (95%), but are also willing to advocate the brand in return (94%).

It is simple psychology but still good to know: when people consciously say they like something their brand preference goes up. 36% of Facebook fans say that they want to buy that brand’s product more.

Being a fan on Facebook has a important, even declarative, impact on purchase intent, especially if compared to any traditional form of advertising.

You have to get on Facebook with your brand! The survey shows, that if you do not have a page on Facebook people will search for unofficial pages and join those. One well known case for this is Coca-Cola’s fanpage that was started by two fans and got millions of followers.

One important thing to watch for is the “hidden from news feed” metric. These users are still counted as fans but don’t get your updates in their feed. The reasons behind hiding or unsubscribing are: no longer interested in the brand, too frequent updates, uninteresting information.

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