Fastest Growing Companies Make Huge Investments in Mobile Computing Devices

Technology M&A in 2019

Fastest Growing Companies Make Huge Investments in Mobile Computing DevicesEvery year there is one or the other industry which is on high demand. During 90’s the emergence of Internet market transformed business definitions. And nowadays without an Internet connection you are left to the state of a ship without radar. Starting from bank transactions, ticket bookings to travel bookings etc. internet drives everything. And internet needs to be carried almost everywhere in portable form factors and mobile computing devices. So the time has come when Mobile computing devices are going to enjoy primacy over other devices and technologies. Mobile computing includes mobile communications, software and hardware. Hardware of mobiles includes the handset or the components of the handset. On the other hand, software refers to applications which are running on the mobiles.

Big brands

As mobile devices are offering options of interacting with friends and families at bare-basement rates, consumers have started using mobile connections for web browsing and most of the interactions every day. And all this is happening at an astonishing speed. Quite obviously fastest growing companies don’t want to miss the opportunity and that’s the reason they want to invest in high values in this industry. Some of the companies which have already made immense progress with investment in mobile computing is Dell, Adobe, Apple, Cisco etc. Some of the other major players with respect to mobile computing are AT&T, GTE, MCI. Dell every now and then introduces special discounts on their products, the latest one offering 11% off all dell laptops.

Other reasons which could be highlighted regarding companies’ investing in mobile computing devices are:

Shifting of Customer base to mobile 

Fastest Growing Companies Make Huge Investments in Mobile Computing DevicesIt has been observed that the users are shifting to mobile computing at a lightning speed. Practically everything you could have ever thought of doing on a computer can be done on a tablet or even a smartphone today. People are taking the benefits of getting their travel tickets, accommodation bookings done via mobile. This year, mobile bookings have increased to a substantial count.

Mobiles move with consumers everywhere

Mobile devices are always available with the customers wherever they go. Due to which they are more comfortable as they know that they can browse and find out any location or destination they wish to explore. Alongside they can  get any solution via their mobile search options. It can be browsed any time, whether they are watching a movie, lined in the queue, walking  along the sidewalk etc.

Expand the Market to a remarkable extent

Some of the renowned companies like flip board and Instagram, have seen a remarkable increase in the growth of mobile subscribers in China, Turkey, Brazil and many other countries. Many new mobile apps features have wooed subscribers to stick to their mobile devices most of the time.

Preferences about the right mobile device

Fastest Growing Companies Make Huge Investments in Mobile Computing DevicesEnd users are quite finicky with respect to their handsets or mobile devices. Social Media Companies like Facebook and Twitter has done a marvellous job by including the social component into mobile phones. End users always look for the right kind of device which will let them make more of their “everyday”!

There are numerous other benefits as well with respect to Mobile computing. It increases productivity, reduces communication operating costs, cuts down on functional time wasted during long hours of travel. Goes without saying that the fastest growing companies are making huge investments in mobile computing devices and keeping pace with the world which is moving at a blazing speed!


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