Five cardinal sins of social media writing

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Five cardinal sins of social media writingConnecting billions across various corners of the globe, internet in the recent past has undergone a massive transformation. Today the internet has become a communication platform and interface for sharing ideas, opinions and thoughts. The advent of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and blogs has broken communication barriers and introduced new form of writing: Social Media Writing. From businesses to individuals, everyone is accessing the social media platforms for attracting their target audience. And before posting anything online, one has to consider the 5 cardinal sins of social media writing.

1. Inability to comprehend the motive

Be it for blogs, micro blogs or any other social media platform, understanding the purpose of the writing is paramount. The inability to grasp the cause of the writing will amount to an incoherent babble and fail to connect with the readers. Thus before going ahead with writing on social media platforms one needs to have a clear sight of the reason for the endeavor the target audience, their interests and how your writing will affect your followers or readers.

2. Equilibrium of sharing and selling

Five cardinal sins of social media writingOne of the main principles of writing for social media is to sell the product or services. But when it comes to social media, selling should not become too in your face. Unlike selling platforms, social media is a sharing platform, and a social media writer has to maintain the equilibrium between sharing and selling. Sharing information of sale or any kind of special offers is acceptable, but product update at an interval of every hour would make you lose your target audience.

3. Being boring

A major chunk of social media users is still relatively young, and to attract and retain their attention one needs to write in an interesting and entertaining way. The tone of the writing has to be flamboyant and friendly.. Begin the article with the most interesting points and then move on to other information. Also use of graphics and images help attract attention but they should support the writing.

4. Not keeping it Simple

Once the reader has been hooked to the writing, in order to retain their interest one needs to employ simple language. For social media writing especially the language needs to be direct and easy to understand. The use of SMS language or too many initial-isms is a strict no-no, though some pop culture catchphrases may be used to spice it up a bit. Otherwise the language of the writing be easily comprehensible and modest.

5. Not well researched

Five cardinal sins of social media writingSocial media platforms should not be treated casually. Any kind of writing posted on these platforms needs to be well-researched and investigated. While providing information of any kind it should be well explored and if possible contexts should be provided for the readers to grasp it better.

Social media is here to stay and in this brave new world, if one wants to grow and retain their audience base, these 5 cardinal sins need to be taken under careful consideration.




Author Bio: Diana is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes in American University of Iraq Sulaimani

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