Four Things You Need to Do to be a Successful Youtube Content Creator

Now that a Youtube content creator has more options for earning revenue on their videos, it’s a good time to explore the options available. Here are four things you can do to increase the chance of being a successful Youtube video marketer

1. Start With Great Content

Naturally, better content often yields better results. If you don’t say “Wow” when you watch your own videos, you’re audience isn’t going to either. In this day and age, Youtube has no room for a web video production that doesn’t have that wow factor. Wow doesn’t necessarily mean that it includes 3D animation. It can be “wow that was funny!” or “wow that was scary!” or “wow that was weird!” but you have to say “Wow” or nobody else will, and if they’re not saying “Wow,” then they’re not sharing the video with their friends.

2. Socialize

It’s important to be social if you want to create a popular, successful web video. True, if a video goes viral, then most of the work will be done for you, but you can’t expect that to happen unless you grease the wheels, so to speak. Nobody knows your video is out there just yet, so friend people on Youtube, share your video on Facebook and get the content out there where people can actually see it.

3. Review Your Analytics

One of the most important parts of Youtube’s Insight feature is viewer attention. Viewer attention uses a number of signs to see when and where viewers are paying attention. Most videos show slow drop off with a few peaks and valleys. If you want to keep people interested, start with a bang, and build from there.

4. Hang out on YouTube’s Hub

One of the things that YouTube is committed to now is original content. So, they’ve created a hub for content creators with the latest news, tutorials and more. The microsite is designed to connect YouTube video makers from all over the world.

Producing Youtube videos can be a great way to actually earn some supplemental income if you do it right. Whether you want to be a Youtube producer on a long running web series or you just want to do a few one-offs and see if anything goes viral, the most important thing is really that you have fun doing it.

Tristan Pelligrino is the co-owner of 522 Productions (video production dc) and specializes in developing web videos. Tristan also runs 522 Digital, a digital marketing agency in Northern Virginia.

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