Google+ Hangouts On Air: What Marketers Need To Know?

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Google’s Hangouts on Air is not an entirely new feature; it was not available to many Google+ users. The feature allows users to use Google+ Hangouts that were broadcast live for everyone to view, which includes live video chat with up to nine others. Users can join and see other hangouts on Air, but only beta test users could start one.

The following features are available:

  • Public broadcasting- it is possible to broadcast your live Hangout to everyone using your page on Google+ or anywhere else you install the Hangout.
  • Engagement Tracking- as the host, you can see how many people are viewing your Hangout live any time during the broadcast.
  • Recordings- after the Hangout concludes, Google+ then uploads the recording to your YouTube channel so that you can share the video content thereafter.

Ways of launching a Hangout on Air

Begin with a hangout

In a Google+ page, click on the yellow Hangouts icon on the left side; thereafter click on Start a Hangout. Alternatively, you could click the Start Hangout at the top right on entering your page.

Name your hangout and thereafter invite your audience

The audience refers to those who will show up as part of the video, and the maximum number is up to nine members. As the host, specify particular circles, users, or even make it public. Thereafter, click on Enable Hangouts on Air.

Agree to the legal terms and conditions after reviewing

Connect the feature to your YouTube account

If you are logging in for the first time, Google+ will request that you hook up Hangout on Air with your YouTube account. It will make it easy for Google+ to record the Hangouts to YouTube. Click on Start Verification Process, which will set up the integration.

Click on Hangout

After clicking on Hangout, take some time to set up the camera and adjust the lighting among other things. When ready, click on Start Broadcast and you will be ready to go. All your viewers will see everything you do, with the exception of the chat conversations and those who are tuned in to the broadcast. As the host, you can mute people in the Hangout or pick an individual video to be the main video. After the Hangout comes to an end, a recording will be made public so that those who were not present get the chance to see what they missed. You could also edit the recording.

Hangouts on Air can be very useful to marketers, for example in webinars, company announcements, press conferences, virtual conferences, Q and A sessions, user groups, in-person events, live streaming, interviews, or industry expert roundtable discussions.


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