Have You Considered Buying a Little Traffic?

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You have set up a Facebook page for you and your business.  Your friends “like” it and you are starting to see a little profitable traffic coming from the page.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see a little more action?

Have you considered buying a little traffic?  Facebook offers the ability to drive traffic to your business’ page at a price that you can afford.

To start, from your business Facebook page, look on the upper right side of the page for “Promote with an ad” and click on the link.  You will be taken to a simple step by step process for creating a simple ad that will draw other Facebook folk into your page.

The key elements are:

  • How does it work?
  • Who will see your ad?
  • What is the copy?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Is it successful?

How Does Paid Advertising Work?

You create a simple ad with your photo or graphic and some copy.  Facebook will put that ad on the pages of people that fit the description you define.  You also tell Facebook just how much you want to spend and the cost for each person that sees your ad.  When you reach your daily limit, Facebook stops and starts again tomorrow.

Who Will See your Ad?

You select the demographic of the target audience that you want to touch.  Facebook provides a number of choices that allow you to home in on just the right audience.  Included are:

  • Location – you can go world-wide or you can narrow it down to a specific zip code, or be somewhere in between.  If you have a local business and are looking for people that live near you, this option is perfect.
  • Age – select the age range that is the most likely audience for your product or service
  • Gender – boys or girls, or doesn’t it matter.
  • Interests – you can find people that have expressed an interest in eleven broad interest categories with a variety of sub-categories
  • Facebook status – include people that have not friended your page, or those who have, or set up people that fit an even more complex rule.  Using this you will extend your ad to people you have not met or friended yourself.

Most will set these parameters based on their experience with current and past customers.  However, it is an area where you can do a little experimentation.  Say, for example, you want to extend your market into an adjacent town.  You can arrange for these ads to be seen only by those that live in that town.  Or if you have a new product that will appeal more to women than men, set these criteria to include women only.

What is the Copy?

None of this process excludes the facts that your copy must be clear and spark an interest in the person reading your ad.  Further, simply driving traffic to your business’ Facebook page isn’t enough.  There needs to be an action there that will interest the potential client in looking further into the products and services that you sell.

Make the copy clear and actionable.

How Much will it Cost?

There are two elements here – exactly what are you buying and how much will you pay for each action.

You can purchase simple viewings – impressions.  You pay for every time your ad appears on anyone’s computer screen or mobile phone.  That is “cost per impression”.

Alternatively, you can pay for every time someone clicks on your ad.  That is “cost per click” and because it requires an action on the part of the potential customer, it will generally cost a little more.

Next, you bid to Facebook exactly how much you will pay for each event.

We would suggest that it is best to start with “cost per click” because you know that every event results in someone seeing your Facebook page.  The bids will generally be so many cents per event.  Depending on the size of the target audience you have selected, this can be in the 40-60 cents per event.  You bid, however, and Facebook will slide your ad in when there is no one who is willing to pay more for that potential client.

Last, you set the limit on how much you are willing to pay every day.  The minimum is $1 per day, but you may want to start with a little more.  Perhaps $5 or $10 a day is a good starting point.  Facebook will run your ad until the money runs out.

How do you Know if the Campaign is Successful?

Be prepared to make a few measurements.  Are you increasing your Facebook “likes”?  Do you see any increase in sales?  Can you even track these numbers?

What you do know is that you will add new people to your sphere.

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