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Marketing is about creating awareness. The more aware audience is about your brand, the more they are likely to think favorably about it.

It often comes down to figuring out what kind of content will engage the user. Marketers often do not get this right. They will be held hostage by their ideas about what is viral content. But, what is right for you may not click for others. Even if you choose to specialize and not be mainstream, you have to be keenly aware about what works and what does not.

There is a basic plan that can help with this:

1. Find material that is already out there; that has already carved its niche.
2. Add your personal touch, change it for your own purpose.
3. Seek out people who will be interested in the improved content.


Build on the Content of Your Competitors

Competition for content is fierce. You might think you are unique in what you are putting out to the world, but at the same time you are part of a web. You have to work by looking at the content of others and then build on it. Sometimes the crucial cues are in public sight.


Wikipedia is a source of such potentially transformative information. Random searching of supposedly popular topics are not as important as are the information sources. These can take various forms. One will have to click on all possible associated Wiki articles to get an idea of popular material that can be created by you. Often the sources of these troves of information are just as important.

You can find more information about Wikipedia SEO here.

wikipedia-quality-contentThese are several references to sources in the Wikipedia article on social media marketing. Even these six links can help with generating content ideas.


Reddit is another potential gold mine for those, who have the ‘eye’. There is a tendency to dismiss this website as one, where esoteric interests merge to create sub groups of their own. In reality there are numerous different forums, where everyone can find something that fits to them. It is by carefully navigating the topics that are bandied about between the members of these groups that will lead you to thinking. Knowing where to click on the menu is crucial in sifting out what is continuously significant. And what is nothing but a set of ramblings that have no resonance.

Do you want to know more about Reddit? Read the Marketer’s Guide to Reddit.

reddit-quality-contentHere are several submissions in one of the subreddits. They will help you not only find the topic for your content, but also to evaluate its popularity. The number next to a submission shows upvotes (the number of votes of Reddit users). More upvotes mean that more people are engaged with the submission.


Pinterest can be yet another website to look up for you budding content moulders. It is more popular than you would think and yet evades the limelight at the same time. That should get certain hands rubbing in glee. What you have to do with regard to content creation, is to be looking at how popular the links attached to the pictures are. How well they are doing on the popularity scale and then you figure out your entry point. You will be able to get a better idea of how to go about that here.

pinterest-high-qualityIn Pinterest you can share your blog content. Having an engaging image on  will definitely bring more traffic. 

First Pagers

First Pagers are another analysis tool for content creators to consult. In this case the information source doesn’t involve going through any website’s material. You have to use the Google search engine merely and take a good look at the first page entries. You don’t concentrate on the household names or the corporations that are an end in themselves. You need to look at the underdogs, at those who you would not think are part of the first page, but are there instead. They are the ones whose leads you have to follow.

first-pagers-quality-contentThese are some of the articles that Google provides on request “Content Marketing Tips”. Why should you focus on them? Because Google considers them to be of good quality as it shows them on the first page.


Then there are Ahrefs. These are the tools that enable you to see what has been part of a niche. Search categories have to be classified so to get the difference between a trend and a niche. At the same time Ahrefs will tell you in which social networking site your potential content idea enjoys how much popularity. You get to go on a proper match and search. It does not take long to browse either.

ahrefs-quality-contentThese 3 articles have the biggest number of shares on Facebook. As they became so popular, you should pay attention to them.

Appearance is Essential

After moulding your web content, you have to deal with your website’s appearance. Looks are as important as the information being relayed, if not more so. You cannot concentrate solely on the content and not spare a thought on how the user will experience your website. It has to be pleasing to the eye, melodious to the ear and smooth to the hand. Check out these tips for more ideas of how websites can often be lacking.

There are more tips that can help with changing your content for the better:

1.     Keep changing the information when it has to be changed. There is nothing worse for a content creator than to be seen as backdated or inarticulate in terms of presentation or dissemination. You have to be in a constant change, responding to events in your niche, continuously giving food for thought. Constantly create awareness of yourself and keep your content thriving.

2.     Lists are a basic unit of relaying info to your customers. They have to be filled with information and at the same time they cannot be short and snappy. They have to be long enough to be regarded as standalone pieces. Articles featuring lists are more likely to be read than articles that do not.

Keep Your Content Simple

You have to make the content amenable for others to use. That implies keeping it simple. The user should feel that he should be able to step into your shoes if he wants, work around with the content as well. This involves the look of the website. That cannot be intimidating or seemingly beyond use at any stage. At the same time, there should be enough tools on the website to keep users interested.

Content creators have to get out of their comfort zones to approach potential users. They have to network, have to get the word around, establish links through common sources. There cannot be any group which cannot be too far in this frame of thinking. Social media groups are a key element of this. Often these act as gathering places of similar minded people. There are various similarities and differences in play between these groups. Content developers have to figure out which of these points of confluence and divergence they can use for their benefit. There is no tenuous link, there is only the tenacity of the content creator.

Tips for Better SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, often has to be done in different ways. There has to be a touch of the personal amidst all this link building. One has to build effective platforms that facilitate a smooth flow of information. Moreover, establish interlinking to drive up one’s popularity on the search index.

Previously seeming dead links that can be built up again are to the content developer’s credit. The more the content creator can piggy back on an existing reliable public source of information the more credible it will emerge. Thus, there is no demarcation of private or public sources of information for the go getting content developer. Content cannot fall to the sidelines in the process. The better the content, the better the link will be. There is a constant dynamic motion between various elements thus in this network.

How to Present Content to Those People Who are Really Interested?

Let’s assume that you have already picked the topic for your post. What’s next?

First of all, follow these usual things:

  1. Share this post in your own groups in social networks
  2. Try to run the paid advertising on Facebook
  3. Share your content in different communities  (in the comments on other blogs, forums, etc.) Make sure to not overdo it. Don’t spam, try to be helpful.
  4. Find sharers with the help of Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo allows to find content with the biggest number of shares and likes using the key phrase. Moreover, you can find people who have already shared this content. And if you are certain that your material is better, suggest it to them. For example, Twitter allows to follow and send a message to almost any user.
    find-sharers-quality-contentExamples of shares on Buzzsumo
  5. With the help of Ahrefs, find people who linked to the post. Ahrefs allows to find the websites that are linking to a certain article. Let’s suppose you have found the article on some topic and have written a better and more detailed text. Suggest it to those people who linked to the original article.
    ahrefs-quality-contentAhrefs helps to discover top content

You just need to look at the sites that link to the original article, find their contacts and send them a message. This way you are likely to receive a number of backlinks.

As you see, to create content that will bring traffic isn’t easy. But believe, the result is worth the effort. Good luck in creating great content!

Bio: Raymond Stokes is a digital marketer from Law Essay, happy husband and passionate music lover. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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