How Game Mechanics Can Make Social Networks Addictive?

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Game mechanics are behind the successes of the biggest social networks and online role playing games. But game mechanics is not only for the online, it applies to all interactions between people on-line and off. Today I read Robert Scoble’s post and decided to make a list of resources that have caught my eye in this field. Following these principles can really make a difference. So here we go:


The social behavior incentive (how your app can be as addictive as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare). Robert Scoble’s nine points on how you can make your application or tribe addictive.

Applying game mechanics to social media. From Peter Kim: If you think games are frivolous, think again – they help us accomplish the simple, like getting an infant to eat, and the complex, like warming up surgeons or disaster response. But as in all things, moderation is key and some people have died when taking games too far.

How Simple Game Mechanics Can Impassion People To Do More Business With You – with Amy Jo Kim. After listening to Amy Jo Kim in this program, you’ll see that there’s more going on under the surface. You’ll understand the levels of activity that you need to build in. And you’ll get a virtual toolbox full of tools that you can use to add game mechanics to your business and build a passionate audience that competes to take more action on your site.

Amy Jo Kim presentation Game Mechanics for Social Media from Startup2Startup

Game Design for Social Networks from Aki Järvinen.

Motivating consumer behavior through game mechanics. Often users of applications need to be encouraged to perform actions for the system to work, or in some cases for it to work better and improve the experience for others. Startups know this all too well – I’ve rarely come across one which doesn’t require some sort of input from their users on some level.

So here you go, start making your own project addictive!

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