How Many Social Media Accounts Is Too Many?

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social media channelsEvery business knows the importance of social media. You can’t watch commercials without seeing a company’s Facebook page listed, others host photo and video competitions on Twitter on a regular basis, and LinkedIn is used more than most companies’ own human resources site. However, just because a social media site exists doesn’t mean your company necessarily needs to be using it.

Simply put, Facebook and Twitter are a must for anyone trying to entice customers or followers online.  These are the go-to social media sites for most users, and many potential customers will research a company on Facebook before even going to the business’ primary website. However, all those other social media sites, especially the niche sites, aren’t a necessity for everyone. Depending on your business, there are social media sites that are more geared towards your niche and will provide you with more effective marketing that is actually worth your time.

For the Product Provider

For product providers, Pinterest is a great outlet for further spreading your brand. Not only can you post pictures of your products, but you can also post blog postings in which your product was used or any other positive press you may have received. It is a great way to create a visual buzz about your product, and makes it incredibly easy for your followers to share the word about your product.

A product provider should also have a YouTube account if they have commercials that regularly receive airtime, or if they plan on hosting video competitions highlighting specific products. Otherwise, having a regularly maintained YouTube account may be more trouble than it is worth – especially for smaller businesses.

For the Artisan

For those offering self-made works of art, furniture, clothing, jewelry, and other artisan goods, social media sites like Etsy, Pinterest, and YouTube are a must. Etsy is already the go-to site for those seeking handmade goods, and Pinterest is quickly becoming a go-to site for ideas. If you want to grab the attention of this niche, businesses specializing in homemade goods need to have active accounts on these sites and need to showcase the best of the best.

YouTube is also a great site to have an account on, because artisans can give brief tutorials that customers, once they purchase supplies, can be coached through a creation process – whether it be knitting a scarf or creating a decadent recipe.

For the Service Provider

For service providers, such as lawyers, online educators, and marketing professionals, there are two main sites you should consider aside from Facebook and Twitter:  LinkedIn and YouTube.  LinkedIn is a great place for professionals, especially those who tend to work alone or manage a single office, to attract other professionals seeking services, however, don’t rely on it as heavily as Facebook. YouTube is also a great idea if your service is offering tutorials or how-tos on anything whether it be math lessons or setting up a WordPress theme.

If you decide to run an account on each social media site, you may find yourself wasting precious time, not reaching those most interested in your business, while simultaneously putting in way too many work hours each day. In addition to Twitter and Facebook, companies that are looking to attract the attention of professionals, whether it be a partnership or just another employee, LinkedIn is also a must. Otherwise, grab an account on all social media sites only to avoid having the competition or malicious individuals create a faux, but only actively use those that will prove the most effective when trying to succeed in your niche market.

Maya Szydlowski is a community manager.

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  1. April Chang says:

    Time is precious. Use it wisely by going where your customer base is. Completely agree about the niche media sites providing more effective marketing! Good article!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Good information, I like the pin site regarding your products, will check it out!

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