How Much Tweet Traffic Do You Really Get?

Social media networks, such as Twitter, provide a way to connect with your audience and followers, as well as their followers, all within one compact message. You probably spend some time developing quality content for your website and tweeting about it to increase your website traffic. However, do you know how many visitors you really get each time you tweet a URL? What kind of reach do your tweets have and which tweets are most effective?

These are important questions to answer in determining if your tweets are meeting your networking goals. Without website statistics that report the visitors you gain from each tweet, it’s hard to track what Twitter tactics catch your followers’ attention and where you may need to improve. QuickTagger is a free social network tracking application developed by InMotion Hosting that can provide the traffic statistics that you need. Combined with your Google Analytics account, you can tag the URLs that you tweet and track the tags to learn about visitor trends.

QuickTagger Installation

The QuickTagger app is completely browser based and requires no software or downloads to use. Navigate to the QuickTagger web page, click the “QuickTagger” button and drag it to your browser’s quick link bar. This creates a link to the app that allows you to use it with any URL that you visit.

QuickTagger Use

Navigate to the web page you want to tweet about, then click the QuickTagger link in your browser’s link bar. A new window will appear, allowing you to customize your tags based on which social network you want to use and a campaign name. When you click the “Generate URL” button, the app provides you with a long and short URL address that Google Analytics can track based on the campaign tag and sources you enter.

Instead of tweeting the normal URL address for the web page, use the shortened TwURL provided by QuickTagger. When visitors click this link, they will still navigate to the proper website and view your content. However, the URL is tagged to provide statistics that you can view on your Google Analytics account.

Viewing Statistics

Navigate to your Google Analytics account, and choose “Traffic Sources.” When you click “Campaign,” you will see the traffic that Analytics recorded based upon the social network and campaign tag that you typed into the QuickTagger app. By providing an original tag for specific URLs you want to track, you can determine the traffic earned by your tweets for a specific day or over a period of time.

Even though Twitter and other social media networks mostly focus on sharing content, that doesn’t mean you have to tweet blindly into the Internet. Observing trends and discovering which tweets gain the most response will help you to focus to makes the greatest impact with your followers. The QuickTagger app is a free tool that will help you get on the right Twitter track for your website content.

Juliana is a SMO Specialist for a Web Hosting company based in Los Angeles @InMotionHosting You can follow her on Twitter @JulianaPayson.

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