How Pinterest Can Help Your Business Succeed

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Pinterest is the new social media site that everyone is talking about. It’s a place where you pin pictures on multiple boards and find tons of visual inspiration on fashion, decorating, business, do it yourself examples, and more. Whether you are a fairly new company or seasoned company, there are definitely benefits to investing in this friendly site. Think of advertising new products, making new connections, and seeking inspiration and you’ll have a good enough reason to jump on the band wagon of this new interactive and clever social media platform.

Advertise Your Products

Pinterest is a great place where you can create multiple folders of your products and categorize them by style, preference, or design. Depending on what you are selling you can start following similar people who like similar products, such as home décor items or books. Follow them and they’ll most likely follow you in return. The great news is that the more pictures you pin of your products, the more likely that your pins will be viewed and repinned. If someone is curious as to where your image came from, it will be clicked on and this will bring the person directly to your site.

Set up a Compelling Profile

Like most social media sites, Pinterest also has a small profile on your main page where you can introduce yourself through a small paragraph about your company with a picture. You also can include your links to your site, Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feed. Having a compelling profile picture and links will also generate more traffic to your site, which in turn will help others learn about your company.

Pins can be Pinned to Facebook and Twitter

If you desire to share pictures from your website with your followers on Facebook and Twitter, there are options to share the picture as you pin on Pinterest. This will not only bring others back to your Pinterest page, but will create an online portfolio of your work or products offered from your site. It’s very easy to pin an image and with the click of a mouse you can send your comments and the link to the image to your Twitter and Facebook profile, sharing it with your other social media followers.

These examples are just a few ways that Pinterest can help your business succeed. Since this company is still in its starting stage who knows how else this site will improve. With a visual emphasis and ability to help you brand your business, Pinterest is excelling fast. So it’s time to hop on board and plan on going on a visual ride that will hopefully help your business succeed.

Sierra is a freelance writer for She’s currently obsessed with Pinterest and loves pinning all of the time. Check out her pins on her Ocean Dreams boards.

Image Credit: anupsettycjayasuriya

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