How Social Media and your Website can Work Together

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There is now almost no place in web design these days to excuse the omission of social media. Generally social media allows for a better website experience and aids the promotion of brands.

In this piece we will look at how you ensure your website and social media can work in tandem to boost publicity and coverage.

Social Media Buttons

Though, most people add these and nowadays it seems a little bit like their incorporation shouldn’t have to be considered, they are still sometimes forgotten about. Social media buttons should be place at the top of the screen so people can click on them without having to go to the trouble of scrolling down the page. Ideally they should scroll with the page and always be in the customer’s line of sight.

Be aware of the channels you use the most and don’t clog your page up with numerous redundant social media buttons you seldom use.

Why not to link to Social Media

If you don’t use certain aspects of social media, but persist on adding the links to your site, you end up causing a negative effect on your online effort.

People who click on your inactive social media channels and see there is little going on will possibly react in a negative manner towards your brand.

The Facebook and The Twitter

Be aware that social media changes fast, very, very fast. Keep abreast of this online in the way you mention it and also in design terms. Do your research beforehand though, there’s nothing as crippling as a attempting a social media change with little prior knowledge. You’ll spend the first week trying to learn how to work the new widget, or social media plugin and it just won’t run smoothly enough to warrant its fast integration to the site!


Look at your Google Analytics and see how people are using, see how many are clicking on and the numbers using your outbound media links. Event Tracking on Google can help you ensure people are clicking on the right links and provide a guide on how to ensure the correctly convert users on your site.

There are also a number of other companies who provide web analysis solutions and allow you to gain a better understanding of how to target and convert people. Companies provide great tools ensuring you get an insight into what’s being talked about at the moment, allowing you to capitalise on it via social media.

Make Sharing Worth It

We would advise placing share buttons on product pages, especially if you have an eCommerce site. Share buttons allow a whole array of new opportunities and allow people to recommend goods you have online with others in an easy manner. This should also be taken into account if you produce articles, video, or blogs on site and want them to be shared across the Internet.

We’re all used to clicking on web pages and finding heaps of junk with share buttons beside pointless images of and worthless content. Make sure you have something worthwhile to share. Content is important, so make sure it is interesting, useful or engaging. People are busy and don’t have the time for the inane, so make sharing worth it for best social media results.

John is a guest blogger from Basekit. When you create a website with Basekit you have the choice of hundreds of website templates and the option of including a blogging platform and social media features with the touch of a button.

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