How to Build Loyalty Through Social Media Relationships

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Whether you are a business, organisation or charity, you should have measurable marketing goals to achieve.  Social media is a new way to reach people, engage with existing users, and connecting them all to continuously develop your personalised group of passionate participants.

The key to social media is the social relationship with users, which is based on trust, and can generate loyalty. If you want to communicate with those you serve, enhance your reputation, and grow your user base, social media has an answer for you.

The Love in Loyalty

If there were a synonym that describes the social media, the word is relationships. Relationships are the base of social media. People who endorse your page are saying that they want a relationship with you, and not only that but they are telling their world of friends that you should be a consideration of theirs too.  Any connection made within a loyalty marketing campaign is priceless, as the endeavour is to keep the user in long-term love with your brand.

Social media is extremely valuable, and due to the sheer amount of cross-genre, cross-generation, multi-racial, multi-lingual, international cultural interconnections, it is sometimes easiest to use competitive analysis of your closest competitors in the field, and establish a level of network connections to beat. The connection with any new member of your social media profile should be cultivated and maintained, because in addition to allowing for you to build and nurture the relationships with your established users, and loyal customers, it makes the new member become an agent of distributing the message about your brand to their friends.

Steps to Social Superiority

So how do we build that personalised experience, create positive fidelity and engagement of developing loyalty over time? This process can be broken down in very simple steps: here are some minimal methods to build allegiance, and create deep relationships with users:

Remind people that the brand is on social media, and you want to communicate with them: for this you need to tie together all of your communication channels and create a plan to include the promotion of your social media presence, be it via other internet promotional tools or through offline marketing collateral channels.

Promote Participation Amongst Your Presence

An obvious yet surprisingly underused element of promotion is to integrate your web site with the social media profile via a social APIs (Application Programming Interface). A social API is sort of the sticky bit of the social web sling: a versatile platform that enables web portals to write to, and read data from each other. APIs provide a clear and constant display of your social channels, and your social content can be displayed anywhere on your web properties.

APIs should be used on your site to ensure that customers who visit your site (or see your ads) may become part of the community in your network.

Targeted Advertising to Develop Adherence

An alternative option of promoting your profile is the option of using social media advertising, sponsored stories, etc.  These are present in the social platforms and users can be targeted with impressive accuracy. This can be a great tool to stay in the minds of social network members, whether or not they have been inducted into your group.

Trust Through Talking

Develop your voice and personality, keep it authentic. Consider these ideas:

  • Create a calendar of publication, posting stories that people care about, which relate to your product or service. As you post this news, ask your members questions and encourage a productive participation.
  • Research into what people need that relates in some way to your service then post a tip or anecdote to build-up your reputation as an authority of the field.
  • Set the best time to post communication via automatic posting software. Smaller businesses can join free services that are widely available by searching for “auto tweet” in Google, or using a platform like HootSuite. The best time to publish any information will depend on your target market. If you have a lack or demographic information a good general starting point would be to choose the early morning, or late afternoon.

Loyalty marketing is important for every brand.  Social media can help to create constancy with your service, and develop the reputation of your brand.


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