How to Create Comment-Worthy Posts

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Technically, all of your posts are comment-worthy. You write about things that you care about or find interesting, which means they should be commented on, but for some reason, no matter how good your posts are you just aren’t getting the number of comments you would like. There are certain things you can do to help attract comments. You don’t have do anything radically different to find more comments on your posts, but you may have to change things up a bit. Some of the things you can do to tease more comments out of your visitors are listed here, as these are just a few tips that could lead to you getting more comments on your blog posts.

Ask for comments.

Often, it really is just that easy. Tell your visitors to sound off in the comments. Ask your readers for their opinion. Tell them how much you appreciate their feedback. A call to action or a simple request can often lead to someone who wouldn’t comment to sound off.

Keep it short.

This may be mind-blowing, but your blog readers don’t really like to read that much. They may read most of your post, but if it is longer than they like, they probably haven’t read down far enough to get to the comments. Craft short, quality blog posts that are under 300 words. Your readers will appreciate all the goodness you put into a tiny package, and they will tell you in the comments.

Change it up.

If you usually write posts, substitute your post with some media. If you usually put up pictures and video, change it up with some text. Your regular readers will take notice and will probably sound off about whether or not they what you have done with the place.

Turn your title into a question.

Even if the post isn’t about answering that question, the original query will be on your readers’ minds as they read your post. They will be terribly tempted to answer that question in the comments.

Get passionate.

When you write, put a little fire behind it. You don’t need to go on crazy tirades, but you need to have a little passion. As you choose topics, do what you can to select those that interest you the most. You will write about things you are passionate about with the most gusto. These posts will be better than others, and your readers will take notice. If they feel the same way about the topic (or the opposite), they won’t be able to stop themselves from leaving comments.


There are ample ways to get more comments on your blog. There are plenty of other things you can do to make leaving comments easier and more appealing than ever. These tips about how you craft your posts are just a sampling of the ways you can make your blog and your blog posts even more comment worthy. By following tips like these, you will start getting more comments than ever before, and you and your blog will see the benefits.

Written by Frederick, guest blogger and online marketing specialist, interested in politics, web software, registry mechanic, music and new technologies.

Image Credit: DryIcons Graphicsmark hoynes

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