How to Create Stunning Newsletter for Your Mailing List

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How to create a stunning newsletter that your subscribers will like? What I mean here is e-zine-type newsletter, not just promotional email. It is an online publication that you publish to your mailing list either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. How to make it more interesting? Here are some tips to create stunning newsletter for your mailing list:

1. Write about what’s hot in your niche

People love to know about something that’s hot today, and they are quick in changing their interests. You know, people can easily become bored if you keep delivering the same old information to your subscribers. So, take some time to research current trends in your niche, and give your subscribers hot information in your newsletter. If you keep on doing that in each of your newsletter, people will eagerly stay with your mailing list and you’ll see a boost in response rate as well.

2. Expert interview

If your mailing list is about niche-specific, such as health niche or make money online niche, expert interview should be able to entice your subscribers to keep going with you. What’s more interesting than learning directly from the experts? If you can provide expert information in your newsletter, in the form of expert interview, your subscribers will be happy to stick with you. So, it is good for you to schedule short interview with expert in your niche and publish it in your newsletter regularly.

3. Give prize for your subscribers

One effective way to entice your subscribers is to give them a little quiz/contest in your newsletter. You will give them good prize if they win the little game. This will double or triple your response rate. You can also use this contest to drive additional traffic to your website. For example, you can demand mandatory action for participation in your contest, such as liking your Facebook fan page, sharing your contest on Twitter, inviting friends, and so on. However, be sure to give good prize for those who win the contest. Otherwise, you won’t attract enough interest from your subscribers.

4. Make your newsletter graphically appealing

If you are publishing newsletter or e-zine for your mailing list, be sure to make it graphically appealing. Do you know why? That’s because people are more interested in that. Your newsletter is like magazine that they read every month. If it doesn’t contain good graphics, how can you entice them to read? Here’s another reason why good graphics are important for your newsletter: branding. It is more effective to brand your online business if you have attractive graphics in your newsletter.


5. Include question and answer section

Another interesting part that should be included in your newsletter is question and answer section. Why is it interesting? People like to see discussion. That’s why they frequent forums and Q&A websites. That’s why those websites get massive amount of traffic. People love to participate in a discussion. That’s why you have to include question and answer section in your newsletter in each of your publication.

Those are some tips you can follow to create stunning newsletter that will attract more and more subscribers from time to time.

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