How to get your brand popular in social networks?

starbucks-coffee-cupSince Facebook and Twitter are growing at an amazing speed, we also have an increasing number of companies trying to secure their ground there. With Facebook and Twitter being social networks, naturally the biggest question is: “How to build a following?” . The secret to success may lie in one of the oldest marketing techniques: give people a deal, reports Adweek.

A new consumer study by Razorfish, intended towards researching tech-savvy consumers, found that 43 percent of people following brands on Twitter do so because of exclusive deals or offers. That tops interesting content (23 percent), current customers (24 percent) and service support (4 percent) in a long run. Overall, more than 25 percent claimed following a brand on Twitter

The same goes for Facebook and MySpace. Nearly 37 percent said they’ve connected to brand pages for deals, edging out current customers, interesting content and service support.

Razorfish surveyed 1,000 “digitally connected” U.S. consumers, to learn how digital media habits are influencing consumer’s brand perceptions. “They’re clearly choosing to engage with brands in every sort of way,” Razorfish said. “Brands are so part of the culture, for them to not participate in a meaningful way, will do more damage than good.”

The survey concludes tech savvy consumers are now “the new mainstream.” Among its findings:

• 57 percent customize their home page
• 76 percent watch online video
• 62 percent use online music services
• 56 percent own a smartphone

If Razorfish is to be believed, the coming battle for brands will be about generating great customer experiences, to reach an increasingly tech-savvy population. The survey concludes that social media tools are driving greater acces to information for customers, putting added pressure on brands to match their words with actions.

We believe from our own experience, that giving people a deal really helps to grow a following. But there is a more complicated side to it. There is a difference between getting people to become a part of your following because of good deals, or having them as followers, because they really love product. Naturally, the latter is where you want to be.

When your only strategy is to gather fans by giving out good deals, then you’ll have to keep on doing that indefinetly. As soon as the good deals stop, people will forget about the brand in a matter of days. So give deals for great products to talk about and stop producing meatballs, as Seth Godin would say.

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