How to Improve User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

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UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are two major parts for the development of relationship between client and products. User Interface helps to determine the reactions of users towards the site.  If the users are interested in the website, they will follow the instructions and click the subscribed buttons then it is considered as a well formed User Interface. However, some just visit the website and proceed to others, if they don’t find it interesting. The other part, User Experience deals in the observations of the products for the website. The technical features of a website are covered by User Interface while the User Experience deals with understanding and responses to the users. Now here are 5 most common ways to improve website User Experience.

1. Faster Page Loading Time


Speed is always a big concern for users and they abandoned the site very soon which takes a long time to load.  Improving the loading time can help in rendering the site in about 3 seconds to fill the expectations of users. It also enhances the performance of website. Working on the loading of the site by resizing or removing the large images and files that take long time to load is sure to give prolific results. Likewise, you should also reduce the number of plug-ins and remove flash files in your site that affect the performance.

2. Clickable logos that redirect to the Home page


A clickable logo that redirects it to the Home page of the website can bring a positive change in UX. While exploring the site, visitors tend to reallocate in various pages of websites and find it hard and tedious to come to the home page with the back arrow. Hence, a clickable logo enhances the performance. A bit difference in website redesigning can give the better results.

3. Mobile optimized view


Design responsive website that can give better performance in small devices such as mobiles, tabs etc. Mobile users generally give maximum 6 to 10 seconds to upload the site in their busy schedules or abandon the page after that. A well formed responsive design can eliminate this issue for mobile users.

4. Improve website User Interface


To improve the User Interface of the website, testing of customer’s habits and product area is quite needed. It includes testing the performance of the site, website loading time, functionality of the website and the quality of the buttons and their workings for the users.  The website designing tools for professional designers include the language controls which modify the web page with minor changes. JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, and dynamic widgets like flash files, Java applets and X controls.  But these tools have not manifested as fruition for SEO strategies and work vice-versa for them. Web designers can use these scripts to add additional features to the site but with great concern about where and when to use. Embedded scripts in HTML can go great with UX/UI interface.  Search engines like Google are not in favor of highly attractive Web pages, which are heavy and server takes lots of time in loading them. Hence, choose the best options of scripts to improve ranking.

5. SEO with UX & UI improves ranking


The website is improved through the enhancement of UX/UI factors on it, which is directly reflected in the SEO ranking of the website. As SEO is out rightly depends on algorithms and updates of popular search engines such as Google.  UX/ UI are final destinations that go through the path of SEO to give the better results to customers as well as to the search engines. Effective content for SEO is one of the major parts of the basic needs of UX and UI including designing, relevancy and the speed of the page. For growing the business and reaching the maximum customer’s needs, one has to merge SEO and UX/UI.

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