How to Make A Facebook Campaign for the Masses [CASE STUDY]

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olerex facebook profile pictureOlerex is an Estonian petroleum company whose network embraces 46 stations all over Estonia. The customers of Olerex are also welcome at the stations of our cooperation partners in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia. In recent years, Olerex has been titled as the fastest-growing petroleum company in Estonia a number of times.

One of the major marketing goals for Olerex in 2012 is to concentrate on social media, for a great proportion of Estonian consumers can be easily reached through Facebook. As the consumer base of the petroleum company is rather broad, the start-up campaign has to be launched powerfully in order to attract many participants. Several restrictions have to be taken into account when marketing motor fuel, because an excise tax is levied on this commodity. For instance, according to Facebook rules, it is forbidden to announce fuel as a prize.

Introducing a partner

The grand prize of the “Olerex Coffe War” – an espresso machine worth 1000 euros – was provided by Vending Automaadid [], thereby also raising awareness of their own company. So why go for an espresso machine? As the customers of petroleum companies are fervent coffee drinkers (especially truck drivers of transport companies, but regular customers as well), the prize seemed to be motivational.

In addition to the grand prize, the company also gave out plenty of other prizes like coffee products from Molinari and Drink Me Chai Latte. In order not to make the campaign only about coffee, special prizes were also added by Olerex: bath towels, €20 Olerex gift cards and kebab vouchers.

The aim was to distribute the prizes among different segments. Altogether, the campaign lasted for 10 days and as many as 56 prizes were given out every single day. People could participate in the campaign once a day. The prize fund of the “Olerex Coffee War” was nearly 4800 euros.

Attractive campaign application

olerex winnersWe created a campaign application, which visually resembled the coffee machines at Olerex stations. When directing a participant to the campaign application, a choice had to be made between hot drinks sold at the stations. Everyone could pick their favourite. If a box happened to be the lucky one, the participant immediately found out about the win. If the box did not contain a prize, the system thereupon indicated the lucky button and the person took part in the drawing of the grand prize (see for the photo). The prerequisite for taking part in the campaign was becoming a fan of the Olerex fan page.

Misunderstanding the campaign

In the course of the campaign, we came in for some discontentment as a number of people presumed that seeing an orange button meant they had won the €20 gift card on the picture. As a matter of fact, the application instead indicated the box containing the victory, which the participant hadn’t chosen. We hereby admit our oversight when it comes to clarity of understanding and hope it will also be a lesson for anyone wishing to conduct a similar campaign in the future.

The goals of the campaign

  • · To increase the number of fans to at least 10 000
  • · To increase the number of future customer card holders
  • · To inform fans about the on-going campaigns and special offers

Which Ads worked and which didn’t?

We used 3 different visuals and 6 different copy texts for our Ads. Altogether, we created 10 groups, each of which received ads with different visuals. Men were divided into 5 groups (4 of them according to age): 18-23, 24-35, 36-44, 45-55 and “those into cars” (key words: rally, cars, Top Gear, WRC, Formula 1 etc.) Women were divided into 4 groups by the same age-specific classification. Furthermore, we created one mixed group with people who are into coffee (key words: coffee, latte, espresso chai latte etc.) Our budget was 100 euros a day on the basis of CPC.

As the age group 18-23 didn’t function neither among men nor women, we decided to exclude it quite shortly. The highest CTR came from two groups of women: 35-44 and 45-55. The CTR in those groups was 0,124% and 0,210% respectively. During the last two days of the campaign, we also gave sponsored stories a go. The CTR of those ads was not remarkably high (0,086%), but people eagerly started sharing the post, although this wasn’t a prerequisite for participating. Fans were thereby attracted by extensively sharing the post.

The most successful ad visuals

Wish to have an espresso machine worth €1000 at your home or office? Like and win. 

facebook ad visual 1

Wish to get a €1000 espresso machine? Like and win prizes now!

facebook ad visual 2

Number of current fans and participants

The application was used 20 000 times. Before launching this campaign, Olerex Facebook page had 1337 fans. Within ten days, 8881 new likes were added. Today, Olerex fan page has more than 10 000 fans.

What’s next?

Olerex aims to turn fans into actual customers. We wish to present our fans with new, interesting and appealing substance on a regular basis. More than 10 000 fans is a significant number, but we plan on introducing new and even more attractive campaigns already in the near future.

Kaspar is an entrepreneur and internet marketer. He has created a unique sport website for endurance sport enthusiasts. Today he helps companies to achieve their marketing goals trough social media.

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