How to Promote Products on Facebook

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How to Promote Products on FacebookTalking about products promotion, all of us cannot ignore the powerful influence of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, and Linkedin, etc. Today, I just want to share some tricks on how to promote products on Facebook.

A large portion of the most valuable potential customers are spending much time and attention on Facebook. Not only are the young people fully engaged in Facebook, but adults, and professionals from around the world constitute a substantial Facebook userbase. However, most of marketers are lack of a comprehensive understanding and promotion experience, so they lost lots of potential customers. Here some secrets to promote your goods on Facebook – most of them are viral.

Facebook Notes and Photos

Notes and Photos are two Facebook applications that allow you to share product information and product photos with your friends. You should make full use of these two functions to spread goods news. However, you should be careful to do it authentically. If all of your Facebook Notes are nonsense writing just for links to products’ pages, you should stop, or else you will be tagged as spam.

How to promote products with Facebook notes and photos? As for notes, provide some useful information related to your product. Take computer for example, you should share some computer related things through Facebook note, such as which brand is cheap and durable; which is good at heat dissipation; which is suitable for businessman; which is fit for students; and how to select a computer, etc. This kind of instructions is more attractive and popular with Facebook friends. In this way, you will get lots of loyal fans, and then you can recommend your product accordingly. For photos, besides product image, some funny pictures will make your friends fully engaged in your Facebook.

Facebook Pages

How to Promote Products on FacebookFacebook pages provide an easy way for businesses to establish a presence on Facebook. You can customize pages by adding HTML, Flash and other Facebook applications accordingly. Facebook page is the platform for your loyal clients, where they can leave a message and get involved with your business totally.

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Facebook Groups

Facebook Group is a community for customers, partners, and friends to participate in conversations about your products. You can easily send news and updates to your group members easily – messages will arrive in their Facebook inbox. The best part about group message is that you can send as often as you like for free. Facebook Group is a viral marketing way for your products. Once member joined in your group, they can easily invite their friends to join in group. If the members are satisfied with your group, it can grow rapidly.

Facebook Events

Facebook Events are free application to promote products’ events, new product launch, and other marketing events.

It is very easy to create a new event, which includes a wall, discussion, photos, and links. You can easily invite all of your Facebook friends, and the friends going to the event can also invite their friends to join in. Facebook Events makes it easy to spread product news to hundreds of people.

Every tip mentioned above is viral to promote your products. It is worthwhile to pay more time and attention on Facebook. Of course, there are still some other methods to promote product on Facebook, no matter which one you choose, just make full use of it, then you will get exciting results.

Author Bio: This post is written by Karen Lee. She is an SEO at YOYBUY is one of the oldest and most reliable Taobao shopping agents in China, helping foreign people buy items from almost all Chinese online shops (B2C).
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    Facebook marketing is one of the most effective way to attract traffics, however, lots of details need to be done on both the facebook ads, fanpage and websites to increase the CTR.

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