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If you are keeping your “ear to the ground” when it comes to news-making sites, then then no doubt you have heard a lot of talk about Pinterest.  Just what is it, and how can you use it to market your business online?

Pinterest is a fairly new image based social networking website, first launched in 2010.

What’s Pinterest?

Imagine Facebook, but with photos and images instead of user posts.  Users make what are called “pinboards”, which are basically online collections of themed images also referred to as simply “boards”.  These collages of images usually have themes such as a wedding pinboard, a cooking pinboard, and inspirational images pinboard.  Users can see images uploaded by others and can then re-pin them on to their own boards.  This is how images quickly spread across the website.

To simplify, think of it all as a giant collage of images.  Just like a motivation board, online users enjoy adding new images and sharing them with others.  Immediately, you will see that almost everything on the website (and on any user’s page) is beautiful, funny, inspirational or thought-provoking.  Re-pinning is similar to the “like” button on Facebook.  Users can then share single images or an entire board with other users.  While this all sounds like a nice place to kill some time online, it is actually growing into a serious marketing tool, and one you may just want to look into for your business.

Currently Pinterest has over five million users, and this number is growing every day.  Another great figure is that the website is getting somewhere close to one and a half million unique visitors every single day.  That is a lot of new eyes that you could be promoting your brand too—if only you knew how to connect images with articles.

What to do first?

The first thing you will want to do is spend some time on the website itself.  Get a feel for the user base, for what others are pinning, and for the atmosphere of the website.  You’ll find a high percentage of users are currently women, though more men are joining as the site becomes more popular.  As mentioned before, many images tend to be for things such as recipes, weddings, and other items that can benefit from having a good collage.

Now it is time to find your angle.  If you are a company that sells tools, could you find a craft or other image that uses your tools to create it?  Perhaps a beautiful image of a small handmade table with a backlink to your site, which sells sanders and other items required for the Do-It-Yourselfer…this would be an ideal way to lure in viewers.  From that point on, you can direct them to your website.  Not overtly, of course, but by continuing to present excellent images that speak to your market.

Ideally, your goal is not to keep your audience at Pinterest, but to direct them to a site that has full-length articles on the subjects they are interested in.  A few more tips to help maximize your exposure on Pinterest include using your business name wherever possible, even making it your username, filling out your profile, including a link to your website, and a very friendly description of who you are and what you have to offer.

Connect both your Twitter and your Facebook accounts to help people find all your sites.  This website, as you will see through just a glance, thrives on creativity, so try to be creative in all areas possible, including naming your pinboards.

Last but not least, add a “Follow Me on Pinterest button” to announce that you are one of the business websites that have discovered effective ways to use this very unique site.

One more figure to toss around if you are considering Pinterest is that this one “little website” drove more traffic to business sites than did “bigger sites” like YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus…all put together!  These are some mighty impressive statistics for an upstart site, so don’t waste any more time, get on the site and get marketing!


Valerie Mellema is the owner of Words You Want and has over 7 years experience in the SEO writing industry. Read about what Words You Want has to offer and learn some great content marketing tips at

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