How to Use Social Media for Your Next Event

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If you find yourself still using snail mail for your party invitations and other correspondence, it’s easy to bring your party organizing into the future with social media. Here is a simple guide you can follow to make the planning process easier on you and your guests.


Creating a Facebook event is a simple and easy way to organize your party. It takes a few simple minutes to set up but can save you the hassle of sending invitations and keeping track of RSVPs. Once you set up the event, by giving it a title, location, date and time, you can invite all your guests. Simply begin to type your guests’ names in and their profiles will pop up. Click invite and you’re done! All your friends have to do to RSVP is click yes, no or maybe on the invitation. From your event page you will be able to track who has responded, how many people are coming, and other useful information about your guests. You can also post to the event’s wall to send a simple reminder to all the guests or let them know of any changes to the party plans. Best of all, it’s free!


Twitter can be a useful social media tool when planning a party. You can tweet at suppliers and guests, and create a hashtag for your event allowing users to easily search for information about it. You can also share pictures, videos and more from your party!


Pinterest is a relatively new social media tool that acts as an online pinboard. You can “pin” pictures, videos and more. By creating a pinboard with the title of your event you can “pin” pictures and videos from your party and share them with your friends. The layout of Pinterest will create a nice collage effect will all your pictures. You can also add captions to each picture and your friends can comment on them and share them with their friends as well.

By using these social media tools you can plan your party more easily by browsing the Facebook pages of suppliers, looking for party ideas on Pinterest, or sharing photos on Twitter. Not only will these tools make your life as a host easier, but your guests will get more enjoyment out of the event as well since they can easily view, share, and comment on pictures of the event for years to come.

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