How to Write Posts that Go Viral in Social Media

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How to Write Posts that Go Viral in Social MediaThe web is chock full of noise! How do you make your blog posts stand out enough so that they will go viral in social media? You need to understand your readers and give them what they want. Only then will you start creating the type of content that gets tweets and shares on Facebook and Twitter.

Focus on the Science of Persuasion

Posts that talk about what people should start or stop doing right now are always popular. Put a number in the title and you’ll get readers. So if you put up content that talks about the Top 25 things you need to start or stop doing today, you will get a bigger audience. People will want to know how well (or badly) they are doing. No one wants to feel left out. The reader is more likely to share the post with numbers and ask their friends what they think of the items on the list. Getting your blog post on its way to going viral.

Use Bullet Points and Subheadings to Make It Easy to Scan

How to Write Posts that Go Viral in Social MediaMost internet users are not looking for in-depth information when they surf the web. At least in the beginning the want to get the easy stuff. They start by skimming the descriptions of a webpage and then they click through to the page itself.

If your goal is to make your content go viral, you will need to break it up into small, bite-sized pieces. Keep your sentences as short as possible. Limit paragraphs to no more than four or five lines and a few sentences each.

Create Content that Educates Readers

Offer your readers practical tips and ideas. Teach your readers something they weren’t aware of before reading your post. You should know your audience well enough to understand their needs and wants. Help them solve the kinds of problems they are facing.

Your post may challenge a belief your readers have long held dear. This can lead to your readers sharing the post with their friends and asking them what they think. If you decide to go this route, make sure that you back your post up with supporting arguments and sources. Controversial topic may lead to lively discussion and spin-off posts from other bloggers. That will generate links back to your initial post.

Go Meaty in Your Writing

When your visitors stop skimming and dig in then they will not be satisfied with fluff. If you want to write a blog post that has the potential to go viral, you need to focus more on meat, and less on filler. High quality content is always in fashion, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Write longer blog posts! That’s what it takes to cover a meaty subject well. Your posts will be more valuable, better perceived, and shared by your readers.

Positive Content Trumps Negative Stuff

How to Write Posts that Go Viral in Social MediaPeople are more likely to share content that is positive than negative. If you have a choice, try to put a positive angle on your content. It’s all too easy to rant on a blog about topics that are negative. But negative posts aren’t the ones that are most likely to go viral. Think of something that makes your readers feel good. Give them value and lift them up. This will lead them to share it with their friends.

Add Images or a Video

People love images! Videos are easy to consume! Most visual content is immensely shareable. Think about infographics. Visuals create interest and helps to fill up your web page. If possible make sure that your images have a link to your blog post for SEO purposes.

Put Share Buttons on Your Blog

Make it easy for your readers to share the posts they like. Add social sharing buttons to your blog posts. Your average readers has an attention span of only a few seconds (give or take). You don’t have much time to make an impression. They may think that something about your idea that if worth sharing. But they aren’t likely to it if the sharing action is complicated. The attention and desire to share with their friends disappears after a few clicks.

Make it really simple for them to decide to share your post immediately! Place the sharing buttons next to your post content. Select Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social networking sites based on your audience’s habits. All the reader needs to do is click on them.

There is no way to predict exactly which blog posts will go viral. Following these tips will increase the likelihood that your readers will share your content. If you get lucky their friends will pass them along to others on social networking sites and the viral is born. Keep posting quality content, and watch your posts increase in popularity. Each post you write is a ticket to entry in the viral lottery.

Edited: Priit Kallas
Author: Leslie Anglesey is a writing specialist, educator and contributor to paper writing company EssayTigers. She is a networking expert and a guest speaker at university seminars

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