How TOP 250 Internet Retailers Use Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Social media is becoming a significant source of traffic for many businesses, blogs and websites – and it is no surprise that internet retailers are embracing it as well. But what exactly do they do on social media? And who is doing well? We looked at what the largest 250 Internet Retailers in the US are doing on social media, and came up with a few findings.

By now, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presence is mandatory. It seems that social media presence is finally becoming as essential as a phone number, at least for internet retailers. Over 90% of TOP 250 Internet Retailers have at least one branded account on these networks, frequently more. 97% of TOP 250 Internet Retailers have a Facebook Page.

Pinterest and Google+ are rapidly gaining adoption. Although Google+ launched brand pages only late last year, 67% of TOP 250 retailers already have a branded page there. Pinterest also enjoys a similar level of adoption, with 61% of TOP 250 Internet Retailers having a branded page on Pinterest – and new brands joining the network every day.

Facebook is the juggernaut by the number of followers. It would seem that Twitter is an established network and could challenge Facebook by the number of followers; however, it is not the case. Average Facebook Page has 935,758 fans, and average account on Twitter has only 57,097 followers. Only one account – MLB – has managed to reach over one million followers on Twitter, while 43 brands have over million fans on Facebook.

Internet Retailers lack subscribers on YouTube. YouTube seems to work in a different way than other networks for most retailers. Despite having over 100 million of views, retailers such as TigerDirect and Nike have only tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers – which is very different from YouTube celebrities. Therefore, retailers are probably using other mechanisms – instead of getting subscribers – to drive YouTube video views.

Top retailers on Pinterest and Google+ reflect the audiences of these networks. Female-oriented brands, such as those in Apparel / Accessories, do well on Pinterest, while more male oriented brands, such as MLB and Sony, enjoy the highest following on Google+. This is in line with the demographic of these networks – and clearly shows how businesses should go where their customers are.

So who has the most followers? Victoria’s Secret is the most followed retailer on Facebook, given its engaging and highly visual products. Mainstream retailers, such as Amazon, generally are doing well on all networks – although most of them have only a small following on Pinterest and Google+. So while it is difficult to compete with Walmart or Victoria Secret in the number of fans on Facebook, other networks, such as Pinterest and Google+, offer plenty of opportunity to stand out for any innovative social business, small or large.

top 250 internet retailers on social media infographic
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