How Twitter Has Revolutionized The Way We Interact with Customers

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How Twitter Has Revolutionized The Way We Interact with CustomersBefore the turn of the century, no one would have ever imagined that people would be communicating in the ways that they do these days. Twitter, along with other forms of technology and social media, has revolutionized the ways that businesses interact with customers. How has it done so though? Here’s what we all should know about the revolution that is Twitter.

Purchasing Goods

Information Gateway’s article “How Social Media Has Changed the Way We Communicate” writes, “Social media also influences our buying decisions as companies now leverage these platforms, which consequently has a considerable impact on our purchasing decisions.” Instead of looking only at pictures and reviews online, people can now see what is happening on the company’s Twitter feed, and doing so impacts whether or not they wish to purchase goods or services from this business.

Locating the Customer

How Twitter Has Revolutionized The Way We Interact with CustomersIndeed, Twitter helps businesses to communicate with the customers, but it also helps them to find the clients in the first place. Browsing through Twitter feeds, businesses are able to find people who may very well be interested in their products. As a result, they will have already narrowed down the target group much more by the time they create advertisements. They can also locate their target customer with searches on Twitter by hashtags and content searches, making it easy for businesses to find people who are either interested in the product, already using the product, and the consumer’s feedback on the product.

An Open Doorway

Twitter also lets customers have direct and immediate access to companies. Some customers are quite generous with their praise on Twitter feeds, and other interested parties will look to this information as a valuable resource. However, this form of social media also changes the way customers and businesses interact when it comes to complaints. Customers can instantly post about a problem on the business’ feed, and the company absolutely wants to address it before thousands upon thousands of people start to interpret what it could mean.

It’s Quick

How Twitter Has Revolutionized The Way We Interact with CustomersAnother one of the major notes regarding Twitter when it comes to customer interactions is how quickly tweeting works. We see that Twitter is known as an efficient gateway because there are very limited characters and the speed of use it only a few seconds. Customers do not necessarily have to wait for a response, and companies need to recognize that. For example, if someone does post a complaint on the company’s Twitter wall, someone needs to get back to that person as soon as possible. Failure to do so shows that the company is not utilizing the speed of this social media device.

It’s true that Twitter has really changed the way that businesses and customers interact with each other, and the changes may be even more great as we move into the 21st century. Only time will tell what more Twitter has to bring to the business world!

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  1. Ian Smith says:

    One of the biggest developments must be the way in which (some) organisations have a team of people constantly monitoring the feed to respond to -ve feedback on the company/brand.

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