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Images. Marketing. And the InternetHave you heard the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words?” It is a very popular saying, and when it comes to the Internet – nothing could be truer. Sometimes less is more, and images can capture an overall “feeling” or thought and deliver a message simply by being displayed to the appropriate audience. They have always been around, but as of late, Images have really exploded into the Social Media and online marketing world.

What is the reason for this? Why are images so popular? The main reason is that the human brain is able to digest photographs a lot quicker than text, and it gives the reader an overview of what the whole topic of what the text is. Images also can be leveraged to draw potential visitors in the first place, which is why even newspapers use professional images from photographers in media entries (the trick of the trade has been used for years).

Facebook’s Photo’s is where Facebook sees most of it’s engagement, Pinterest is a social media site consisting strictly of “pinned images,” and the term “twit pic” has become part of the twitter user population’s natural language.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Just consider the facts:

  • Facebook bought out Instagram for one billion dollars and there has been more than one Instagram photo taken for every single dollar that Facebook spent. You read right – over one billion Instagram photos have been taken
  • Images in the search engine results pages (SERPs) have a dramatic effect on increasing the click through rate. It has been shown that simply adding your Google Plus profile picture next to your website listing in Google (by adding verified Google authorship) can increase click through rate by 484%! Cyrus Shepard, a SEO & Web Strategist Associate for SEOmoz, even went as far as to optimize his Google Plus profile picture to be a little “prettier” (more professional and compelling) and it resulted in a 35% increase in clicks! Are we beginning to see the power of images in the search engine results pages?
  • When thinking about images and the use of them in marketing, just take a moment to consider the fact that Pinterest sends more traffic to other sites than Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined! It is one of the most visually compelling websites out there, let alone social media sites, and it has developed into a premier marketing tactic for many Internet marketers
  • A very unique way to “tell a story” is through the use of infographics. Infographics are very popular because they can turn even the most boring concepts into visually compelling master pieces, and they are great for getting you visitors engaged. It allows our brains to digest all the statics and minute details while at the same time letting us see the broad picture all at the same time. Internet marketers (and even companies like IT asset recovery companies) love them because they attractive high quality inbound links which are great for increasing your rank in the search engine results pages

How to Leverage Images on Your Website

  • Images. Marketing. And the InternetAdd Google profile to search engine listings. Adding verified authorship is one of the first ways (and easiest) you can get images – not on your website – but next to your website listings in the search engine results pages. As we have mentioned before, this has been shown to increase click through rate – quite dramatically in some cases
  • Tell a Story. This is a very popular thing to do when using images. Just as your company’s Facebook Timeline should tell a story with its cover photo and highlighted images, your website should also unveil a story and help get your message across. In short, don’t always rely on text to make a point!
  • Create something that people will want to share. One reason why the meme has become so popular is because it can create an overall message with just two short lines of text and a relevant photo. Another reason is that people absolutely love sharing them and they have a tendency to being able to go viral if enough people can relate to them
  • Invest in design. Design is marketing, and the budget for a good design should not be something that you leave out of the equation or neglect. This will only lead to dull websites that fail to impress. You should try to use at least on image for every page on your website, and those images should be designed to be relevant to the page’s topic or overall message

Article written by Philip Rudy of ImageWorks Studio. In his spare time Philip likes to write articles related to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. He has been an Internet marketer for the last 3 years and SEO is his passion.

Image Credit: exoskeletoncabaret

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